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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some additions to blogroll -Welcome!!!

I thought it was time to add a some more names to my Blogroll and introduce them. These are blogs or sites that I go to a good bit and I am, slowly intoducing. is not a blog but it is the best forum for LSU Sports. It is that big banner over there on the left. I finally figured how to get that image to link back to the site. On the site the Tiger rant room is where all the LSU sports action occurs. They also have a Saints section also. IF you are not into LSU Sports(I can't imagine anyone wouldn't be) you might go their political board. It is pretty active and at times coarse but it is pretty fun. The overtime lounge is raw but fun at times.

Cajun Tiger's Rants and Raves is a blog that I just found again. I you are like me, I often find blogs while not my personal computer and then forget the name of it and it takes a while to find it again. I remember seeing his and found it interesting and did not find it again till I saw him comment on another blog. Shane is currently in Bagdad as a contractor. He is from Lockport Louisiana which is around Houma way down there in Lafouche Parish. He talks about Iraq, Politics, Christian issues, and other things. I am trying to find any Louisiana blogger that is over there and he is the first to be put on the blogroll in that group.

Iowans For Romney is another Romney blog ,I am putting up there on my list. I want to have a a few interesting blogs for the major 08 Repub that I myself am consulting. I will be putting some more blogs for the other guys too. So far I am looking at Brownback and Huckabee closely but I have not committed yet. Also, I want to put him on the roll today because I anticipate I am going to take a stab at the whole "Mormon" issue today. I will try to find a good Pataki or "Rudy" blog this week as Well as a McCain one.

Krusty Konservative is another important blogger to watch over the next year and a half especially. He is from Iowa and is a font of info on how your favorite GOP hopeful is doing in that important state. I shall be going to him often. What I also like about his blog is that he has a very active comment section where one can be led to other important sources of info.

The Hedgehog Blog is a blog that I am being wanting to put on my blogroll for some time. I like their analysis a good bit. Also, they focus on some foreign policy issue a good bit , that I have an interest in.

Sweetness and Light is a great blog. This blog hits alot of news and does it well. Like Cajun Tiger's blog this a blog that I lost for a period of time. I first came across it when they were following Cindy Sheehan as she was trying to take advantage of our whole Katrina situation. It was incredible the current info they had.

Cor ad Cor Loquitor is great blog by an Catholic Apologist by the name of Dave Armstrong. First let me say that his index page on the right is best source of Catholic info on the net. It is priceless and often when someone ask me a question about the faith I don't know the answer to I go here first. Also what I like about this site is the dialouge that occurs between him and others especially in the Evanglical and Reformed traditions of Chrisitianity. The level of discourse between our faith traditions has increased dramtically in the past decade. His blog is an example of that. If you go through his archives in the past he has debated some rabid anti Catholics such as the infamous James White who just keeps on saying mistruths despite being corrected like a million times. Also he has had debates with the new leading light of that movement Eric Svendson. He has quit debating these folks lately which is good. The current debate and discussion with the people that might have some disagreement with Catholicism on particular issues has been much more healthy, informative, and Christ filled. However, I would visit his anti Catholic section when the usual suspects publish another book for responses.

Evangelical Outpost is a blog you might wish to visit. I have been saying I wanted to put up a few non Catholic Christian blogs that I enjoy and he is the first. He talks about religion, politics, from and culture from an Evangelical Worldview. I often find his post quite engaging and his link section is great. There are few lesser Reformed and Evangelical blogs I will put up that are quite good but lesser known.

Before I put another Iraq oriented blogger on I m going to put two servicepeople in Afghanistan first. I have decided which two but they will probally come from this list. Visit them all, they all appear to be recently active.

Anywho these should be on blogrolling tonight.


Blogger Pawpaw said...

LSU... LSU...? Is that a college somewhere near Baton Rouge? Oh, you mean LSU&A&M. They have a hog farm there. And a pretty good veterinary school.

Do they also have a football team? Who'd a thunk it?

Actually, there are a whole bunch of us who don't follow college football. I quit when I realized that college ball was just a junior league to the NFL. When they make college ball back into a truly amateur sport, then I might watch a couple of games a year. Till then, they are just more overpaid athletes.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Good grief what Louisiana Heresy is this I am hearing. The only exceception for not putting LSU above all else is the special Dispensation you get if you went to Tech , ULL, or ULM. Then of course you must follow the Tigers when you can't watch your ala mater.

12:18 AM  
Blogger Cajun Tiger said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! might come close to a ban from ever commenting again if you weren't a vet =)

LSU has way more than just a football team. Final Four in BBall this year, and while they slipped under Smoke, the baseball team will be back soon under the new coach.


1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:58 PM  

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