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Sunday, July 02, 2006

We are in More Trouble than I Thought-- The Council of Conservative Citizens and The League of The South (Kookdum Alert)

THis Post will be Updated through the Night


I readers of this blog know by now, I am a social conservative Republican. I love this Country. I love the South. I love my Party and think that the current Leadership of George Bush has been great. I might disagree with him on a issue or two at times ,but his leadership during this War on Terror as well as other topics has been tremendous. One purpose of this blog out of many is to promote my political party, the GOP, so it can continue to lead this Country in these important times. I am fully aware that the Republican Party is not full of robots that all believe the same thing. To be honest, I wouldn't want everyone in this party to think like me. We have central values and tenets that we hold even though different wings might differ on certain matters. I appreciate that. However, there are some veins of thought that have no part of this party or the conservative movement. As a Republican social conservative, I feel I have an obligation to point out groups that are unacceptable. First there is a political consideration. Many Republican and social conservative political causes will suffer if it is associated with kooks, Racists, and hate. Guilt by association is often used to discredit genuine and legitimate conservative causes. Further, we must make sure that people with far different ultimate agendas than ours are not using us for there own means. Finally, I denounce it because its the moral thing to do. Also, I wish to make a record of this on my blog so I do not have to reivent the wheel in the future. When they are up to mischief, I can easly link to these past post thus saving time.


It has become apparent to me for some time that certain fringe elements were trying to pass this themselves off as mainstream conservative and Republican thought. I have talked at length at how radical population control groups, weird enviromentalist, globalist are hiding under my bed folks, and anti trade people are hijacking national debates to pursue their agendas. They are largely the ones that are right now making a mess of this illegal immigration debate. Why? Because it's not really about illegals to them in the end. They have other agendas. The purpose of this post is expose the racist kookdum that is masqerading as conservative and republican. They are involved in this immigration debate and so much more. This will touch on groups that I have touched on in the past. Here is a post that is good roundup of my links that you can find in the first 3 paragraphs of this post. So lets getting started looking at the Council of Conservative Citizens and this weird creature called the League of the South. A big part of this article will show how the League of the South lives us to its Credo. There Credo might as well as well be the famous quote by Malcolm X- By Any Means Necessary. We shall see that unfold in the current battle over the soul and control of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

What is the League of the South.

The league of the South is a radical organization that believes its ultimate goal is the creation of a Southern Republic. Yeah, I know kooky. However, it must be recognized that they are involved in debates in this Country far beyond their ultimate purpose of Seccession. They are also very racist and have disturbing elements in its organization.
The League of the South appears to be more organized than the Council of Conservative Citizens. The problem is that it appears to me that in reality there is a chance that these organizations are very much interlocked now. It is important to remember the Council of Conservative Citizens is a 501-c-4 organization. Because of that there are certain limits on what it can do in the political sphere. It appears that the League of the South is not under those restrictions. It would be interesting to see the membership and leadership list of both these groups and see how much of it is the same

The League of the South states among many things on their intro page:
Most organizations founder because they lack self-definition and a definite goal. The League of the South is a Southern Nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern republic. To reach this goal, we intend to create the climate for a free South among our people by 1) de-legitimating the American Empire at every opportunity; 2) by proving our willingness to be servant-leaders to the Southern people; and 3) by making The League of the South a strong, viable organization that will lead us to Southern independence......While we seek to use shame and contempt to de-legitimate the institutions controlled by the Empire, we must not stop there. We must create our own parallel institutions to which our people can attach their loyalties. A good example of this is the move out of the "public" schools and into home schooling or the establishment of our own private academies. Also, the League sponsors weekend Hedge Schools and week-long summer institutes to educate our people......We strongly advise our new recruits to contact their State or local officers, offer your talents, and make plans to attend your local and State chapter meetings. There you will be shown how to put the League's strategy into effect by means of our tactical operational plan......By joining The League of the South you have placed yourself among a group of men and women who are not content to sit by and allow their land, liberty, and culture be destroyed by an alien regime and ideology. You have joined an active organization that knows where it wants to go and how to go about getting there. The League is no place for the lazy or the faint-hearted .

Perhaps, I am missing something but this seems to be an organization that does a tad more than advocating for the good ole Rebel flag(A cause I support) and talking about the history of the South. This is an organization that calls our beloved country A Empire that must be de-legitimated at every opportunity and talks about Alien Ideology's and Cultures and has Tactical plans that will be introduced to its members. One begins to wonder what all this includes. I suspect it goes far beyond the traditional defense of marriage or anti abortion causes. I think it is far more and is well EVIL. Stong word perhaps, but after seeing David Duke almost win the Governorship down here I don't mence words.

