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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Protecting Louisiana Coast is A National Security Issue

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I wanted to highlight again conservative cajun's efforts to save Louisiana's coast and also to protect this nation. First if you are unfamilar with this probem go to his site and check out his post and and his link page. This is just not a Louisiana problem. Besides the fact that the United States is surrendering a football field worth of land every 38 minutes, that a entire people and culture are at risk, that a entire eco system is at about to go bye bye, that what is happening if unchecked will cause economic problems to the US, it is also a matter of National Security.

I suppose if we had the population and the Congressional delegations of states like Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, or California we would not be in this problem. I realize that in the end there is a limited pot of money and every one wants it. States with bigger delegations often have the power to be heard. See as an example the Everglades in Florida or the Big Dig in Boston. Now I am not downing these States at all. God bless you for being in the position to where you have a voice.

However ,Louisiana on the whole is a rural State with a small population and a small congressional presence. I had hopes years ago that when Congressman Livingston of Louisiana was about to become Speaker of the House, our Coastal problem would have a voice. Well as you might reall this was after the impeachment thing, that Hustler magazine injected themselves into the debate and went into the soon to be Speaker's personal life. Well, needless to say he didn't become Speaker of the House. One victim was the Louisiana coast , as we had to again wait countless years to have our voice heard while watching out land literally disappear.

I urge you to go to his links and then please write a letter to your congressman. Are you coming to Louisiana? Traveling through on I-10. You email me and I swear If you got a a half a day I will find someone to show you up close and personal the problem. Louisiana supplies a tremendous amount of seafood to this nation. That is at risk. Rice? That commodity we use all the time. Well, a significant portion of our domestic Rice production is in danger. If you have ever seen a rice field, the amount of water needed for it is great. Many miles away from the coast more farmers everyday are not able to irrigate because of Saltwater infusion coming into the water table. The culprit? Coastal erosion. Plus coastal erosion also makes the damage from hurricanes so much severe. Hurricane Rita was off the TV screens pretty quick. But the damage was so widespread. Many farmers has land that flooded that have never flooded in anyone's memory. Many can't grow crops because of the saltwater damage from the flooding. Much of this was because of Coastal erosion. Every barrier Island that vanishes or every foot of marsh that's go bye bye increases the problems of flooding hundred fold. Those delicate marsh lands do the job of sapping the hurricane wrath as to tidal surge quite well. If it is not there we are in trouble. Feeding our selves is a national security issue.

Oil and Gas? Well Cajun Conservative works in the in industry and he has great insight. That is that natural gas, oil , and gasoline has to come from someplace. Much of it comes from here. We are one major hurricane hitting in the right place to cause one darn of a national crisis. This is a national security issue. So please go and read his letters, posts, and links. If you got 20 minutes to spare this week please write your congressman. Please we need your help.


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