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Saturday, July 29, 2006

So Called Conservative Guru William Greene Examined-- OH and Also ALL The Money From The Fence Might Be Going to TV Preacher Shows- Cha Ching So Sorry

Updates at bottom
Updated-9:56-Post showing how Greene see's profit motive for mailing list
Updated-11:17- More kooky stuff on this TBN connection

UPDATE-11:40-Possible link to American Caging. Grizzard Agency to which William Greene worked for webs site is here. They have 3 offices. See at bottom of post for more.

While researching this stuff on Minutegate, American Caging, Response Unlimited, Alan Keyes, etc, it was always in the back of my mind that this was like some phoney Evangelist you see on TV that was fleecing the flock. It appears that may be closer to the truth than I thought. I was about to put up that post I have been promising on the internet today when I got sidetracked. It has always struck me as strange that there is not much to be known about the now influential William Green of and assorted enterprises. In my research into American Caging, I decided I needed to see if these people had met up in the past. I had looked at Mr Greene, but finding out about him was quite difficult at times. However by accident , that changed today.

Mr William Green Past(What I know So Far)

You have to go through about 100 pages of google before you start connecting all the dots as to Mr Greene's bio. There is a tad here and bit there. Lets see what we can find by examing these bits of info.

This was the most important find
William Greene
President of Strategic Internet Campaign Management, Inc., specializing in online fundraising and grassroots activism. Spearheaded and the Sixty Second Activist Club. Former vice president, Internet Marketing and Development, ConservativeHQcom Inc. PhD, Miami Christian University; ABD, Florida International University; MA, UNC-Greensboro; BA, UNC-Asheville; graduate, Brevard College

Now when I saw that, I thought WTF are some of these universities? I had never heard of Miami Christian University where Mr Greene got his PHD and never heard of this Florida International Place either. More on his bio from another source.:...prior to his work there, he was the Director of Internet Marketing at The Grizzard Agency of Atlanta, a top ten direct marketing agency, as well as Internet Manager at Jesus Fellowship, Inc., in Miami, which was in the vanguard of Internet use for religious nonprofits with sites like Churches dot Net and the Christian Internet Broadcast Network ( Initially, Dr. Greene was in academia, teaching political science and international relations at Florida International University ( in Miami for a number of years. I encourage you to click on that source and read the whole bio , it is quite interesting. But anyway we see that he taughtInternational Relations at this Florida International thing. Pretty impressive Or maybe not. Also some other interesting details. Now look at this. This is from a google cache. Since it could disapper soon, I shall post it in in full.

Grizzard Communications Group, an Atlanta-based direct marketing agency, is putting together an Internet advertising network for those who want to reach the "evangelical market."
A group of Christian and church-related "Web publishers and e-mail newsletters has hired Grizzard to be its full-service sales agent. The company will offer advertisers both placement and technical support, including serving the ads to sites.
Most of the sites are run by Jesus Fellowship Inc., a large nonprofit ministry in Miami. But since starting the network this year, other sites have contacted Grizzard about becoming part of it, according to William Greene, Grizzard's director of Internet marketing.
By late February, the Grizzard Internet Ad Network was already serving 20,000 banner ads per day. It is selling the ads on a cost-per-thousand or an impressions-served basis.Most of the publishers issue online newsletters that accept text advertisements of up to five lines, plus a return e-mail address or a hyperlink to the marketer's Web site. There are about 30,000 recipients of these publications. (Right now Grizzard does not rent out the e-mail lists.)

"It's a niche market that's a good target for a number of different products that sell well over the Internet - music, videos, T-shirts, jewelry," Greene says.
This is Grizzard's first big plunge into Internet marketing. About 60% of the company's clients are in the nonprofit sector, including the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, Bowery Missions and the Humane Society.
Greene says that the commercial business is growing and he expects at some point to expand the Internet service to include some commercial World Wide Web sites.
Jesus Fellowship's sites include Churches dot Net (; CIRnet, the Christian Internet Radio Network (www.cir; CITV, the Christian Internet Television Network (; and the Miami Christian University Virtual Library (

COPYRIGHT 1998 PRIMEDIA Business Magazines & Media Inc. All rights reserved.COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group
Well, I had a enough now to find some stuff and lets say it led me in interesting places.


William Greene of This Is your Life- DIPLOMA MILL SCAM ARTIST.