Also ,let me say that when this Country is fighting a battle for what could be its eventual survival against Radical Islam, I find it very troublesome they seem to link to and associate with kook Secession movements in other States. For instance Hawaii amd Alaska to name just two. Didnt we all just agree that some of this Hawaii related koodum was behind that horrible bill that was just defeated in the Senate regarding Hawaii?

Well, this site as well as their other media organs, including their very well organized State chapeters can be accessed here. say a lot. Also if you noticed on that last link, this group is not limited to the South. I could fill a book of this disturbing stuff. Lets continue to try to make a start of it of this mess.

Let me say their State Chapter Web sites is where the real red meat is located. The South Carolina Branch is a prime example. This is a illuminating letter from the League's dear leader:
"Second, we cannot emphasize too often or too strongly that the League is a Southern nationalist organization and not a heritage defense group. Our goal is Southern independence, complete, full, and total. This is our chief principle of action. All efforts must be tested against this question: Does it aid our quest for independence? If not, then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. If your agenda does not have Southern independence at its core, then you’re in the wrong organization"

Like I said By Any Means Necessary!!!

Lets continue too see what Hill says about the plan:
The League of the South seeks (1) to create a climate of public opinion conducive to Southern Independence, (2) making the League the leader of that movement, (3) by delegitimating the empire (4) through creating alternative, legitimate popular institutions, (5) exercising moral leadership (6) as the servant-leaders of the Southern people (7) in organic local communities.......To “delegitimate” the empire, we must continually point out its failures and its descent into tyranny and convince our people to transfer their loyalty and support away from it. As someone pointed out to me, we may not have to do much because the empire is in the process of destroying itself by its own stupidity and hubris. (4) It is not enough simply to persuade the Southern people to withdraw their consent from the empire and its institutions; in addition, we must give them “alternative, legitimate, popular” institutions to which they can transfer their loyalty and support. We have been creating such institutions, though on a small scale, for the past decade.

So let me get this straight. These people are involved with the Council of Conservative Citizens in getting their kookdum to some of these anti immigration rallies. These are the rallies that are shown on TV to show that conservatives are all of one voice to the solution to illegal immigration. There we hear for the safety of the Republic, we cannot let the Mexicans enact their secret plan to take back the Southwest. However, this same group very purpose is to get people to switch their allegiance from the United States to them. Hmmmmm. Maybe I am just an idiot guy from Louisiana ,but something seems terribly wrong about this picture. Also, Now they are busy promoting the scary theories of Jerome Corsi and one World Govt. Do I send a trend here? Is there a purpose why the League of the South is jumping into these debates. Is it to get people to hate and distrust their Government? May I remind everyone that we right now are at War!!! That even Southern 18 year olds are getting blown to bits for this country while this so called "conservative organization" is trying to tear it apart. Again BY Any Means Necessary?

Is the League Racist.

IS this a racist organization? They say no. I say with all due respect that is Bullsh#t.
On the link on Racism they say:We believe that the only harmony possible between the races, as between all natural differences among human beings, begins in submitting to Jesus Christ's commandment to "love our neighbours as ourselves." That is the world we envision and work for.
Let me strongly suggest that their verson of submission to Christ is quite different than the average Christian Theology. A theology that is abhorent too any mainstream Protestant theology in the South. It seems that when one starts looking around their sites that some of the religious figures are quite disturbing. They seem to be less about Christ but about extreme racism and preparing to take their roles as the new Rasputins of this future Southern Republic.
Please go here to their radio internet station. Some of the shows are not racist. In fact, I recognize one lady on there that probaly has no idea her lovely Southern Humor is being played right along with this extremist nonsense.. She has probally never even listened to the other programs. See so called Pastor John Weaver on the schedule. I have listened to him. He sounds like no preacher I ever heard in my former Baptist Church. I think he trying to become a crusading white Separatist Pope of this future so called Southern Republic. He is linked to by Aryan and Klan churches web sites. God knows what else this man is involved in. By the way he is the Chaplin for the Sons of the Confederate Veterans right now. File that away, because later on you will see why that is important. For some of his Sunday sermons please go here. I have to tell you , I have been some real southern churches in my life. I never heard a sermon like this:Their Blood Cries From The Ground
Did our Confederate ancestors die in vain? Was their blood spilled needlessly? The answer is NO! This message will teach you that their blood cries out for vindication, for righteousness, and for truth. Like Abel of old, their blood cries from the ground

Lord knows what not is on tape. I wonder what the hell he is preaching and who is preaching too at Freedom Baptist Church in Georgia. He doesnt sound like any Baptist I know.

