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Monday, July 17, 2006


I have some time today and I am contemplating doing a post on minutegate today. What is Minutegate? Well, Minutegate is several things. First it is about a fence that anyone with a brain cell knows is not going to be built. It is also how that money might be being directed in all other directions. But to me it is much more. I have said from the start that this whole debate on immigration has been overheated for several reasons. There are a few unholy alliances taking place that as a conservative I am concerned about. Again as the Wall Street Journal stated in a March 15th Editoral in 2004:
"“So determined is conservatism’s nativist wing that it’s even made common cause with radical environmentalists and zero-population-growth fanatics on the leftist fringe. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies may strike right-wing poses in the press, but both groups support big government, mock federalism, deride free markets and push a cultural agenda abhorrent to any self-respecting social conservative."

Now these Tanton groups are the true believers. Those are the ones I am most scared about. Again, this debate is not about illegals. It is in the end about a extreme population and enviromential philosophy.If you think I am conspiracy theorist just read my blog or google a while. It is not really a conspiracy. Conspiracies have to be hidden. This is out in the open for those that wish to see it. However, they are not the only ones involved. Racist groups such as the the Council of Conservative Citizens have hitched their wagon to this.(By the way Blogmeister of the Council of (word hijack)Conservative Citizen's- St Louis Reichstag, I like Paul Harvey still) . Also the kooks in the "globalist under my Bed" coalition have jumped on. But also there are groups that must make a buck that are a part of this. Perhaps you wonder why the internet is full of "Presidente Jorge" or you are getting direct mail talking about that "traitor" Lindsey Graham, or that any person that talks of compromise on this issue is dealt with like they just blew up the World Trade Center. Well there is a reason. There is a money side to all this. For the record, I oppose much campaign finance reform. I feel that speech, especially political, cannot be limited. But that being said there is a honorable side of this necessary business and then there is the side that stinks to high heaven. That smelly side is involved in this immigration debate greatly. In fact, despite the fact that Republicans and others favor Bush's view on this issue, it is curious why that is not represented in the media or the internet. There is a reason for that. That is there is a ton of money being made on this immigration issue. Dumptrucks full of money really. That is one player in this alliance and why Republican Congressmen are being misled as to what the "base" really want. So today if I have time we might take a look at the latestreports from the FEC on these Minutemen PAC(the political arm of the Minutemen we see on tv) and who is getting what. That is my goal anyway as I continue to investigate this curious chain of events that has President Bush, leading conservative Senators and Congressman, and moi being called traitors and other vile names on various issues. But especially immigration. So I hope to get this out today hopefully.


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