Its even worse, it's associated with a Church. More on that later. Here are a few Emails that Mr Greene has sent out(by the way there must be many more we just did to find them on these forums)
William Greene of Miami University - writes:
- Miami University, a state-authorized theological - institution in Miami, Florida, is about to leap into the - world of Internet Radio. Using RealAudio 2.0 software, we will be - able to deliver live streams of contemporary music, talk - shows, teachings, and live church services. - - We have not, however, purchased the RA server yet; my question is, - does anyone have any familiarity with any other live stream programs - which would enable multiple accesses at the same time? Streamworks - seems to be the only one we've found; are there others as easy as - RealAudio

Hello! I ran across your Web page on what theological degree programs are available over the Internet, and thought you might be interested in Miami Christian University, where I am Dean of Students. MCU is the only theological institution that I am aware of which offers courses and degrees through the Doctoral level (including the D.Min. you have an interest in) completely online via the Internet. Our students come from around the world, and we utilize more and more of the latest technology to maintain our "virtual campus".If you are interested, our URL is on the World Wide Web.
God bless you in your theological journey!
William Greene.
(link to Greene's BS post here)

Newsgroups: From: Miami Christian University > Subject: Online Theological Coursework: JumpStart Program
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 08:51:31 -0500

Miami Christian University, a state-authorized theological institution in Miami, Florida, introduces its JumpStart program for easy registration. Courses and degrees are offered online via the Internet.

Now, evidentally this scam was getting quite a bit of attention. In fact a expert in these matters took him to task. I Strongly urge you to read the whole thing. It is awesome. But a few choice quotes:Dr. Steve Levicoff words will be in bold.

Actually, Bill already knows that the Institute on Religion and Law does not "operate" from a post office box, but receives its mail through a P.O. box for security reasons. After all, we're professionals when it comes to exposing yahoos and rip-offs like Bill Greene, so a little extra security never hurts. What Yahoo's.?You mean the man that is saving the Republic from RINO's ,Mexicans, a liberal Judicary, that promotes Alan Keyes, sends all this blast email and involved in the cutting edge of Conservative politics is a yahoo? God forbid!!!!Nonetheless, my credentials are quite public, and anyone who has half a brain - and I'm sure Marshall and Bill each have at least half a brain, which might actually total a whole brain between them - can find me quite easily.
Frankly, my own opinion is that Bill simply posted his message as an excuse to put in a plug for Miami University, one of the most insidious religious mills to come across the Internet. I'm delighted, as always, to reprint his message in full, hoping that our intelligent readership - especially those seeking programs for themselves - will check out their web site
. Now again the rest is quite hilarious and he exposes this for what this is. Also by the way Mr William Greene puts himself out as the Dean of Students of the Great Institution. Now how do we know this is the same Mr Greene. Well look in what WAS in the online catalog as to staff. I say was because if you go there now that part has disappered from their web site.

Greene, William-A.A. 1984, Brevard College, N.C.; B.A. Political Science, 1986, UNC-Asheville; M.A. Political Science, 1991, UNC-Greensboro; ABD in International Relations, 1996, Florida International U

If, you notice that is almost the same bio that is given for Mr William Greene is his new life as Conservative Internet Guru and savior of all things good for the American conservatives that I posted and linked to above. Also, As you shall see Mr Greene got his PHD from this very same shame school. I must note as you saw on that link that even their Biblical people on Staff are amusing. Fuentes, Luis-B.A. Biblical Studies & Human Resources Management, 1992, Miami College; OMD 1995, Accupuncture Institute of Florida. Well, I suppose it is good they have a Biblical Expert and someone trained in accupuncture. I post him for a reason because I swear I have ran across Luis Fuentes before in all this mess I have talked about.Anywho lets continue. It is talked about more here by the way also again byDr. Steve Levicoff again here. Also, both Dr Levicoff and other authorites do say their is a difference between legitimate long distance learning and this Crap that the current Head of, PAC, and ten millions other things was selling. In fact google Miami Christian University and Diploma Mill and you can see that quite well for yourself. Including what the State of Maine has to say about this nonsense amony others. Anyway what is behind this whole nonsense.