Christians grab a trash can. I am warning you that you are about to throw up. How come when I start connecting the names in the Council of Conservative Citizens and The League of the South and the topic of religion they are always connect to this Travesty. Please , after you have finishing throwing up your dinner please take a good look at Little Geneva Reformed Confederate Theocrats. Look who they are linking too. Do you notice the usual suspects that I have been talking about since I started this blog. To My Christian friends, this is nothing more than Satanic. You think that is too strong? Then what would you call it. Remember the unoffical motto as I say of the League is "By any means necessary" I am about to show you a horrific case study of this in action that is going unnoticed down here in the South. As a former southern Protestant I am quite aware how easy it is for laity to take over a church. This is not a slam on Protestants. However, it is common place for Churches to split when laity are elected positions of overview in a church and they propose something radical, Is your's at risk? One day will you wake up and find your so and so Federation of what ever Baptist or Methodist Church has been taken over? I can think of a a couple Southern based Church organizations where that would not such a hard task to do if the right delegates were elected. Do they have designs eventually on the great Southern Baptist Convention itself? Well, they won't get that far but on local level in Churches that have this very conservative and extrem Calvanistic View? If you are Christian please please read this. Its not just the liberal SPLC that is saying this. The Grand Daddy of the Christian Reformed tradition RC Sproul is saying it too and he is being attacked for it.I would start watching. I at one time would say that would never happen. Until I found the following and most sad thing I have seen in a while.

The Council of Conservative Citizens and League of the South takeover of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

There is one site that I hope everyone links too and saves as their favorite. I am sending a check to them tomorrow. This has made me so mad, its hard for me to think straight. If anything has showed me how this kookdum of the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of The South is not harmless, it is there take over and desecration of The Sons of Confederate Veterans. Please bookmark and read the site Save The Sons of Confederate Veterans. If there is one site any conservative should look at it is this one. This site has showed me the light and that much is going on behind the scenes.

I know members of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. They are very misunderstood. The ones I knew were never racist. In fact they often ,believe it or not, on the whole had very enlightened views on race. They cared about the Rebel flag, Southern Heritage, and they didn't want their ancestors compared to Nazi's. They were and many still are good folks. I never joined because it was not my scene. It's founding charter was to honor past confederate dead and to be LOYAL to THE UNITED STATES. What happened? Well it's happening now as we speak and its about to have a dramatic resolution at their convention in New Orleans this August.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has some great but sad stories of what happen. Please read them. You see its ironic. The usual defense that the SPLC is a liberal mouthpiece can't be used here by the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South. Why? Because these patriots of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans went to them with their stories. So go here and read and learn. I am being over dramactic? I think not. I think if your from the South, you know how horrific and astounding what is happening is just like I do.

Lets go back to Save Our Sons of The Confederate Veterans site. The site which is like a text book of how evil takes over. Remember these statements are from men that in some cases have led this movement for decades.

Why the SCV needed saving
In recent years, the SCV has been drawn into modern American politics. Extremists on both ends of the political spectrum have intentionally merged the concepts of "Confederate" heritage and "Southern" heritage in order to galvanize support for their respective agendas. Left-wing extremists condemn conservative attitudes and progressively link those attitudes with Confederate heritage, Southern heritage, the "vast right-wing conspiracy," and racism in an effort to demonize conservatives. Right- wing extremists use "Southern heritage" to connect legitimate Confederate heritage defense (and the SCV) to their fringe-group views on race, immigration, religion, neo-secessionism, etc. The SCV’s mission of Confederate heritage guardianship is being transformed into modern political extremism that often has little to do with defending the proud record of the Confederate soldier. Many SCV leaders are participants in this transformation........The Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SSCV) movement was publicly announced on November 16th with the mailing of over eight hundred letters to SCV camps all over the nation.
To accomplish our goal, Save the SCV is organizing a network of SCV members and camps throughout the nation who will publicly condemn the infiltration of the SCV by those with modern political agendas, and who will work toward their removal. We must condemn both the message and the messengers. If they are secessionists, let them join the League of the South. If they think racism is a virtue, let them join the CCC or the Ku Klux Klan. These individuals cannot defend the record of the Confederate soldier and pursue radical modern political agendas at the same time. If political activism is more important to them than the defense of Confederate heritage, they must leave our organization to pursue their agendas elsewhere

Folks, if these kooks can take over such an honorable association as this ,may I humbly suggest that your Churches, your civic organizations, your political groups, and maybe even party organizations at the local level are at danger!!! Remember what there real motto is By Any Means Necessary.

