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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

War in the Middle East!!!!(UPDATED ALL NIGHT LONG)

Well this is getting serious real quick. I turned on my TV and was pretty shocked at how quickly this has escalated. Israel has done some excursion into Lebanon for the first time in 6 years. Also, bombing the Foreign Ministry in Gaza seems serious to me.This could spread quick if we do not take steps to help contain this quick IMHO. I will keep this thread up till midnight at the top of the page and continue to update. I will attempt to find what local bloggers and the news is saying.

Free Republic Thread-Good source of news throughtout the night. This will be updated by the second.-note I don't endorse all comments there or sometimes the over the top kill them all rethoric some use, Also many posters knowledge and comments about Lebanon and its people is tad simplistic for my taste.(If they combine or start a new Thread I will update)
update on Free Republic Thread- Several thread going till they are combined or one becomes the thread for tonight click here place to get info. Also some folks there at times know what they are talking about
News Papers and other News Sources
Jersualem Post - Israel
Haaretz News Flashes-Israel Good place to see breaking news and lays out a nice timeline of events as it unfolds
DEBKA-Israel -Read with some care Sometime their Breathless headlines and scoops never materalize but good to keep a eye on anyway.
Daily Star-Lebanon
AtlasShrugs is a blog I cannot recommend enough go to her for updates
MichaelTotten-A American on my blogroll knows the situation in Lebanon well. He is on Hiatus (vacation)but his blogroll has tons of bloggers including many from Lebanon and other regional resources. I am hoping he might check in to give us his insight
Redmeat Conservative- is providing updates
Israelmatzav-Israel (Good Blog bringing some Good updates)
LebaneseBloggers-Lebanon-A good place where several Lebanese blogger post. Providing updates-good comment section
Lebanese Political Journal -Lebanon-Good read too. Again I recommend going to comment section
OpenLebanon-Lebanon-realtime news and blogs
----------------- -

Updates(all times central usa)
3:07 That is it for the night. This situation is getting very serious in a hurry. I am adding two links above . I will attempt to add some more links to some local resources tomorrow. PLease go to red meat conservatives also for updates throught out the night link above. Stand by for a important Post.
2:55 Well this has gotten very serious in a hurry. You don't have to have a PHD in diplomacy to know what this action is. When you blockade a country it is a de facto act of war. There better be a resolution to this soon or it is going to get very bad in a hurry. The ball is now in the court of the Hezbullah faction in Lebanon. Gaza, I must say for all the events that are occuring there is quickly going to become a sideline in my view unless the Palestianians can do something very aggresive.
2:53-JERUSALEM, July 13 (Reuters) - Israel said on Thursday its naval ships were in Lebanon's territorial waters to enforce a blockade after Hizbollah guerrillas captured two soldiers in a border clash.
Israeli planes earlier attacked Beirut's international airport in another step to sealing access. Israel's Army Radio said other airports in Lebanon could be targeted too.
"Since this morning Israeli naval vessels have enforced a full naval closure on Lebanon, because Lebanon's ports are used to transfer both terrorists and weapons to the terror organisations operating in Lebanon," a military spokesman said.
The spokesman declined comment on whether Israel was also enforcing a closure of Lebanon's airspace.
Israeli media said the aim was to put pressure on the Lebanese government to act against Hizbollah, which seized the soldiers and killed seven others in an attack on Wednesday. The government in Beirut has said it is not responsible.
Israeli air raids on Lebanon killed 22 civilians on Thursday.
"We will take all necessary measures to bring an end to the rogue behaviour of a state that does not assume responsibility and put an end to the activities of a major partner in their own government," cabinet minister Isaac Herzog told Reuters
2:38 Blockade confirmed by JP Post
2:26Israel intends to impose sea and air blockade on Lebanon (Army Radio)(10:15 Israel time) This is a big development and a huge ratching up of the situation. Trying to find other confiramtion
1:54 Well appears from our blogger friend in Israel that the TV Station is still on the air. Well I guess bombs can't stop the Islamic version of Captain Kangaroo. That is dedication.
1:23 Israeli aircraft hits Hizbollah TV in Beirut, 6 hurt
12:48 Meanwhile in Garza on the Second Front- Israel kills 23 in Gaza, targets Hamas commanders
12:47 Look more news links soon
12:46 MUST READ My reader SV sent me this great link about Imad Mugniyah likely behind the capture of Israeli soldiers. Why should Americans care about this. Well first he is a biggie and known to associate with Bin Laden Groups. But here is a tidbit
His more infamous terror attacks include the April 1983 bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut, killing 63; the October 2003 simultaneous truck bombings on the U.S. Marine and French paratrooper barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Marines and 58 French soldiers; the hijacking of TWA 847; the kidnappings and murders of U.S. military, intelligence and diplomatic personnel in Beirut; the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1992, killing 29 people; the bombing of an Israeli cultural center in 1994, killing 86 people. He is suspected of direct involvement in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 U.S. servicemen
Maybe some people have forgot about all those American deaths but I have not. I don't remember Vietnam but that is my first recollection of massive casualties in a war like situation that occured in Beirut. I suspect the familes of that episode and the others quite know his name. Good read on what happened and how Israel was really caught off guard.
12:45-unrelated if anyone has any info why clown posse political forum is not off the net let me know my email or comment. I find the timing curious.(I aint talking about the band)
12:30- JP reporting possible emergency unity Govt might form in Israel(That strikes me that this stuff aint ending soon)
12:10- I am not sure Israel striking the Airport is such a great idea but that is me. I don't work in Mossad so what do I know? Seems counterproductive in my way of thinking. Most folks in Lebanon are powerless against these terroist/thugs. Plus now all those damn tourist are stuck there. hmmm Thoughts?
12:08 JP-12 wounded as Katyusha rockets land in Nahariya Saw on Fox news that reporter is in that area
12:04Thank God CNN international on now. Good news
12:02am- Fixed browser problem-note to self get to Israel as soon as possible those women are rockin
11:42 While trying to correct browser problem Fox saying Beriut Airport tunways hit. Not clear if gunships or planes. Both being reported. 150 strikes on Lebanon last night. Israeli officials say response will be porportional
11:41- Good grief by accident went into some Israeli porn site and now its is hijacking my browser-awkward
11:12 I finally got a link to that would work. It is going up in the links now.
10:27 Israelmatvzav gives us a update condern that rockets could reach highly populated in Hafia regions including powerstations in Israel
10:17 Update on what has happened so far From the Jpost Some Excerpts:
Earlier, in a series of air strikes, IAF aircraft bombed Kfar Shuba and Sheba Farms. The communications infrastructure connecting Beirut to the south of the country was also damaged by IAF strikes.
The strikes followed an attack by IAF warplanes and navy gunboats on a Palestinian terrorist base south of Beirut late Wednesday in the closest raid to the Lebanese capital since fighting erupted......

