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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tragedy In Shreveport Louisiana- Herby K Owner Shot Dead

Sad news on so many levels. The Shreveport Times has the full story here. Some excerpts:
Herby K's co-owner Adrian Johngene "John" Bean Jr., 58, died early Saturday at LSU Hospital after being shot during an armed robbery at the restaurant shortly before 9:45 p.m. Friday. Witnesses told police that a masked man dressed in all black was robbing the restaurant when he and Bean began fighting. The assailant shot Bean and fled through an alley.

On Saturday, shocked and grieving friends placed flowers, cards and posters outside the restaurant at 1833 Pierre Ave., a Shreveport dining institution since 1936, where a handwritten sign on the door read: "CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE."William Myar, 50, a family friend and sometime restaurant worker, went Saturday to finish cleaning up from Friday night's dinner crowd. He put some food in the freezer and threw away perishables such as cole slaw. He said he doesn't think Herby K's will re-open anytime soon.

Bean's energy had become a vibrant part of the historic restaurant since he married Janet Kaye Thrasher Busi, who had become a part of the Busi family through a previous marriage. Herbert Busi Sr. opened the restaurant -- with walls covered in artist renderings of the building, old license plates and university logo stickers -- 70 years ago.Bean's gentle manner, Myar said while sitting in the booth nearest to the patio order window, made him a true "people person.""It always made me feel good to work for him," said Myar, wiping his eyes with a napkin while a tear dropped onto his tattooed right arm. "He'd loan me his last 50 cents."

More at the Times link. John was truly a great person. Like many people, I sure we will hear the full extent of it after he is dead than when he was alive. I almost stopped by there for Lunch last week. I regret I didn't now.

Besides the death, I think the sadness will be double here. Herby K's is sort of a Shreveport institution. It refused to die away and had a very loyal customer base. It was not only for the food that was great. but because we felt things as special as Herby's should be maintained. I am not sure if Herby K's will reopen now . Perhaps it will. I hope so. But I have my doubts. No one has been arrested yet , but I personally hope that the person that did this receives the Death Sentence myself. This by the way is the 17th violent deasth in Shreveport this year.


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