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Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Must Read on Michelle Malkin at Subway Canaries

I strongly urge you to go and take some time reading this post on Michelle Malkin at the GOP Blogger Subway Canaries. I thinks its important.

Let me say a few things. I do not find this very pleasant. Malkin says many things that I agree with. She had helped the Republican and Conservative causes. However there are problems that I think we Republicans and Conservatives need to confront.

I have said to many people that I think the media is on purpose giving the conservative movement a free ride as to some spokesmen around this immigration issue. My fear is that they will let this continue and then slam us on it in the election year. I have concerns about Malkin.

Many people are going to object that Subway for instance has some liberal sources that she references in her post. I understand that complaint. We all know that liberals all the time take our words out of context. However, there is a reason why it is mostly liberals pointing Malkin's problems out. I think we as conservatives have not quite figured out how to deal with some problematic elements that are appearing in our movement. Also, there has been so much information overload, I honesty think people are not aware of what is going on. The information that she links to can be checked out. That is her purpose. Subway has seen enough red flags to start raising alarm bells. I think its worth the time to see what is out there and check it out for ourselves. That is what she is asking us to do. By the way, there are many conservatives that are thinking in this same vein.

However this cannot be denied. Malkin's connections and approval of vdare and like groups cannot be tolerated. Vdare is not even allowed to be posted on the very Conservative Free Republic forum because of its racist and extremist content. That cannot be denied. The people that are writing on her immigration blog are very disturbing. The fact that she is allowing Kookdum like Corsi friendly article's on wild conspiracy theories to be her on her blog is very serious. This anti trade business and that extreme kookdum has no place in the Republican party. That frightens me even more than her immigration issues to be honest. I talked about Corsi toward the end of this post here. I intend to write an entire rebuttal to his Koodum after the 4th so people will be around to read it. His views and the fact that Tancredo appears warm to them is not only dangerous but could make us out to look like idiots and people wearing tin foil to average folks soon.

We have a choice here. We can expose the problems ourselves and deal with it or have it blow up in our face in the election season.
Its ok to agree with Malkin, on the immigration issue as to the substance of let's say the House bill. The concern I have is who she, and by association us conservatives to many, is befriending to pursue her political objectives. Again let me refer again to this quote from a Wall Street Journal writer:
"So determined is conservatism's nativist wing that it's even made common cause with radical environmentalists and zero-population-growth fanatics on the leftist fringe. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies may strike right-wing poses in the press, but both groups support big government, mock federalism, deride free markets and push a cultural agenda abhorrent to any self-respecting social conservative
an excerpt from a March 15, 2004 editorial by Jason Riley, a senior editorial page writer at the Journal.

The prime example is of course those nutty friendly Corsi articles that are appearing on her immigration blog.

Read Subways' post and go to the links she has. Lets see what is true that they say and not. But regardless Malkin's association with Vdare like groups and nutty Corsi types have got to end. If they don't she has no business being a spokesperson for the mainstream conservative thought.

Update 1- Tomorrow I will give my first thoughts to this. Let me say that the first source she references leaps out at me as an interesting source for reasons I will go into later. Also look at the blog he was guestposting on-The Volokh Conspiracy. That is no liberal my friends. Of course the author is liberal or progressive as he might call himself. But I am familar with his work and it is of the type that should seriously be engaged. One reason why I think he was guest posting on a conservative blog. More later today.


Anonymous SallyVee said...

Wow. Lots and lots of eye-opening, jaw dropping Malkin info over at Subway Canaries. Probably more than I wanted to know.

Much of it rings true instantaneously, as I had independently noticed Malkin's descent into madness, rage, extremism, etc.

I am not convinced Michelle is a racist, but I think she has hooked up with racists and is herself promoting subtle and sometimes obvious racist ideas. More than anything, I think she and the hubster Jesse are a couple of nasty, flamethrowing, overly ambitious shills. They've tapped into a niche and are exploiting it for all it's worth.

My wish would be to ignore Malkin and hope she either goes away or grows up and joins the ranks of the mainstream, credible Right. She certainly has enough intelligence and talent. But I sense she is heading south, beyond the border of sanity, and fast, lol.

It seems this type of personality is prone to "go all the way down and hit bottom" which is sad. My observation is that Malkin is incapable of moderating or restraining herself, or admitting error. She's boxed herself in, esp. on immigration -- just as the House leadership has done.

Oh, and I couldn't agree more with what you said about the media setting us up. They know how kooky Malkin, Tancredo, the MinuteMen, Corsi et. al. come across, and what they have in their closets. They're happy to give these nasty people all the air time in the world to shoot themselves in the feet and make fools out of "conservatives." I hope all the money and fame and book deals are enough compensation for these cranks to sell out President Bush, the entire GOP, and me by extension.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous themarkman said...

Okay that settles it, as you can see from my earlier posts, I promised to check out your other ones.
You are now officially (whether you want to or not on my favorites list and I shall check back frequently. Thank you for your work.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

To Marksman

Tahnks no problem I appreciate it. Stuff like this needs to be challenged and looked out. Even on Free Republic those Corsi threads drive me bizaree. Heck I think the owner of Free Republic banned Corsi for posting because he kept talking about how Bush had a secret plot to replace the Supreme Court with some one World Govt thing. It is getting too bizaree.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

8:58 PM  

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