According to Herzog, Israel is holding Lebanon responsible for the attack, which was carried out from its territory.
OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam said the IDF was preparing for a widespread operation not only against Hizbullah but also against the Lebanese government. The IDF, The Jerusalem Post learned, has drawn up plans to bomb main infrastructure, including power stations in Lebanon

9:57:not war related ugh I just saw the grossest thing on the CNN Cooper show. Japanesee Toilet training catonns. Gross it was like watch South Park
9:23- Interesting read from a Lebanese Link I just posted- Hezbollah Surprised By Their Own Attack was posted at 12:12am Lebanon time
9:10 I will be having some news on Gaza but I am more concerned with the Lebanon thing right now. I suggest go to Michael Totten Blog look at his april 28th entry and May 1st for a excellent read. Also look at one his last pieces that I believe are in the June Archives about his trip in Hizbullah occuped region
8:28 Lebanon's Ambassador to US called back to Beirut
Lebanon's Ambassador to the US Farid Abboud was summoned back to Beirut on Wednesday night after expressing his support for Hizbullah in the US media.
Abboud was reported as saying that Israel was the only one who could bring about the release of the kidnapped IDF soldiers by agreeing to negotiate with the movement via mediators.
Officials in Beirut stressed that Abboud's view did not represent that of Lebanon, which is vehemently opposed to Hizbullah's actions on Israel's northern border

8:10 Personal thought- Cable news sucks. Can we get the talking heads off TV for one night and cover this.
8:07pm Hugh Hewitt has thoughts
7:01 pm- Israelmatzav reports Air force, navy pound PFLP base south of Beirut (11:50pm Israel time)


Blogger Pawpaw said...

Yeah, Israel went into Lebanon, after Lebanese forces killed some Israeli soldiers.

Last time I looked, moving forces across an international border is a defacto declaration of war, yet the world is surprised when Israel reacts to pure military provocation.

7:16 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

It is a bad situation. Oh by the way I hope you are feeling better. I have been following some of this on Michael Totten blog. The problem is that Lebanon can't control huge parts it country. There was indication that Israel was working with little Lebanese forces that they could but they couldnt do much. I just wonder if this is going to take in Syrai

7:27 PM  
Anonymous SallyVee said...

Hewitt's quote from Lincoln's Second Inaugural gave me the chills:

Both parties deprecated war, but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish. And the war came.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous SallyVee said...

I checked Haaretz and read about Israel's "ringing failure" Wed morning -- the attack by Hizbollah on the northern IDF outpost.

Here is another post I think you'll find interesting, by Bill Roggio. He says that attack has all the fingerprints of Top Terror Master Imad Mugniyah:


12:26 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

cool I will check it out and maybe post it

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

8:58 PM  

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