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Monday, July 17, 2006

A Thought on the Conflict Today in Israel

Israel again has a delicate balancing act. It must severely cripple the terrorist. However, I am becoming more convinced there will no major invasion or occupation of Southern Lebanon from what I am seeing. But, there is one thing that will be a defeat of magnificant proportions for Israel. If the Government in Lebanon is not standing at the end of this then Syria, Iran, and Hezabollah won. There will be no getting around it. In fact the more I study this the more I think that this is one of the desired outcomes of the radicals . Israel in my view better do this quick and well and get a cease fire. If the Govt in Lebanon falls what replaces it I even hate to contemplate. Again it will be a defeat. A delicate tightrope and so very dangerous.

Update-Let me clarify on major- This will not look like anything like 1982.


Blogger LeperColony said...

Lebanon really is in a tight spot. No doubt their government sympathizes with Hezbollah and sheds few tears over drad israelies. At the same time, though, their hold on power is precarious at best and however much they may like to see Israel taken down a notch, they don't want to play host to the fight.

12:29 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Let me say that I think the majority of the Lebonese Govt does not sympahtize with Hezbollah. I think they hate it with a passion and would not mind if Israel could magically get rid of it for them in a day. However you are right there is still severe mistrust between the two governments and it is no easy task. But there was and hopefully will be progress in the future.
Of course it is a no win isn't it? Imean for all this talk of Syria, both Israel and the US and everyone else knows there are worse things than a Assad government if that falls so that is the background so what to do there. I am sure aAssad and we don't want the "party of God" harrasing Assad even though he is the ultimate SOB.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:57 PM  

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