If you read the site you realize that much sickness is going on. The head office that was dramtically taken over is blackmailing the rest of the association. They even threaten to take control of Jefferson Davis's famous Home if the Mississippi people tried to secede from the organization. This is being turned into a political arm of extremists. In his own words as showed on this page:"I do unabashedly advocate that we [the Sons of Confederate Veterans] become a modern, 21st century Christian war machine capable of uniting the Confederate community and leading it to ultimate victory." Kirk D. Lyons, December 20, 2005. (Source: See email to "Mike" dated December 20, 2005, attached).

This is sickness. I cannot over state how a dangerous development this is. What is going on? I think this speaks a thousand words. As these poor men, try to take back this great organization they say this:Tell us what Camp, Brigade and Division you are in. Give us a "profile" of your Camp, Brigade and Division: How active are the League of the South, Council of Conservative Citizens, and similar groups in your Camp, Brigade and Division? Does your Camp pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag? If not why not? If the extremists are in control of your Camp, how much opposition to them can you quietly organize? When are your Camp elections?

I know people that are rolling there graves right now. Proud World War II veterans that were members of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans and loved this Country. Now , unlike them, their grandsons who might be fighting right now for this country can't even Pledge Allegance to the US Flag at their Granddaddy's old SCV unit. Hopefully this mess will be corrected at their upcoming convention. The SCV has never gone into these sort of political battles before. It was always taboo.

Again read the whole site and all the articles. You get an idea of why we cannot let these folks become involved with the conservative movement. The question is do we know they are there. There is so much more.

This is a real danger. These people are involved with a ton of issues. They are involved with immigration, trade, and numerous other issues. They might mask themselves as Conservatives or Republicans. They are doing so right now. They are being quoted by ignorant mainstream media as spokespeople for conservatives. The media has no clue what is going on and thus often portrays something as a political reality that does not exist. I suppose that this is it for now. However, if you live in the areas that the CoCC or the League is active find out the leadership and members of these organizations. Then see if they are members of you group. If these people can take over their own churches and an organization of patriots then they will not hesitate to take over your group or perhaps more frightning our party and conservative movements on some levels(County most likely) . Nothing good can come of this. For a list of some these hate groups and their locations click here

I shall update people on the activities of this group an their continued attempted inflitration of the party of Reagan when it becomes known to me.

It should be noted that this is extreme. There will be of course no new Southern Republic. I doubt that these people's efforts will ever take over a major State party organization. However, there should be concerns at the Local County level in areas where these groups have significant numbers. It does not take much for the media to have a field day over something like this. We are still having to pay as conservatives for the problems of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Just ask Trent Lott and Haley Barbour if you doubt me. There is no reason not to stomp this in the bud before it gets out of hand.

I have corrected some links that were not working if one is not working please leave it in the comment section
Let me say again. I think its very important for any social conservative or Republican activitist that have the groups I mentioned near then to please spend some time at ther Save the Sons of the Confederate Site. The issue is not if you really care about the whole issue of the sons of confederate veterans. The issue is what these extreme organizations are doing and how they are doing it. We can't have this happen to us. This is TEXT BOOK. When you start connecting storm front to this its gets troublesome. Am I a Kook seeing conspiracy theories? Well I suggest you tell that to the average folks at the Save the Son's site. I think they were blindsided like we might be.

This site will be updated throughout the night. I wanted to get it out. But will have some additions. Plus on a happier note I will continue to note true heros tonight in my second post on milbloggers.

Update-2 To the kook that tried to send me a Email that had a virus a couple of days ago after I posted a similar article. Why do you think it will work tonight . Sorry dude. Deleteddddd
I might be a stupid redneck but I have virus software

Update 3(new info will now appear under this update throught the night)
(1)One thought on the Sons of Confederate Veterans issue. I think this link shows in a small way why many of us are so offended and shocked this is happening.

