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Monday, July 31, 2006

Saban declines offer from Bush-

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Saban declines offer from Bush
Dolphins coach too busy to dine with president

From todays Sport Illustrated.

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- When the White House called with an invitation to dine with President Bush, Dan Marino took it. But the coach of his former team said no.
Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban said Monday that his obligations at training camp took priority over a chance to meet the president.
"It was really a tough decision," Saban said. "I feel like my first responsibility is our team. That in no way disrespects the importance of the opportunity I would have loved to have had to spend dinner with the President."
The invitation was for dinner with Bush on Sunday night at Joe's Stone Crabs, a landmark Miami Beach restaurant. Marino, a former Dolphins quarterback and an NFL Hall of Famer, did attend, Bush said in a speech Monday.
Several Dolphins players said they weren't surprised that Saban put his team ahead of the president.
"We all know Nick is serious about what we're doing here and is committed to it," defensive end Jason Taylor said

Let me say people can debate if Saban's choice in this matter was proper. However, I can tell you he did not mean any disrespect by it. LSU has never had a driven Coach like Saban. This just shows the extent of his drive. LSU's loss was Miami's huge gain.

NOTE- Since the most beautiful time of the year is approaching. That is LSU football season, I will be attempting to put more LSU related football stories on ponderingamerican.


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