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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UGHH Blogger

Well, it seems that blogger wherever it is located still hasn't made a full recovery. It has taken me forever to access the part where I type out posts. It seems though I am luckier than some. Cajun Conservative site went down because and lost 75 percent of his posts. But thanks to a blogger that is going on my list tonight(hopefully) he recovered all of his links. Also I jsut visted there and it seems that a good bit of his archive is back.

Anyway, I hope to get a few posts out tonight if Blogger lets me. This too will pass just be patient.

For your entertainment this little factoid. I remember watching the magician David Copperfield during one of his shows making the Statue of Liberty disappear. It annoyed me greatly because I couldn't figure out how he did it. I just finished watching this cool magician/illusionist on the A@E channel so it got me thinking about how David Copperfield did that trick again. It then occured to me, pondering you idiot just google it. Well Viola! How did David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty vanish?


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