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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rockets Hit Nazareth in Israel

Good Grief. I am trying to get updates. I am also trying to check details about the mobilization of the reserves in Israel. I will post a update on this post.

Here is an update from JP.
A barrage of rockets hit the Afula area on Sunday night, which was the southernmost region rockets had reached since the current conflict between Israel and Hizbullah began. Six people suffered from shock.
Afula is located some 45 kilometers southeast of Haifa.
Minutes earlier, rockets landed in Upper Nazareth and Givat Ela. There were no reports of casualties or damage.
Earlier, 15 IDF troops were lightly wounded on Sunday night when a Katyusha rocket landed in the Shlomi area of the Western Galilee.
The rocket caused a fire and the soldiers suffered from smoke inhalation.
Meanwhile, the names of the eight victims who were killed in the rocket barrage that
struck Haifa on Sunday morning were released for publication.
The following people all died when a rocket hit a maintenance depot at the train station: Shlomi Mansora, 35, from Nahariya; Rafi Hazan, 30, from Haifa; Kiryat Ata residents Nissin Elharach, 43, and Reuven Levy, 46; Kiryat Yam residents Asahel Damati, 39, David Feldman, 28, and Dennis Lapidus, 24, and Shmuel Ben Shimon, 41, from Upper Yokne'am.
Just two hours after the fatal attack, a second barrage of rockets landed in Haifa's port area and Nahariya.
A third barrage of rockets hit the Haifa area on Sunday afternoon. Nobody was wounded in the latest attack. Air raid sirens had sounded immediately before the Katyushas hit.
MDA reported on Sunday evening that eight people were killed and 54 people wounded, four seriously, nine moderately, 23 lightly and 18 suffering shock, since Sunday morning in northern Israel.
Since the fighting in the north began, a total of 20 Israelis have been killed including IDF troops.
398 have been wounded - seven seriously, 22 moderately, 142 lightly and 207 have suffered shock


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