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Monday, July 17, 2006

Mic picks up Bush: 'get Hezbollah to stop this s***'

This thread is so funny in so many ways. First you see a attempt to hijack this thread and make it about the illegals. This happens all the time in these conservative forums. Then it is masked that the President is not being Presidential. Ok you people that are being offended or just probally pretending to be offended in order to bash Bush. When Leaders of the World talk in a private situation it is not all Masterpiece Theatre. Hate to bust your bubble. When Bush talks in private to Blair it is not going to sound like the Gettysburg address. When Blair talks to Bush it is not going to be all Winston Churchill or the the King James Bible. I mean Sh**, do you think Winston was public speaking Winstons when chewing the fat with FDR.

Update II- I think the conversation is pretty facinating. Especially when Blair and Bush use the terms "honey" and "sweet". Grown men generally do not use that term except in a sarcatics way. I wonder who that was reffering too?
Good Lord, at times I just love George Bush. Sometimes something happens like this and I am reminded why I love him. This is from the Times Online(By the way something is happening in the UK that isn't getting any attention here. More later):

President Bush was in no mood for diplomatic niceties at the G8 summit, judging by remarks made to Tony Blair as the leaders of the world's most powerful industrial democracies sat down to lunch today.
Unaware that a microphone at the summit was switched on, Mr Bush, chomping a piece of bread, used the opportunity to suggest a way out of the latest criss in the Middle East.
"See, the irony is what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s***," he said.
Mr Bush also hinted that Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, would take a bigger role, and appeared to express frustration about UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.
"I think Condi’s going to go pretty soon," Mr Bush said. Ms Rice is widely expected to travel to the region after a UN fact-finding team returns.
Mr Blair, whose remarks were not as clearly heard, appeared to be pressing Mr Bush about the importance of getting international peacekeepers into the region.
The comments were carried on the G8's official television channel, which normally transmits images with sound that does not allow reporters to pick out individual comments.
The recording also showed Mr Bush, apparently expected to make remarks, declaring: "I’m just going to make it up. I’m not going to talk too damn long like the rest of them. Some of these guys talk too long."
Blair/Bush exchange: transcript

Bush: Yo, Blair. How are you doing?
Blair: I’m just...
Bush: You’re leaving?
Blair: No, no, no not yet. On this trade thingy...[INAUDIBLE]
Bush: Yeah, I told that to the man.
Blair: Are you planning to say that here or not?
Bush: If you want me to.
Blair: Well, it’s just that if the discussion arises...
Bush: I just want some movement.
Blair: Yeah.
Bush: Yesterday we didn’t see much movement.
Blair: No, no, it may be that it’s not, it may be that it’s impossible.
Bush: I am prepared to say it.
Blair: But it’s just I think what we need to be an opposition...
Bush: Who is introducing the trade?
Blair: Angela [Merkel, the German Chancellor].
Bush: Tell her to call ’em.
Blair: Yes.
Bush: Tell her to put him on, them on the spot. Thanks for [INAUDIBLE] it’s awfully thoughtful of you.
Blair: It’s a pleasure.
Bush: I know you picked it out yourself.
Blair: Oh, absolutely, in fact [INAUDIBLE].
Bush: What about Kofi? [INAUDIBLE] His attitude to ceasefire and everything else ... happens.
Blair: Yeah, no I think the [INAUDIBLE] is really difficult. We can’t stop this unless you get this international business agreed.
Bush: Yeah.
Blair: I don’t know what you guys have talked about, but as I say I am perfectly happy to try and see what the lie of the land is, but you need that done quickly because otherwise it will spiral.
Bush: I think Condi is going to go pretty soon.
Blair: But that’s, that’s, that’s all that matters. But if you... you see it will take some time to get that together.
Bush: Yeah, yeah.
Blair: But at least it gives people...
Bush: It’s a process, I agree. I told her your offer to...
Blair:’s only if I mean... you know. If she’s got a..., or if she needs the ground prepared as it were... Because obviously if she goes out, she’s got to succeed, if it were, whereas I can go out and just talk.
Bush: You see, the ... thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over.
Blair: Syria.
Bush: Why?
Blair: Because I think this is all part of the same thing.
Bush: Yeah.
Blair: What does he think? He thinks if Lebanon turns out fine, if we get a solution in Israel and Palestine, Iraq goes in the right way...
Bush: Yeah, yeah, he is sweet.
Blair: He is honey. And that’s what the whole thing is about. It’s the same with Iraq.
Bush: I felt like telling Kofi to call, to get on the phone to Assad and make something happen.
Blair: Yeah.
Bush: We are not blaming the Lebanese government.
Blair: Is this...? (at this point Blair taps the microphone in front of him and the sound is cut.)
Transcript provided by Sky News

I can just imagine the conservations Bush must have about Tancredo and other Republican "friends" .


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