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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More on Minutegate Breaking Again

The adding to the Blogroll post will come out tomorrow morning. The Washington Times hits the Minutemen again pretty hard on the Fence scam again. This will be coming out in this morning papers. It is amusing to me to see how various media outlets and bloggers are reacting to this. Perhaps before they made the Minutemen the Lord and Savior of the Country they should have examined this more closely. The warning signs were there. Anyway, many people in these internet forums are staying up late nowadays to see what is reported in that mornings papers. then the wildest debate occurs to which I have just finished watching. I have some commentary after the Editoral and some observations you might find interesting.

As supporters of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, we were disheartened to read Jerry Seper's front-page article Thursday about questions and criticisms of President Chris Simcox's management of the organization. According to the article, the volunteer group has not made any financial statements or fundraising records public since April 2005 -- circumstances that have strained relations between Mr. Simcox and several of his top employees, some of whom have resigned in protest.
Mr. Simcox must resolve these problems quickly. Failure to do so would only encourage the organization's critics -- who have made no secret of their desire to see the Minuteman volunteers arrested for vigilantism. But more importantly, according to Mr. Simcox's estimate, Americans have donated $1.6 million to the corps because they believe in their mission to secure the southern border. In return, the least they should expect is transparency and the assurance that their donations went to help the volunteers in the field. But the truth is that no one except Mr. Simcox knows how much money has been donated and what it has been used for.
So far, Mr. Simcox has been unable to come up with a good explanation -- at least one that can be independently verified. And while he insists the money went to help field operations, workers at these locations tell a different story. For instance, Vern Kilburn, who resigned earlier this year as director of operations for the organization's northern Texas sector, told The Washington Times that only two checks for $1,000 came from Minuteman headquarters in October and that other directors across the country "are having similar problems." Some volunteers said that money promised by Mr. Simcox for food and supplies never arrived. "An awful lot of equipment I saw was donated," said Mike Gaddy, who resigned last year after serving as director of operations in New Mexico.
Part of the problem, say the critics, is that Mr. Simcox decided to route donations through the Herndon-based Declaration Alliance, founded by conservative activist Alan Keyes. According to Mr. Simcox, the Declaration Alliance will give the Minuteman group the resources required to maintain the movement through mass mailings, public relations and the ability to conduct "a fully accredited and independent audit." That's all fine, except that Mr. Simcox has not disclosed how much he's paying the Declaration Alliance for its services nor how that money is being used.
It's interesting to note from the article how those who have resigned from Minuteman over differences with Mr. Simcox nevertheless reiterate their belief in the organization's mission. Indeed, if that mission is to continue, Mr. Simcox must get Minuteman's financial house in order

Let me say that this op ed piece from the Washington Times is sort of not going far enough and telling people what they really know. They know that 70 to 80 cents on the dollar went to Washington Fundraising groups and companies of William Greene. Notice William Greene is not mentioned in this little Editorial. Trust me there are reason why that is not occuring. TO be frank, The Wash. Times I expect is a tad afraid to mention the Soros of the Republican and Conservative movement. However, I will give them credit they have more guts than the other so called mainstream press. My respect for the Washington Times has gone up a great deal. But the Washington Times better get over their problems with mentioning Mr Greene's and Mr Sheldon's name. It is not all Alan Keyes.
You see something is far more at risk here. If the New York Times and other papers would get off their collective butts they could blow this whole fundraising scam that occurs as to many issues to Kingdom come. We shall see. It is amusing to watch. I must say, the reaction of the conservative blogs on this issue is a little disheartening. This is not going away guys. I thought we were suppose to be the watch dogs?
Stayed tuned, there is a bunch of curious accounting that is taking place in order to try to put the money back I bet.

By the way what was Simcox doing tonight? From a Poster on FR
Corsi and Simcox are on with George Noory tonight. It's a globalist plot! Kill the unions! Those horrible globalist, capitalist companies like Walmart are scheming to destroy America. Corsi comes off like a socialist shill decrying capitalism and lionizing unions as the savior of the middle class. Every time he opens his mouth, his credibility drops again. I'm headed off to get some sleep. The blather being speweed isn't worth the sleep being lost.
71 posted on 07/25/2006 12:31:25 AM PDT by Myrddin

George Noory replaced Art Bell if you didnt know. THese are the people that some conservatives say we should follow.


Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

Keep it up. One day maybe someone will listen!

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