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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

President Stops BY Dunkin Donuts Talks Immigration and Buys Coffee for Reporter

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Update with the reporter part of the Funny video here

I was taking a break from work and Fox broke in with a Fox News alert(A real alert this time and talked about the President's stop at the local Dunkin Donuts. I think Dunkin Donuts rocks by the way. We need more of those stores down here. This seemed to be an event that was planned since the two Iranian-American owners were dressed to the nines. The President didn't talk about North Korea, I expect he didn' want his first recorded words in this crisis to come from there.

But he talked about immigration again. Much to the shagrin I suppose of those who just wished he would be quiet. I am sure that his comments will send the radicals into a tizzy again. He talked about immigrants and the American dream as to the brothers now owners of this little enterprise. He talked about all the people working from there that were from places like El Salvador. He talked about guest worker and the jobs that Americans won't do. I know that line drives people nuts but it is the truth. I can't tell you how many business people I talk to that give me that complaint. He talked about the need to do something rational regarding an immigration plan. He talked about illegals that had been here for a while and now had families. Yeah he has said it before, but he needs to say it again and again. I hope they replay the whole thing on FOX today. You can get a sense that this issue is really close to his heart.

Like, I said certain fringe elements will go berserk. I would not be surprised if Michelle Malkin does a stake out of the Dunkin Donuts trying to locate some violation. Events like this remind me of a little fact. That th left and liberals that we are so lectured on are the "true voice" for the little man and the vulnerable are silent as usual. If you go and see the folks Like ,KOS and the Dem underground site, this issue gives them no passion. All they care about is that the President will get a defeat and look bad. No one will notice, but millions of lives and families could be effected in a negative way but their hatred of the President is the priority. Remember that when some liberal pontificates to you that they are the party that "cares".

Also he bought a reporter coffee and pulled out a few bucks to pay for it. I think he had to borrow it from someone lol, I couldn't catch it all. It was pretty cute and was fun to watch. The President proclaimed "He was reaching out".

This visit was to highlight how emplyors check out people' credentials to work. I think Dunkin Donuts has been proactive in this effort and show this can work. I will try to find a link.

Update -Here is is little article on the program that Dunkin Donuts is doing. As I said both sides make this illegal immigration issue too simplistic. The solution is an combination of tough border security, a aggressive economic and foreign policy toward Latin America , help from the private sector and faith based community, a guest worker program, a real ID, emplyoer sanctions, and some how dealing with the folks here(especially those with families). You can't put it in a 10 second sound blurb but it is the facts as I see it. We often hear from the Tancredo crowd that the US can't do this guest worker program. That it is unworkable. I alsways find that sentiment goes against what American's do best. Solve problems. So I am not buying it. Here we see a program that is working.

It turns out that Michelle Malkin has commented on Dunkin Donuts with approval. Michelle may I ask something. If it works here how come we can't implemente that Nation wide. Would that alleviate your concerns about a guest worker program? Well of course not. You see Michelle says the system will be maybe abused and damn it that is not right. Since there is a possibilty that a few might find loopholes the whole thing must not happen. There is something funny here and so hypocritical happening. That will the subject of a future post. You see Michelle rants against Anchor babies. I think there is a legitimate debate about birthright citizenship and if it sometimes in the future if that concept should be chanaged for FUTURE children born here in that situation. The question is - Is Mrs Makin herself a ANCHOR BABY. Good grief, thats like finding out that Adolf Hitler's grandmother was maybe Jewish. I am working to pin down the facts to see the answer to that question.


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