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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Save Our American Responds To Pondering American.

Last night, I posted this on all the abortion protest antics that were happening in Jackson. I felt it was proper for me to post a comment to someone associated with this group that I had posted my disagreement with there tactics on my blog. Therefore I sent a post to this blogger. My post was as follows:
"Well I just slammed out on my blog so I guess it is fair to let you know. Let me ask you this. How in the world is it productive to protest at churches on Sunday morning, In Mississippi of all places. This is just going to turn people off. I am pretty clueless how this is productive. Abortion protest are proper but it seems like things are getting out of control over there.IF you wish to respond my email I will post your response to be fair. Or jsut post a comment if you like.Also on another issue. Maybe you can help me with soemthing. I am not to happy with the Pro life movement right now. In fact I am pretty upset. Have they noticed who is behind this whole anti immigration stuff. Why isnt any one raising alarm bells over Tantons groups that are basically radical population control people that are now using this illegal issue to get a foothold in the conservative movement. I talk about it a good bit on my blog. Including about Governor Lamm that is on the FAIR's board. But every ones is asleep at the switch.
# posted by Pondering American : 12:00 AM

The blogger sent me a email which in fairness I will post:

I am aware that Some of the anti-illegal immigration opponents arealso zero population fans.WND published a letter to the editor I wrote this past week abouthow Dick Lamm carried the first abortion law in the land,creating the need for the illegal workers.He needs to repent for all the destruction he has wrought uponour nation.LeslieIt was our intent for some to attend the Unitarian service and others to preachChrist to a church that denies Him. Unfortunately they allowed anarchists to purvey violence against those with which they disagree.The Unitarian church promotes the killing of the innocent at both ends of the spectrum.They support abortion and euthanasia, violating God's word.

Well let me respond. First I still think this is all very foolish and very counterproductive. In the USA, especially in the Deep South, people don't go trying to disrupt Church services on a Sunday morning. I have mentioned here on my blog ,the unofficial social contract that people in the South have as to religion, society, and just getting along with each other. Needless to say that was blown out of the water last Sunday. I am aware the Unitarians on the whole are pro choice and anti life in my view. I also realize that the Episcopal Church USA, where you also protested, has a position that I view is at odds with scripture and tradition on life issues. Nethertheless, this was pretty dumb. Mississippi like Louisiana is not pro choice. However stuff like this turns people away from getting active in the pro-life movement.
Further, let me just state a few things here about this incident. I have a huge feeling that the Unitatrian Church did not hire these anarachist for security purposes. I am pretty sure they showed up because you were there. For all the bashing of the Jackson Police I am seeing from your blog and elsewhere, I have to admit they seem to be doing their job. I am a big supporter of Free Speech. However no right is absolute. For instance, I just can't post on my web site how to make a atomic bomb in 10 easy steps. Not all time and place restrictions on Speech are bad. For instance in your post titled FREE SPEECH ABORTED IN JACKSON MISSISSIPPI, you show a picture of a man getting arrested. The problem is it appears that this Free Speech is occuring on a busy Overpass. I suspect there were valid public safety concerns both for you and the citizens of Jackson that are driving there, whom you are a guest of at the moment. That is a valid place restriction on speech. Free Speech appears to me not being "aborted" in Jackson at all.

Further, it is not clear to me , but it seemed to be the plan to try to go into the Church itself to as you put it "to Preach Christ to those that deny him". Well, goodness all power to you, but don't start complaining when the police look dimly on that. That is also called Disturbing the Peace and probally would have further gone into the crime of something similar as 'Entering and remaining after forbidden". You should just be glad that yall didnt all end up in jail. This is no different when radicals enter Catholic Churches and protest, or the Phelps idiot protests at funerals.

In the end this just backfires, and I do ask you to stop doing this. Mississippi like Louisiana is very pro life and really doesn't need this kind of assistance. I understand the proud tradition of Civil Disobedience. But this is a very bad move to make and again makes it worse for the rest of us in the prolife movement. Also, let me say that your actions are the kind of thing that brings these radicals Pro Choice people into our communities. I suspect these "anarchaist" are not from there, really don't care about abortion ,and just want to act up. I know there is a excitement to all this ,but beware that someone might get hurt in all this. Probally someone innocent.


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