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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson and What I think About the Whole Jewish thing

Lets Give Mel Some Slack

Yep that is my view. I think it is time to Mel a little slack here on the anti Jewish comments he made while he was drunk. But first some Clarifications.

Mel Gibson is not a Catholic

I keep hearing that Mel Gibson is a Catholic or a Roman Catholic. I have had five different discussions with people today on this issue and they keep calling Mel Gibson is a Catholic. To be a Roman Catholic one must be in communion with the Bishop of Rome. Commonly known as the Pope. I think its is pretty clear that Mel Gisbson is not in communion with the Bishop of Rome. He belongs to a schismatic church that I suspect doesn't even recognize the POPE. From what I gather his Dad's beliefs are perhaps a little bit more wacky than Mels. However if Mel Gibson is taking the Sacraments there and helping build schismatic Churches in Malibu he is therefore not a Catholic. Ok I feel better.

What is Mel Then?

Now as to Mel Gisbson's supposed Catholic beliefs. There are tons of what are called "Traditional Catholics" by the press. I generally don't like that term. I view myself as a "Traditional" Catholic. However, that term in common usage is one that attends and advocates the Latin Mass. In reality thats even more complicated. The term in fact seems to cover people who think the "new mass is invalid",and/or that Vatican II was not valid, and/or that the See of Peter is currently vacant and there is no Pope right now. These people are called Sedevanctist . I just happen to call all these people Protestants myself but that is me. Also there are people who are Sedevanctist and solve the problem by having their friends elect them POPE.

Is Mel Gibson's Relgion Anti Semitic?
I would have to say officially no it is not from what I know. Now I suppose there are some Jewish groups that would say that it is. However, I must disagree with that. What is often viewed as anti semitic theology or worship practices are genuine discussions of debate. For example this whole tiresome business if it is appropriate to pray for the Conversion of the Jews on Good Friday. However, I do notice some very disturbing trends of anti Jewish thought in several of these movements. I am not familar with the Church Gibson attends so I am not sure if that stupidity is prevalant there. But it would not surprise me if Gibson is exposed too it. That is the horror of schism. Evil creeps in because of Schism . Its even worse in some ways for these groups of "catholics" because their sacraments are valid but they are in rebellion.

Time For a Come To Jesus Moment

I don't know about the rest of you but I am a human being. I still have to battle the evil of prejudice. I live in the deep South. At times my demons are against prejudices against blacks. Blacks have to battle their prejudices against whites. Does that mean I am racist. No. The key is to recognize those feelings and correct it immediatly. In some places it's American Indians , Asians, Hispanics, Jews, and now more and more arabs. It is called being human. I have said things while drunk,in anger, or without thinking I have regretted just like maybe Mel Gibson did. I suspect I am not the only one.

The key here is that he was drunk. In fact since he is in recoveryand it seems had mistep , perhaps it might be important to think of how much of what he said was not rage against Jews but rage against himself. Does that justify the whole thing? No of course not. But I think we know enough that perhaps we can ascertain that his Dad gave him certain beliefs or at the very least he was raised around it. During the whole Passion of the Christ incident many Jews that worked with Gibson came to his defense. That should not be forgotten. Let me put it this way. If you said the word Nigg** while in a rage or drunk should your entire life now be judged by that. It is ok to hold Stars to a higher standard at times. But maybe we should be wondering if we are in fact committing a sin ourselves by doing that to the degree that some people are trying to hold Gibson too. . In fact they are reveling in it. Just saying.

I am much more concerned about the statements that are being said by people cold sober. If we want to talk about anti semitism then lets get real. Have people been on the net lately. It is on the left and the right. This one World Government and Neo Con Conspiracy junk is full of it. Lets condemm that. The comments against Arabs and Mexcians I have been hearing lately makes my blood curl. Do people remember what a certain Senator from New Jersey said during the height of that made up Dubai Port scandal. Oh and let me say this to the black community that has been AWOL on this immigration issue. I am not letting you off the hook either. It is amazing the pure anti Hispanic venom that is occuring there. Oh and lets not forget a certain Georgia female Congresswoman's anti Semetic remarks either.

Gibson's Critics
Some of Gibson's Jewish Critics have a agenda. Before everyone gets into a rage about that statement please don't. People that purport themselves as Christians have agendas too. I think some of this relates to the Passion movie. I remember when that happened. I sat with amazement at how the New York Times bashed that movie for two weeks straight. In fact, it was pretty clear that some people were using that as a agenda to bash Christians and conservatives. Thankfully many in the Jewish community stood up to that nonsense and exposed the true politcs behind it. There are people that are condemming Gibson that I am still waiting to be condemmed. I have a blogger on my blogroll that I didn't even realize was Jewish till today. Big Lizards devoted a whole post to this today. I agree a hundred percent. He says in part:

What does it tell us that when Gibson gets pasted, he rants about the Jews? It tells us that he grew up in an antisemitic household with a father who thinks the Holocaust was "fiction." When Gibson is six sheets and a top-gallant to the wind, he is not rational... so big deal, big antisemite, he says irrational things when he's irrational. Who cares?
But by contrast, Abraham Foxman was presumably perfectly sober and in his right mind when he said of Gibson

"It's not a proper apology because it does not go to the essence of his bigotry and his anti-Semitism," he said in a statement on the organization's Web site. "We would hope that Hollywood now would realize the bigot in their midst and that they will distance themselves from this anti-Semite."

