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Monday, July 10, 2006


I am having so problems staying connected to the Internet which thus is creating problems with me saving any drafts on Blogger. I am hoping this corrects soon. In the meantime I urge to go to the below links on Minutegate as well as the other materal However there is something that I think we would be worthy to put up that I have discovered.

Go here for some incredible information not only on Simcox but also just as important how far spread this is and where it has it tentacales. This thread on this conservative forum is collecting some good information. There is some leads here that if several bloggers starting working on it could provide additional information. It has info and leads not only on the scam but also the fact that much of what is happening in this immigration debate is being very much controlled. In fact the conservative message is being controlled and manulipated. It goes beyond the immigration debate. Remember the so called conservative press on the Dubai termial deal and the gang of 14.
The real meat is in the documents they have compiled. Including links to this project and scams to the major player that Subway Canaries has been talking about. The players are people you will recognize and I find this disturbing. If you are wondering why Conservative voices in the immigration debate that believe in some sort of comprehensive approach is not being heard this is the reason. Again, I think if a few bloggers start tracking down this Dienier/greene connection as well as the connections that Mary Parker Lewis, her Politechs consulting company, and her relationship to Simcox, Gilchrist, Alan Keyes, and Declaration Alliance, the political arm of Declaration Foundation, which she heads up that things will become clearer

If you saw today's Wall Street Editorial Page and leaders as well as the poll data on the immigration issue that is there I expect many would fall over. This is not what you are hearing on the Conservative talking head shows. It is not allowed. Why? I think this is a clue. A small extreme fringe is right now doing a hell of a job making our officials think they represent the majority. What is thesad sideline to this is that people are getting scammed in projects that will never happen. Old Folks are putting leins on their homes to give money to construct a Fence that is a Fraud. It is sick. Also major Republican office holders and hopefuls are appearing with this Fraud. This will come to back to bite us if we do not stop this.

This is not conservatism and is not Republican in my book. Anywho back later


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