(2) I mentioned Pastor Weaver above and that I had seen his stuff linked on some pretty disturbing sites. Go here. The site to say the least is disturbing. Again notice that radical Calvanist thought. Let me rephrase that the radical distortion of John Calvin. Also there is some radical Reconstructionist theology playing out in all of this too.


Anonymous SallyVee said...

Outstanding post with a wealth of info.

Fascinating to read about the takeover of the Sons of the Confederate. You are correct, PA, that is a five alarm warning and a blueprint for how evil operators operate.

Thank you, once again. Now on to the latest post about the CoCC. This should be good.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous JDM said...

Dear PA,

I have several responses and concerns regarding your post on the League of the South. Many of the things you say are not based on facts. You paint the whole organization with a broad brush, attacking each of the State chapters. Sir I am a member of the League in Texas, and there is not and has not been any attempt at taking over the SCV in the Lone Star State. I am also a member of the SCV and have no intentions of taking over my camp or any other camp. I know and respect many of the leaders in the Texas SCV and no attempt has been made to take them over. They have a duty, as does the League. Before you paint all the State chapters with the same brush, I encourage you to investigate, and speak the truth rather that spread your fears.

In terms of George Bush's policies, recall that he seretively removed the Confederate plaques from the Courthouse here in Texas on the advice of Albert Gonzales. Gonzales advised him on Guantanamo. Bush has gone on from the Courthouse to selling out Judge Moore in Alabma, giving away American ports, portions of the transportation system, and bowing down to an idol in Japan.

It is unfortunate that you view the idea of Liberty as a threat. Perhaps reconstruction has made Liberty a scary thing and turned oppression into security for you. I encourage you to review and meditate on what the Yankees have done in Louisiana from 1861-2006. Selah.

I suspect from your post that you are a believer. I have learned over time that it is a dangerous thing to openly criticise a pastor such as Rev. Weaver. Even David refused to touch God's annointed even though King Saul actively sought his life. Although you may disagree with him, this is not the forum to denegrate pastors. I agree his preaching is not what you find in many Baptist churches. Much of that goes back to efforts at getting many churches driven by programs and build numbers rather than preach the Word of God. If more churches preached the Word and instilled the fear of God into the people, there would be fewer problems.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

8:58 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

To anoymous

First thanks for your time in responding to this post. Most of my research on the league has been with the League in the SouthEast. I have no knowledge of how the Texas Chapter operates. However, I do think I have valid concerns. I have taken to listening lately to some of the internet radio programs that have the League of the South as a primary audience. Let me say the paranoria and conspiracy theories are quite troubling. Iposted a link on this I believe yesterday and a few people emailed me and said they had no idea this was going on.

I am further concerned about the CoCC involement in the League. The CoCC is very much a racist grooup but it appears that there association is much closer than many thought.

SOme of the political thought that is developing in the league is a tad extreme also. I am starting to see even more signs of a extreme paleo conservative thought that is occuring

As to the CSA, I have great respect for that organization. Since I posted this article I have spoken with 2 froends that were involved with the CSA. THey have since dropped their involvment. They told me that the CSA where they were located were going in areas that they felt very uncomfortable with. I must say, I am at a loss how you can explain away what is happening at the national leadership level. I talked to some local csa members here. So far they have been able to keep that influence away but they have major concerns. There concerns were similar ot those in the web site I posted above that is the alternate csa organization

Again I have not investigated every state chapter. BUt it appears that if you are associated with the national leadership of the LEague you endorse their views.

Lastly, the league is entering the political debate, running people for office. Their goal is secession. I expect then that the League better get use to having the magnify glass on them just like everyone else.

As to falsehoods, if you can point those out to me I will investigate them and address them if I am incorrect.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Forrest said...

You forgot to mention that we torture kitty cats, eat babies, and have cooties. Moron...

Boot-licking, low IQ empire-worshipers like you will be the first to be tarred, feathered, and deported to Detroit when we do flex the muscle of our invisible empire.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Mark Thomey said...

Re: Your blog vilifying the League of the South (LoS)

It is difficult to know where to begin debunking the falsehoods you’ve written here about the LoS. They are all quite ridiculous, the frightened ravings of an intellectual midget, but allow me to address a few.

