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Monday, July 10, 2006



This will not be the full post I intended. Since this story broke elements of the blogsphere and the Internet forums have come alive. They are shocked at what they are finding out It is a shame that this not happen months earlier when conservative voices were trying to be heard above the den. However those voices were often shouted down and called Open Border Lobby trolls and other stupid names. When people tried to make connections and were sending out warning signs they were often ignored and ridiculed.

It has been my view from observing this whole illegal immigration debate there were several facets. I have talked on the extreme Tanton connection and its wild population control theories as to this debate. In many cases as I have pointed out what is often going on has nothing to do with illegal immigration

There has been another facet though. In all my years of politics I have not quite seen a issue that came out of no where really like this one. You would think that this was the driving issue of the decade, but it barely was in people's thoughts not even two years ago during the Presidential election. But during the last 8 months I have observed a media operation that is so efficient and cooridinated that I knew this wasn't all from the grassroots. After digging a tad, I came to the realization that what I was seeing in part was a huge money making scam. It appears that one of the leading men in the minutemen has possibly been exposed. That is Chris Simcox. Who knows who else will be implicated if this is true. I have some ideas. It appears that the some local MSM has found out that the whole Fence they were building was nothing short of a scam. That is now breaking. Looking around the net, what is happening is quite something. Its is just not bloggers like Subway Canaries, myself, and even the extremist Council of Conservative Citizens that are aware of this. Now it appears many are going to their computers and are digging. It is amazing what a group of people can produce in a short period of time.

There is much info out there and I want to take time to digest it and make sure it is right. If I am going to put it on my blog, I want to feel good about it. So tomorrow this will be the full subject

So until then please go here and see the local news report that was produced this past April.. There is a lot out there. It is a shame that the Conservative blosphere didnt do this on their own months ago. It would have been a fine moment. Now go this article that on june 8th in this news paper a couple of months after the video . Now go to thisTexas Minuteman site that is doing much to show that this is a scam.To kind of see how big this is please go and browse this thread.

Again, there is a lot out there right now and I want ot do this right. They are allegations of course but I feel they are well founded. THis by the way I think goes way beyond a fence. There is much more to this. Perhaps even bloggers getting paid to post "their" views on this subject. I think that is a big possibility and I have suspcions who those might be. However if these allegations are true then bloggers are the least people the spotlight will be on. National News people and politicians have embraced these folks. Anywho till later.


Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

As I mentioned in an email to you, I have a really bad feeling this is much deeper than just Simcox and his border fence. I don't know what is going to happen and I have this bad feeling the conservative media is going to ignore it. A number of high profile celeb pundits are going to come out with egg plastered all over their well groomed faces.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

I so agree this goes beyond Simcox. On the Clown Posse thread I foun,d I mean all the connections are there between some major players in the political consulting and fundraising business. I mean if this is Mail Fraud by Simcox what about the legal term Conspiracy.

This is of course a difficult issue for me. In some ways william greene advocates SOME issues I like. However, he has to much control and he and his efforts have brought the party down. I mean folks that call themselves Republicans are calling the President and folks like Brownback and Pence Traitors. Enough is Enough.
The problem is if we expose all this weirdness we can mitigate it. We are heading for a fall when the liberal media does it. However Greene and the rest of those people that Simcox is using will not care. They make more money when Hillary is in office because its a whole new product line to exploit. Sickening
I am beginning to wonder when the people in the RNC office are going to wake up and slay this beast before it devours us. I have a feeling they are clueeless about what is going on.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:58 PM  

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