Well basically it appears that this whole Diploma scam is a project of this Church down in Miami. In fact it is in the Links over there on the side as well as other interesting things. Also if you go down please notice where the Pastor(that was talked about above in the Dr post) is now on the Teevee at. Does that symbol look familar. Well maybe this will refresh your memory

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

BY the way, I was pretty nice with picking that photo there are far worse ones I could have chosen. Also note TBN took in I think 198 million dollars last year. Boy, why does that sound similar to other things I have been talking about. Anyway more on why this might be significant later. Well as you noticed from above Mr Greene did quite a lot for this Church. In fact it appears that many of the sidelinks are due to his success. Now let me say, that I think Mr William Greene is a true believer here. Please go here to that goes to pastor resources on the JH page. Well as you can tell this page is quite interesting especially the little toliet bowl thing. Perhaps the Guru of the Conservative Internet politics, as he likes to be called, thought of that all by himself. But do take some time to read the things that it appears that Mr William Greene has written. In fact, I am almost 99.9 percent sure that has to be him.
I have not taken time to examine all this Theology in detail that it appears this Church and William Greene believe in. But I do wonder if it is related to this movement. If it is I do have concerns that relate to my final section of this post.


Needless to say the following suprised me , because I had not heard of Mr William Greene going into the following enterprises. What I found today at this link as you can tell something is very interesting.
3285 WINDGATE DR BUFORD, GA 30519-1942
Educational Organization

Well we all know what is located there also don't. That is also where the infamous SICM (Sick Em) is located that is the brains of his entire operation. Well I went and looked at his 990 forms and there has been absolutely no activity as to funds there. I checked it through Starguide which I recommend everyone sign up for. Looking at the basic forms are free. However I thought this was interesting that was on the site as well as on some of the forms.
Who We Are
Victory Television, Inc. (Victory TV) exists to operate a television facility to provide religious, educational, inspirational and family-oriented programming to our viewers
How to Help
This organization is seeking funds from contributions. These funds will be used for unrestricted operating expenses
There is a great need to see the HEARTS of people changed, across America and throughout the world. Victory TV exists to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to provide them with the tools that they need to live successful lives by applying biblical principles.
Victory TV is beginning with a single broadcast station in Delaware, and plans to expand to full satellite broadcast capabilities by the end of 2005 that can reach around the world

Now I am not sure the whole status of this Victory Tv Thing. Here is their web site. . Now I am not sure if they are even on in Deleware right now but things appear to be moving.

Hi folks,
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the
CBA convention, my first ever. As I mentioned to
many of you whom I met, this isn't my industry or
field, but I've ended up here as I'm facilitating the
very first "seed" stages of a new Christian
television network. While I attended NRB this
year, CBA was actually more informative for what
we're doing. Great job!
A special note of thanks to Rick Goetz for the
time he's spent with us and all he contributes to
the loop. But that's not to slight anyone else here
-- y'all rock! :-)
William Greene, President
Victory Television, Inc

link from google Cache.

Look at this post that Mr William Greene wrote
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003
Here's a question I haven't seen addressed in this thread:We're a new nonprofit corporation, filed our 501(c)3 application with theIRS, and have received our letter back listing everything we still need todo & send to them for the process to move forward, so we can complete ourtax-exempt status. Our lawyer is experienced and good, and we should havelittle problem achieving that status.However, we want to go ahead and start our fundraising. We have a likelylarge-dollar donor that can provide our seed money to build our station, butwe need to concurrently begin direct mail and online appeals for matchingcontributions, etc. Our understanding is that all donations will betax-deductible back to our incorporation date, as long as there's no snag inour final approval for tax-exemption.My question is, if someone wants to "check US out" to make sure we're legit,what are our options? There's no 990 on file anywhere yet; Guidestar won'tlist us (nor anyone else, as far was we can tell); we can't join ECFA untilafter a set period of time... what can we do to prove legitimacy, other thanput up a good website with good testimonials from good people associatedwith our good organization?Thanks in advance for your input!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=William Greene, PresidentVictory Television, Inc.678-714-2471 w 678-530-1176

Also the Station or Freq in Deleware was bought last year.
PRICE: $2,550BUYER: Victory Television Inc. (William Greene, president) SELLER: Trinity Broadcasting Network (Paul F. Crouch, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 68, 5.5 kW

Now please notice who it was bought from. To be Honest I am not sure what that means but someone better take a look at this I think.


