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Friday, July 14, 2006

Update on the War(Updated)

I was just speaking about how Bloggers are a great source of info from them I got the info on the Israeli Warship being hit way before the Media reported it.Again go to the comments sections.

From This Lebanese Blogger Forum Post.

Iran-Syria Axis Fully Materializing
I don't know what to say anymore. Sayyid Nasrallah is still alive and declaring an open war. Where is our President? Where are our Ministers? Prime Minister? Members of Parliament? All these institutions and the guardians of these institutions are obsolete at this point. Nasrallah is leading the show. He's defying everything and everyone. He is assuming the position of the guardian of the Prophet's Family, against all odds. This is not about Lebanon anymore; this is about Nasrallah's pride. The Iran-Syria Axis has just fully materialized!An Israeli warship was hit on the coast off of Beirut, the same warship that hit Hizbullah's headquarters which housed Nasrallah.Lebanon is a hostage and all the Lebanese people are a pawn in the hands of the few

If anyone has any Blogs from Israel or others from the region that are reporting on this warthis email me or put it in the email. I support what Israel is doing but it must be so careful here.
Also from WorldNutzDaily:Report: Syrians shoot at Israel Lebanese sources predict provocation from Damascus. FIRST OFF JUDGE ANYTHING FROM THIS SOURCE WITH EXTREME CAUTION. I am real doubtful that the Israel Bureau (whatever that is)of this outfit is getting a lot of info that is credible fro, Lebanese politicians. But i shall be watching this. Pajama media has some good round ups.


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