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Sunday, July 09, 2006

VDARE's latest wisdom

It is time for conservative bloggers to demand that Michelle Malkin cut off association with VDARE. This has nothing to do with where you stand on the immigration issue. It also has nothing to do if you like Michelle Malkin. I like much of what she writes at times. Todays entries on her main blog on July 8th and 9th are quite good. Provocative yes! But they are not over the top. Today though here friends at VDARE are quite over the top. Vdare is trash site that even the most conservative bloggers do not link too. But Michelle has links to that organization on her main blog as well as her immigration blog . It gets worse, Juan Mann who is a part of her blog writtes articles for VDARE. I have reasons to doubt much of what VDARE writes is true. To see an example of there methods go here to a entry I did last week. Yesterday's entry is pretty bad. In fact its upset me a great deal for some reason. I think it is because these tactics have no place in the conservative movement. It is packed among "emails" that concerned readers have written. This one takes Ruben Navarette to task over his column:
read Guzzardi’s piece concerning Navarrette and all I can say is "Amen."
I found Guzzardi’s article while looking for a way to e-mail Navarrette regarding his degrading comments about the immigration hearings. [VDARE.COM note: Navarrette, e-mail him
here, has recently started to write an occasional column for CNN. The Navarrette piece to which Cohen refers is titled “Immigration Hearings ‘Cynical and Cowardly’” and can be read here.]
Given his
ethnicity, it wasn't rocket science to see what side Navarrette would come down on.
Predictably, Navarrette tells a lot of half-truths about the immigration hearings as well - too numerous to mention, of course.

He goes on a rant about English. Not all his points I disagree with by the way. It's great this college Professor thinks "Mexicans" must be all alike in their views. More on that later. Read the article that Navarette wrote. Isn't this true? What are the half truths? Lets go to the VDARE piece he is commenting on. There is much here on English issues. Lets have that debate then on the facts. However is this necessary though:
Ruben Navarette [email him], one of a number of professional token Hispanics who now adorn the American media. I think his columns fall way short.
Navarette gets away with playing loose with the truth because as a Hispanic voice he is considered by his editors and syndicate to be, if you will, a “star.”
He gets huge leeway that he doesn’t deserve

Then this jab
McAlpin identified the biggest problem for Navarette and other ethnic identity journalists—their agenda isn’t supportable by concrete evidence.

Go to the link above. Tell me if a guy that has this resume and these achievements should be linked to the infamous Jasyon Blair. Hmm Why if this is just a matter of facts do you and your associates call him a ethnic identity journalist and a professional Hispanic token. Guzzardi says that Navareete is playing with the facts here and is getting too much leeway. Ok Mr Guzzardi , from the first column of yours in the archives that caught my eye I see this conclusion:
The Roman Catholic Church, acting with the tacit approval of the Bush administration, is working overtime to eliminate the separation of church and state.
An here on a Column about Republican Senator Martinez he states:
But time has caught up with both Martinez and McCain. And we see them now for what they are—traitors. Also dispite the fact that Martinez has a 100 percent perfect rating for last year from the American Conservative Union he trys to portray him as some dark character:Martinez’s allegiance, despite his patriotic front, is not to the U.S. but to the global Spanish-speaking community—Cubans, Mexicans, Central Americans.
Good grief. By the way Mrs Malkin do you think all this garbage is appropriate. Can't we disagree on immigration without associating with people that call respective journalist tokens and demeaning them, that say the Vatican and the Bush are in Cahoots, and call our Republican Senators(one a war hero) traitors. I have turns of friends that disagree with the President and Mccain and me on specifics of a immigration solution but they would never call me or them a traitor.

Anyway lets see what Naverette(the token) has said in his own words. I never agree with everything a columnist says but Naverette is a tad more complicated than the good professor at Old Dominion that sent the email or the folks at VDARE think despite his ethnicity.
From his post I am an American just a few quotes here but please go read the whole thing.
Just in time for the Fourth of July, a reader sends along this charming query: “Are you an American?”
I don't take offense. I assume this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm Hispanic, or that I often defend immigrants (legal and otherwise) against scapegoating, ignorance and bigotry. I figure this guy is just taking a survey

I'm an American because I don't believe in isolationism or disengaging from the rest of the world. I agree with those who say the United States is the world's one indispensable nation, and that it's our solemn responsibility to be – not “the world's policeman” – but its role model and defender.

I'm an American because I reject protectionism. If we don't run and hide from foreign armies, why should we run and hide from foreign trade? Whether our competitors come from India or China or Latin America, if we produce unique and quality merchandise, we'll outsell anyone – even if our prices are higher because our labor costs are higher.

And I'm an American because I believe that immigrants are our most valuable import and that we should welcome as many as possible – as long as they come legally. Contrary to those who get worked up over changes in culture and language, I see this kind of change as not spoiling America but illustrating the whole point of America. And because I'm not afraid to say that the real dangers are the familiar toxins of racism and xenophobia, and the arrogant claim that the immigrants of today are inferior to those of years gone by

Somehow, all these things seem more significant than something as arbitrary as bloodline – the fact that I was born in the United States to parents who were also born in the United States and that the same can be said for three of my four grandparents.
On that point, I bet I'd get no argument from another reader – an immigration restrictionist – who recently took issue with something I'd written and informed me that the fact I was an American citizen was just a “technicality

Want to see him take on the Mexcian Government and President Fox go here. Here in this excellent column besides point at an interesting fact about Chavez he says:The misunderstanding illustrates a big problem with the immigration debate. There's no nuance. The extremes -- on both the right and the left -- aren't happy unless you're with them all the way, 100 percent of the time. He takes on the lefts icons for using race for political advantage here. He has been against things such as giving illegals driving licences and attacks problems in the Latinio community. HE can't be put in a box but because of his ethnic background VDARE tries too. The point of this post is not to defend every utterance of Naverette. But it is to show that this is a responsible journalist and VDARE's race baiting in this is crude and should not be allied with the conservative movement. For more of his articles go here and here. Michelle please quit associating with VDARE. It taints all conservatives especially those that are having to find tough solutions to this immigration mess.


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