I don't know about you, but I am tad concerned. For the past few weeks I have looked at this pretty closely. We got these weird preachers the Sheldons that are making a ton off mailing list. We got my fellow Catholic Alan keyes running around making a ton being by always losing political races. We got Right March and other Groups like Diener all making 80 cents out of every dollar on everything Donor contribution they touch. Whether that dollar be for a campaign, or a Cause, or for this stupid supposed 55 million(I think its now more) Gaza like Fence in Arizona that all the groups I have mentioned are involved in. Then we got American Caging that looks as fishy as hell raking it in. In other words they are acting like the worst kind of scamming Preacher. They are Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Baker squared. Now it appears there is a potential televsion network in the mix. May I suggest if you have contributed to any of the above you might soon get a letter on this matter. Can you imagine the money making potential of this. It will make what they have now look like a Lemonade stand.

Perhaps I have missed this, but before today I never heard that such a man of such influence that is affecting policy helped run a College Diploma mill scam or was about to get into this Religion Televison Business. Perhaps I missed it, but I think not. I think the media has been asleep at the switch here.

Update 1-(reponse to Greene on link)
On a little side tangent here:We're just forming, and recruiting our board members now. Our nonprofit willbe purchasing & running a religious television station. Our idea is torecruit as board members well-known ministers and leaders that will (A) beuseful for fundraising purposes, especially to their own mailing lists, and(B) be useful for ministry, to play their television programs on the air (asa benefit of agreeing to serve on the board and letting us mail to theirlists over their signatures).Any thoughts on this approach?William GreeneVictory Television, Inc.

Update 2- A emailer pointer out something to me that now is quite strange. Of course I have talked about a possible TBN connection a little as to this Church.
Go here to the TBN webs site and look at the Crest. Now go to the Miami Christian University site and look at the top of the page. Its is the same Crest. Now linked to this page is CITV.COM. Look its the same thing. Now what is interesting as we learned above is that this is William Greene's baby this CITV thing. In fact I ran across a link saying this media is trademarked and owned by Jesus Fellowship. Who owns them? Does Greene still have some control? Just observations

update3- 11:40pm Grizzard Agency to which William Greene worked for web site is here. They have 3 Primaryoffices. One is located at

Grizzard: Houston
Tabs Direct
1002 Texas ParkwayStafford, TX 77477
tel: 800.231.0697
tel: 281.499.0417
fax: 281.403.7520


Anonymous Sallyvee said...

OMG, the photo of Little Bo Peep! You sure did pick a flattering picture. When we lived in Atlanta, we used to watch Bo Peep for laughs. Most of her outfits are a bad mix of Glenda the Good Witch of the North and illustrated victorian nursery rhymes. I know for a fact the photo you chose shows one of 'Peep's more sedate outfits, and the hair is half the usual height... pic must have been snapped before the studio removed all ceiling fans to protect their Key Asset. I thought 'Peep had died from chemical poisoning, but apparently the Lord spared her so she could continue spreading the manure and raking in dollars for Jesus.

Why does it not surprise me that every Bo, Bill, and Luis from redneck America with a fake theology diploma would find each other and endeavor to fleece the flock via multiple media projects? It's the oldest story in The Book, really.

Great work here, PA. I believe you've pulled a couple of key strings and the unraveling is well underway. I wonder if you'll get any assistance from the self-righteous self-appointed elite right wing media "leaders." I won't hold my breath. Self-examination is not their specialty.

1:32 PM  
Blogger we saw that... said...

heh heh good sleuthing. that trinity broadcasting network (tbn) is a 3ring circus. its been reported that paul crouch is bisexual and a few years ago settled a sexual harrssment suit brought against him by another man. seems like we remember that news report said that crouch settled for over $400,000 dollars.

12:08 PM  
Blogger we saw that... said...

ps here is a link with some info:
Scandal, sex and sanctimony Paul Crouch and TBN

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secret Randy Graf info!

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Lee Ewing said...

Urgent Randy Graf Stuff!

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like the last 15 minutes of my life (just spent reading all this) back, please.

Not only is it poorly written (says the English teacher) with equally poor punctuation, but it's also poorly researched.

I supposed next you'll be telling us University of Phoenix is a fly-by-night institution, as well?

I'm sure you have something more pressing to do with your time; I know I do.

3:00 AM  

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