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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Republic Writer Goes Undercover to Write About The Conservative Studs on A Conservative Internet Dating Service(Including Someone On MY Blog Roll)

Called as Seen has some very good post today, I made an earlier promise that I would put two non immigration posts up before I did anything more on the "illegal" issue. Well Called As Seen had a excellent post on that issue here as well as some good links. So I was about to find something "non immigration I could put up" so I could link that , when Called As Seen Comes to the rescue. It appears that the New Republic(A magazine I still like, but not as much as I did in the late 90's) decided to find out what the guys were like on a conservative internet dating site. That is So they sent out a undercover reporter. Well as you can see in his post that one guy had a few negative things to say about this undercover episode. Personally, I wouldnt have minded seems I would be flaunting it all over the place to try to get more girls. However Called As Seen appears to be one of the three men that were involved in these "dates" that is profiled. Alas. I cannot access the full article but I will surely stop by the Library to see if it is in the new edition. Well I think Called as Seen is really being nice and very chivilarous here and is trying to correct what he views as some very incorrect things said about the writer(date) of this piece.

Anywho. two questions
One Called as Seen at least did they give you a free subscription to NR and did they offer to reimburse you for this date.

If anyone else has any experiences with especially like lets say in North Louisiana please email me. Especially if it works!!!!

Oh and by the way after you read that remember to read his links on immigration.

Update- I manged to find the article on the Net. I am glad Called as Seen commented on this. It really is not a bad piece at all. See not only do I have good informative people on my blogroll but they are of a special quality. More reasons to return here


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