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Monday, July 03, 2006

Mexico Elections(we dodged a bullet)

Yikes 75 percent of Post disappeared- I don't know what happen but you are going to have miss 75 percent of my pearls of wisdom. A ton of analysis and links didn't come through. I have been thinking Mexico for an hour and a half and want to move on. I don't have the energy to recreate that tonight lol. I will give my complete thoughts perhaps tomorrow night. But I have one more post in me I think sometime tonight.

Well its not offical yet and its is very close but it appears that America, Mexico, Latin America, the Mexican Catholic Church. the Republican Party, and people concerned about trade and Nafta just dodged a bullet. It appears that Calderon of the PAN party has beat Almo of the PRI.

Needless to say George Bush is breathing a huge sigh of relief. The Calderon victory is what we needed. I have to admit that for all these conservates on the net that experts on Mexico there has been little talk about this election. Its still been FOx Fox FOx all the time. I been thinking who cares he is about to be out there. It's like a talking and obsessing about what The Bush Administration is going to do and it being Decemeber 2008.

First let me introduce you to a handy thing, I have been using to following this election. rocks. This is a web site that gives you access to a lot of foreign papers and does a good job of translating them. Much of it is free. It take about 1o minutes to get the hang of it and is a good news sourse. It has a fair selection of Mexican papers. Good place to go and see what is happening.

First go to Markinmexico blog. He has an excellent rundown live of what has happened. Plus put him on your favorites he blogs about other great things. Let me make a personal observation. I think people that just think Term limits are so lovely should look at Mexico. The President is limited to one term. The entire House is turned out at the same time and can't run for re-election. Just saying maybe thts part of the problem. Perhaps someone will do a study. Anywho, another on my opposition to term limit rant. BY the way Mark gives some info on the wild teacher strike(he has some good coverage the past month) and the other wild shennigans that occured related to the election today.

PRI also did not win one Governorship. Good news. This party before Fox ran the Country for over 70 years nonstop. I am glad they lost. The elction is a warning sign. The Mexican people are fed up they want improvement. ALMO tapped into that. The problem was that his Leftist solutions would have made it worse. I like Calderon. I have been following his campaign. He is one smart cookie

By the way there are people mourning this loss of the Leftist tonight. Its all the people that want to use this immigration issue for their own purposes.. Yeah its the usual suspects. I will give it to friendly nemisis in St Louis. He hits it on the head on that issue and is as usual honest about it. HE was not the only one thinking Machavillian as to this.


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