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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Welcome To MY Blogroll

Well, it looks like its safe now to post on blogger without having to worry you will lose half your post. Time to do the post I have been promising before this mess started. That is the new additions to my blogroll

First some Louisiana additions.

We Saw That blog looks to be a fun blog to add. My Louisiana bloggers are a tad more diverse in political thought than the rest of my blog roll. I Saw That looking at his link page promises to be a fun find. He seems to be fairly in the wing of the Pat Buchanan part of political thought. Good grief. However they seems like nice folks . Their blog is pretty well written and also they are from Alexandria Louisiana down in Rapides Parish. I desperatley need a blog from that region too that is good. Alexandria if you look on a map is smack dab in the middle of the state. Often people in the Louisiana bash this area. I think that is unfair. I had many good times there(Maryhill, the Bayview Yacht Club, The cotton Gin, - Oh the memories). But besides that it is a pretty fascinating area of the state. So we shall be linking him a good bit.

Birth of a Soldier is sort of a cool blog out of Lafayette Louisiana. I love Mil Blogs. There are many MilBLogs that are done by parents of Servicemen. I have been thinking of adding one when Cajun Conservative brought this one to may attention. This mom is is the proud mother of a serviceman now in the US Army. So go by and say hello

Internet Esquire is another blog I am giving a shout out too today. I had mention him earlier but forgot to add him to blogrolling. I like this blog alot. He politics appear to liberatian leaning. He has some great essays though on tons of topics. His post on immigration andthe minumum wage have been quite good. This one is a good add to any blogroll

I am adding two related sites today. Wild Turkey Forum is a blog that characterizes itself as News, politics and current events for the mainstream center-right. I like that. There needs to be more of that voice heard. Some so called "conservatives" are lampooning and criticizing anyone that now doesn't drink this kool laid they are pouring out there. Like Jerome Corsi and other kooky theories. On a related note , I am putting up their Conservative Forum that is quite good. That is Wild Turkeys. Net. When I was trying to figure out what what happened to Clown Posse after they were shut down, by the wayClown Posse is now located here, I located this forum and found it very interesting. It does seem like a place where average folks that are conservatives can discuss things without getting flamed every 5 seconds. I am still a poster at Free Republic and enjoy it. But I believe to many average conservatives, the atmosphere there might not be foreveryone. Hate to say it but when people like me are called liberals, open border trolls, rinos, etc etc, what other conclusion can you get. If you go to FR be prepared for full body contact. I like that but for some it might mot be their cup of tea. This forum engages in some good debate and is fun too without perhaps some of the drawbacks one might find at other places. Anywho check both places out.

Loom of Time is another blog I am adding. He contacted me and I have enjoyed reading his archives. He also tells like he sees it and has some pretty good analysis too.


Blogger we saw that... said...

thanks for the plug. we never went to the bayview yacht club that was considered too swanky or as our aunt would say too floosie. LOL. we hung out at the lighthouse. boy we miss those daze.

7:23 PM  

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