To begin with, the LoS is neither ‘conservative’ nor ‘Republican’ in the senses that I perceive you ascribing to those terms. Through years of observing their actions, one of the conclusions that we in the LoS have reached is that contemporary ‘conservatives’ never conserve anything except the radical innovations of their supposed leftist rivals, or their own superfluous expansions of those same innovations. Based upon our observing their actions rather than listening to their mindless propaganda, we believe that we have rightly concluded that both major political parties are, in truth, mere factions of a single, socialist, fascist, and tyrannical regime. Both believe in, and are committed to, the perpetuation of a centralised, overbearing, police state-like empire that is aggressive abroad and despotic at home. Therefore, we say, ‘A pox on both of them.’

We prefer to think of our organisation as being rooted in traditionalism. We simply want to defend and advance the traditional principles of our great Southern ancestors - States’ Rights, true free trade, low taxes, limited government, sound money, international neutrality, and ordered, Christian liberty. It always amazes me how people like you see these things as, ‘evil’. Silly us, we thought those were the ideals upon which America was founded and built. If your idea of ‘america’ is the current leviathan state under which we all suffer, then is it any wonder why we in the LoS would no longer want to identify ourselves as ‘americans’ or associate with the ‘american empire’? The founding principles of America were, and to us they remain, Southern principles. Thus we are Southrons who desire a free and independent republic based upon those traditional principles.

As Southrons, we have not forgotten that it was Republicans who invaded, laid waste to, conquered, and subjugated our once free country - Dixie. It was Republicans who took away our liberty, and over the years they have proved that they don’t have the desire or the will to give back what is rightfully ours. They merely add insult to injury. Thus, we are committed to pulling off their mask, along with the rose coloured glasses through which our people have come to view them, and expose the rotting corpse underneath. So, yes, we will continue to de-legitimate the empire while offering alternatives to which Southrons can transfer their allegiances. Don’t think I’m giving the radical Democrats a free pass, but unlike the Republicans, they are at least honest enough to come right out and tell you they’re radicals. However, Republicans are liars. They woo you with talk of conservatism, low taxes, small government, etc., yet they deliver the opposite. We think it’s far better to have an open enemy than a sneaky, back-stabbing, ‘friend’.

The issue of race in modern America is one that, due to the strangling constraints of ‘political correctness’ on the timid, cannot be openly or honestly discussed. We, however, are not timid, nor will we be bound by such idiotic restraints. It is our assertion that the Southern people are waiting for someone to forthrightly say in public what most everyone thinks in private. Therefore allow me to briefly outline our views on this ‘touchy subject’.

We believe that the greatness and stability of the South is rooted in her white, western, Christian civilisation, and that her only hope for the future is in the continued dominance of that civilisation within her territory. We happily acknowledge that other racial groups have made contributions to Southern civilisation, but they have historically done so by assimilating into it, and adopting it as their own. We consider anyone, of any race, who is willing to do that to be a fellow Southron. It is in this manner that relative peace and cooperation among the South’s different races has been, and may continue to be, achieved. The contemporary attitude, however, is that the dominant white, western, Christian civilisation of the South must be overturned and replaced by some centrally controlled, egalitarian, multi-cultural utopia. We contend that this is a fool’s errand, contrary to God’s created order, and eventually destructive to Southrons of all races. Thus, we will fight against such foolishness.

We also believe in freedom of association in all aspects of life. For this reason, our vision of a free Southern republic is one in which the current plethora of government mandated programmes, regulations, and restrictions will be a thing of the past. Businesses, churches, clubs, schools, and individuals will be free to determine and enforce their own qualifications for employment, membership, association, etc. without government interference. This principle is closely allied to our stand on private property rights. If so-called ‘laws’ and government regulations keep a person from choosing with whom they will associate, or a business, school, club, or other organisation from establishing its own criteria for employment, enrollment, membership, etc. - in brief, if they can’t control their own property as they see fit - then they are not free men, but slaves.

I think that the foregoing adequately rebuts your specious allegations regarding the topics discussed. I wonder if, in the interest of an open debate of ideas, you’ll have the courage or intellectual honesty to post this on your blog. As the great Southern philosopher, Dr Richard Weaver once said - ideas have consequences. The LoS thinks that her ideas will produce good consequences, and it is painfully obvious to us that yours have produced horrible ones. We have the courage to engage in the debate and let folks decide for themselves. Do you? We’ll see.

For a free and independent Southern republic,
Mark A. Thomey, Member
LoS Board of Directors

7:02 PM  

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