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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A twofer on Kookdum- Also important info on the Minuteman Scam

I am still working away on what shall be the first of several post on Minutegate a,nd how people are destroying the conservative movement. The problem is when I go down the rabbit hole of this ,I find other stuff. Last night about 3 am , I hit another mother lode. I found a big connection between the racist Council of (word hijack) Conservative Citizens and the Tanton groups. How I found that comes partly from this internet radio interview that occured last month with Joe McCutchen on a kookdum radio station. Please look at the entry on 06/27/06.

A few thoughts. I suggest downloading it. First this archive seem to only run a couple of months and this might go into the internet ether. Second it will be far easier to listen to the section I wish to direct your attention too.

The whole interview is worth listening too because it shows the extent of kookdum and how it has inflitrated certain kooky Southern groups. I have talked about this before on my dear ole blog . Also ask your self this disturbing question. Are you hearing similar kooky things from folks like Worldnetdaly and Newsmax. In fact even on Michelle Malkim immigration blog.

However ,what is important is the first 5 or 6 minutes. Then I highly suggest you GO TO MINUTE 42 OF THE TAPE. Perhaps it was 41 I cant remember. That is where some stuff I am talking about is exposed.

A few words how I am treating these insights by the koodum folks that Joe McCutchen represents. His crazy theories on neo cons, and Bush are of course crazed. But consider this. This man has been involved in the immigration debate since the 60's. He is now quite old. I can tell you he is a true believer in this and his goal is not monetary gain. Also, he was quite involved as you can hear. He and his folks are ones that went down there and actually donated the money. When people donate money and realize it is a scam they get hot. I hate his views. But I must say without endorsing the NEO CON NEW WORLD ORDER spin he puts on it ,heis view of the orgainizations and what really is going on is correct. I have spent now probally 60 hours documenting what they say about the groups that are running this project. Please listen, it is a insight from a insider. A insider that Simcox and others are trying to run from.

NOW A MESSAGE TO THE COUNCIL OF (word Hijack)CONSERVATIVE CITIZENS IN ST LOUIS that I know sometimes visit my site. First thanks for coming. Now a gift from me, the neocon Mexican loving, Diversity loving Republican GOP BUSH BOT, to you in the extreme Paleo Movement. There appears to be a effort to convince many in your group that this is all Simcox. That other movements associated with Gilchrist are pure. Let me give you a hint. Do not fall for that. If I may draw your attention my kookdum friends to these FEC entries for MINUTEMAN CIVIL DEFENCE CORPS PAC INC and the MINUTEMAN PAC INC. Now I suggest you look at the entries of the new Minuteman Civil Defense PAC closely. I am quite aware that yall are scared of Neo Cons and the JOOOS and are urging Gilhrist to get away from that. This Minuteman Civil Defense Pac is the effort to give the appearance that is happening that is listed on the fec statement . However notice the office where this is registered. 2400 Earlsgate Reston Virgina. It is the same damn office to same darn Accountant and Keyes/Greene supporter. It does seem like every thing leads to this office doesnt it. I suggest googling the address and see what comes up. Anyway this is the same office where the other PAC is registered. Look who gave the first seed money to Simcox's new PAC. Seems familar? Now go look at the Minuteman PAC INC. It is not totally clear to me at this point , but it appears that this PAC is going to keep on going. I suggest to you that this will be promoted as the "good pac" for all those people that are concerned that Bush is forming a one World Govt. Take a good look at at all those documents and in particular the newest statements. See who the money is going to.
Please go to look at the FEC statements that refer to the July report that was just submitted in the Mnuteman PAC. Of course we see our good friends at American caging are racking it in. But please go to the latter part that deals with itemized disbursements.. See any familar names. I suggest researching these companies. But let me draw attention to one name ,that is Anne Breiling that received 2000 dollars on June 28 for her services. Does that name sound familar? I suggest if it doesnt please go here and see who is on the board of officers for this Keyes/Green/Sheldon/Zohidates /Driener organization. That report is full of interesting details. So please get your little white pride little fingers busy and tell me what you find. Also I am curious if some of these people are in fact related.

Also folks remeber to go listen to the link above

Anywho more later


Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

The kooks are circling their wagons, and pulling down their links. Yep, your link to McCubbin is to a site that no longer exists! Don't you just love it. I think we are starting to have some effect on them. I certainly hope we are. I've been suspecting that links are coming down. Last night, when something came up with me, I discovered I am correct. I think the roaches can't handle the daylight and are heading for cover!

Yep - we're having fun now!
The Pink Flamingo

2:35 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Ok the link is working now to the radio interview. You are right links are being taken down. Tancred at this Team America Pac tried to scrub any evidence of Joe MCCutcheon involvement. In fact when you google it it say this page has been erased and no longer exist. i Found it though in the cache. Same with a very interesting Town Hall comment that was left on a Malkin articel. all comments ourged for that time. But I managed to recover it. It was from a kook but gave good info. I am now starting to just put it on the blog as much as I can. There are too many things disappearing off the net.

2:56 PM  
Blogger cam said...

I just listened to the radio interview with Joe McCutchen, these people are nuts. I just got banned from RedState for arguing on behalf of the Presidents immigration policies, and called a lefty moonbat. I'm more conservative then you or Pink Flamingo yet I get dismissed as a lefty and banned. What the heck is going on?

6:34 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

This is what I think is going on in part. I have noticed several things. On some of the conservative forums I post on it is almost impossible to post on any issue without it getting flamed from the the very anti immigration crowd. I started noticing this last year. It was getting horrible. The result , people stay away from those threads or just leave. Giving the appearance that all conservatives all thing alike on this issue to the tinest detail. Second I was noticing on tons of blogs and palces where you could leave comments, that everytime the issue of immigration was brought up the most hard right statements were being made. On the bigger blogs there was a ton. This mystifyed me since in the real world with my friends and at work, I never notice this same attitude or obsession with this issue.

I have a theory as to the comments and the forums. I think people are getting paid to do this. I really do. I am curious if some of these political telemarketing firms now are doing this as a sideline. It would make sense. Because among conservative blogs and forums what I am seeing does not seem to be the reality I see in everyday life.

As to the blogs. You are not the first person I have heard that this has happen to at Redstate. Many of these blogs were quite rational till around the time of the Dubai Port deal. I hate to say it, but I highly suspect that some bloggers that are big are getting paid to take the hardline. There is just too much uniformity in content and views I am seeing in places to explain in otherwise. Also the crushing of any dissent on this issue and how it is done seems suspcious to me. I mean just look at what happen to Lorie Byrd on May 1st

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

8:57 PM  

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