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Friday, July 07, 2006

VDARE- A Case study in Scare Tactics(Kookdum Alert)

Vdare is the poster child for extremist rethoric in the immigration debate. The site is so extreme that even very conservative Forums such as the Free Republic will not link to it. No matter where you stand on the immigration debate it is hard to deny that this site, named after the first white Child born in America, is just racist filth. That is one reason why Michelle Malkin and should be held accountable for linking to this nonsense. The fact that she is a prominent conservative journalist and links to it in a way tars all of us. For more on VdAre go to Subway Canaries excellent post .
Well Vdare has a blog too. Heavens how blessed are to have this opportunity for more bile. I go over there to see what this part of kookdum is saying. I ran across this incredible July 4 post.

Hispanic Criminals in Jackson, Missisipi State Of EmergencyPosted By James Fulford On 4th July 2006 @ 10:47
Drudge Report is carrying this story. [City state of emergency to continue, By Kelli Esters, Jackson Clarion-Ledger, July 3, 2006] Sounds like a headline from the era of civil rights marches, doesn't it?
But things have changed--the Mayor of Jackson,
Frank Melton, is black. The "unrest" may be Hispanic. Conflict between blacks and Hispanics in Jackson is becoming serious.
The latest incident is this
After midnight Friday, Jackson saw its second homicide during the state-of-emergency period in a
quintuple shooting outside a west Jackson nightclub.
Uriel Castillo, 22, of Pearl was shot and killed outside the
Taqueria Mexicana in the Bel Air Shopping Center at 1999 U.S. 80 West. Castillo was shot once in the chest and once in the arm, Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart said Saturday.
Police would not release the names of the other four men, but described them as all being in their 20s.

Ah where to begin. First, one gets the impression from this that the whole town is being taken over by crazy Hispanic criminals. First the facts. Jackson and the County it is located in is a whopping .08 perecent Hispanic or Latino according to 2000 Census figures. Lets say that has increased slightly which I doubt since the population of the city is actually decreasing. But lets say it is up to 1 percent. That should be a big clue right there. Furthermore one of articles he sites in his propaganda piece about Hispanic and black conflict in Jackson occured in Forest Mississippi. A town that is 52 miles away from Jackson and has a population of 6000. Most of the links unless you go to them have nothing to do with Jackson Mississippi, but you wouldn't know that at first glance. Now as to the tragic shooting involving a hispanic he mentions I found this
Rocio Gonzales, a frequent client of the nightclub, said talk is that the shooting "happened due to a love dispute between a young girl and her ex-boyfriend."
Fights do take place sometimes in the facility, especially when alcohol "and girls" are involved, she said.
"In my opinion it would be helpful if this place had more security," she said. "But look, this is a good place, it's a center for Latinos to gather and have fun."
A man, who identified himself as the owner but refused to give his name, said in Spanish through a translator that his business is "100 percent secure."
"(The shooters) apparently were waiting for them outside and were coming from another nightclub," he said.
Some who worked in the area said the Bel Air shopping center is generally a calm place, with occasional rowdiness at the club.
"The problem is, when they get drunk, they start fighting," said Carlos Garcera, 51, a cashier at Tienda La Guadalupe, a shop that, like the club, caters to the Hispanic community. "But it is not so often."
Vance, whose precinct includes the center, said the shopping center is generally a safe place, though it is not unusual for police to respond to calls at the club.
"We've had calls out there before. Disturbance ... fight-type calls," he said. "But at the same time, it's not like we're out there every week

So it appears that the State of Emergency has not been caused by those "hispanics" in Jackson Mississippi. In fact looking through the articles relating to this, I can not see any evidence of any major Black vs Hispanic gang activity there. What is happening in Jackson is the tragic black on black crime that has benn going on there for some time.

Is the situation tragic that occured in Forest? Yes it is and I am not surprised that there are in areas animosty between blacks and whites. Are Hispanic gangs a problem? Sure just like the black and even white gangs are. In fact there is evidence that one shooting in New Orleans was the result of a very violent Hispanic gang.
Again though this article is typical of trying to make everything a Hispanic or illegal immigration issue with Vdare's usual nasty racial overtones. The purpose of this is spread this story through e mails and throught the net. This being an example.


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