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Friday, July 07, 2006

So the Dems finally get some one to Challenge Congressman Boustany

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This is one of three Louisiana related posts that in a row. If you wish to see some non Louisiana stuff scroll on down , but I do wish you would take some time on the revenue sharing post. Read through those that post as well as Right Hand Thief post and then go to Cajun Conservative and examine his thoughts as well as his links on the issue. I feel that you will see our point. Please contact your US Senator as ask him to support this legislation that is important for the Nation.

Any who I see the Dems have got someone to challenge first term Republican Congressman Boustany. I am not familar with Mike Stagg. I seem to recall his name for some reason though. However, it appears to me that this will be largely a failed effort to me. Perhaps someone frrom Lafayette can enlighten me. Boustany is someone that very well could challenge Senator Mary Landrieu in her next election in 08. Mike Staggs's campaign web site is here. The Lafayette dem blog has a post here with some info on him as well as posts he has authored on the blog. At this point I am unimpressed and don't think this will be a serious challenge. He sounds way to liberal for this region of the State. This is no former Congressman Chris John. He also runs a another blog here. Also this is interesting.

Congressman Jim McCreary Gossip
There are rumors afoot that Republican Congressman Jim McCreary of Shreveport will have a challenge. In a politcal news FAX update that many locals get it was announced that a prominent Female Democrat would run against him. After talking to a liberal friend, we were both scratching our heads who this could be. My theory is possibly former Television Anchor, and Former Assistant to outgoing Shreveport Mayor- Liz Swaine. Liz Swaine has said that she will offically announce that she was going to jump into a already crowded mayor's race. She raised an astonishing 200,000 dollars at one event. Could it be she is looking for something higher? Jim after William Jefferson goes bye bye will be the Congressman that has the most senority out of the entire Louisiana delegation. Also he is about to get a nice chairmanship if the Republicans stay in control. It would take quite a campaign to unseat him.


Blogger Nick said...

Mike Stagg is part of the screaming, Howard Dean wing of the Democrat Party. He's going to have to hide his true political ideals to win anything in a district that includes the small towns of Acadia and Vermilion Parishes.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

He looked like he was from the kos wing. I figured out where I remembered hom. This was the guy that was walking around to state as a campign tactic to win Governor. So extreme canididate I guess

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're out of your fucking mind...liz swaine? LOL.... she is running on ego and her hubby's bank account. Seriously, this is one loser bitch who was fortunate enough to work at a TV station who had owners who didn't have a clue. She's a closet biker dyke who flies planes and her hubby is a dipwad who thought she was all that and a bag of nuts... She is a frigid bitch who bullies people into thinking she has her shit wired but's all bullshit and no substance. Much like Shreveport society and politicos... get frickin' real here.

3:53 AM  

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