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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

There is Something maybe ROTTEN About American Caging out of Houston.

In this whole minuteman fence scam, I have made repeated references to American Caging out of Houston. What I have learned the past week is even more troublesome. Attention any reporters that are hungry and might be looking to be break something big. Send me a email.

You see this goes way beyond a fence. This goes way beyond the minutemen or the immigration issue. Want to know why Bush is being attacked from so called "conservatives"? Well this in its own small way is a part of it. If you are smart you can use this story to start a discussion about how certain people operate on both sides of the aisle. It could put your name in lights perhaps if you worked the angle right. It also might give your media outlet some satifaction, because folks at CNN are going to look like fools in this in the end for not doing some simple checks on google for a few hours.

Moving on. Right now, I am on a computer that is still on ancient dial up. I am bungling along and just by sheer effort and much time am finding things by accident. If I had such great assets as Lexis/Nexis, like the reporters do I would be rocking.

There is something incredibly strange happening with this out of the way direct mail, fundraising, and caging company called American Caging. It is related to all this Keyes/Deiner/Shelton/Greene mess too. Very involved. For reasons I am trying to confirm, I suspect the Houston paper might have misgivings approaching this subject.

Anyway, give me a shout out on email. I am reluctant to put some of this info I know on my blog until, I can get to Houston myself and spend a day or two confirming some stuff. I am trying to avoid that 12 hour round trip myself. But I will do it if no paper or media in the MSM wants to investigate it. There could be nothing there. Then again there could be alot. My only request is that you consider giving a shout out to some folks on a couple of conservative forums and another blogger that has been working hard to try to expose this mess. In fact one I suspect got shut down for a bit because they were exposing. IF that is true be sure to be mention that. Notice, I said conservative. The liberal blogs and forums don't seem to care much. So, I would like it to be known that not all Republicans and conservatives fit nicely into the sterotype that so often people try to put us in. OF course the liberal have similar problems over on their side that they don't want exposed to the light of day.

So anywho, give me a shout out. I know some newspapaers have been by because I have seen the incoming IP connections


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