and elsewhere

The glee with which he has jumped onto this momentary, drunken harangue by Gibson is more boorish than the rant itself. What is the danger from what Gibson said? Gibson was clearly channeling his deranged father; many slaves of the grape, when under the influence, revert to long discarded beliefs and stereotypes of their childhood, things they would never say when sober because they no longer believe what they believed when they were seven or eight years old.
When a blotto Mel Gibson bellows about the "f***ing Jews," is that going to encourage more people to become antisemites? Of course not. Far more likely is it that Foxman's demand for what amounts to a hate-speech code, preventing any Christian from expressing beliefs about the necessity of being "saved" that come straight out of their Bible, will infuriate so many of the majority religion that some, at least, will turn their backs on the Jews and on Israel.
Not that Foxman would care; it would only confirm everything he's always hated about Christians. And yes, I do indeed "know what is in his heart," because I take the man at his word.
When drunkards drink, they revert to their childhood and mouth words that Papa or Mama used to say. This doesn't prove them racists, bigots, or antisemites; it proves they're human

Read the whole thing and tell me where he is wrong? I realize this is a touchy topic. I really don't like talking about it myself. I don't like talking about it because (1) I don't want to hurt peoples feelings and (2) I don't want people to think I am anti Jewish. But it must be talked about. I have talked before how my grandparents in the South knew tons of Jews. Well, when I came along they had all moved to Atlanta as they said. Besides our visits to New Orleans I can't actually remember meeting a Jewish Person that I knew to be Jewish till I was 18. He happened to be in my golf class at college. I think I spooked him because when I found out he was Jewish, I pelted him with questions. I am sure he felt like I viewed him as some exotic alien from outer space. Of course as I expanded my travels in college and my time in New Orleans I met more Jews. But, along the way simple questions I had or wanted to talk about seemed to be off limits? Like are Jews a race or ethnic group or a religion or all three? By the way I am told Jews are not an ethnic group or Race and to say that is horrible but then I hear Jews refer to themselves that way so I am still confused on that point? Why are so manyJews so pro abortion . pro- Euthnasia and so pro Government control when last Century a man in Germany tried his damnest to kill every Jew on Earth? Why do Jews say you are being anti semitic when you try to convert Jews to Chrisitianity? How is that different from me trying to convert a Baptist to being Catholic? When I asked some of these questions I was accused of being anti semetic by some. So what did I do? Mostly I quit asking questions. That is pretty stupid if you ask me. But some people that are criticising Gibson won't be satisified t appears till we excise half the text of the New Testament. That is not all but some. Also perhaps some of these people in Hollywood are just plain jealous and it has nothing to do with religion at all. I am glad to say that one of my readers has turned me on to Michael Medved who is a great jewish conservative talk radio host. He does a lot more than that actually. I am learning some tidbits to my questions there

Of course some of the critics of Gibson are just anti Christian period. They have this prejudice against Christians. Hey some of it from past experience is based on some things that are valid. But I must admit their agenda gets tiresome. Especially when it is against Evangelicals. I remember once I was going to the Courthouse with a friend when this lawyer we knew just collapsed dead on the courthouse steps right there in front of us. Well my friend that was Baptist told me the lawyer was Jewish. So we go to the hospital where he was announced dead. Now I remembered from some episode of a Comedy TV Show about a Jewish Doctor in Alaska that you just don't treat a dead jewish person like you would a dead Catholic or a dead Baptist. It was one of those moments of "why didn't they teach us this in school???".
The problem was after my Baptist Friend and I powwowed with the Methodist nurse we couldn't remember what we should be doing. So I spent half the day trying to find any Rabbi or Jew within a 50 mile radius to get to the hospital and help us out with that. In the mean time a nice Assembly of God minister happened to be come along and gave us the details and said we should just sit with the body till some Jewish help showed up. So in other words complete Christian strangers came together to make sure this JEWISH man's beliefs were respected even in his death. So needless to say I find this anti Christian agenda by some that is behind this sometimes quite tiresome and incorrect. Espically that conservative Christians hate jews.

Well What About Mel and What to do ABout Him?

Well, what to do about Mel. First is pray for him. As a Catholic I will pray he will leave all this kookiness in the schistmatic Catholic movement and return home to Rome. That might help a lot. Gibson will have to show the world he is contrite and truly is not anti Jewish. If Gibson has some other problems also I think it is appropriate to let him deal with that too before demanding public mea cuplas all over the place. I think Mel Gibson.s heart is in the right place. Only time will tell really. I can give him that. Let me speak as a Christian to Christians. I think we have a role here too. First we can't let a public figure that represents himself as Christian take a total pass on this issue. This should be dealt in the proper way. Further, we must ignore the crazed rants of so called Jewish groups that are demanding an inquistion on a drunken statement. There are two reasons for that. First I suspect that some people that get on the media do not speak for the Jewish community. Second because of how they are attacking this it will just harden our own hearts because we might feel our faith is under attack. We all remember the rants about the Passion movie. Further, it would be nice to use this as a dialouge. I am disturbed at the rising anti Jewish feeling I am seeing. Its just not amonga few wacked out arabs or kkk idiots. There seems to be a resurgance of anti jewish rethoric that is occuring on the left and the right. Maybe we can use this incident to nip that in the bud. Perhaps in the end Gibson might be a part of that.


Anonymous Sallyvee said...

Simply marvelous, sir.

I've already had my fill of crucifying Mel. And the hypocrisy of some Left and Right wing bloviaters is getting knee deep. My initial outrage and anger had much to do with the excruciatingly bad timing -- Mel's outburst occurred on the same day of the Seattle shooting and during the worldwide pile-on as Israel attempts to defend itself from Islamonazi terrorists.

Mel's expanded statement of apology and direct request for help from the Jewish community is breathtaking when you think about it. I don't recall anything like it from any other public figure in recent memory.

Only God could turn this painful episode into a teaching and productive moment, and I think you are right that Mel Gibson, in his own clumsy and irrational way, is playing a starring role in this morality skit.

Thank you for pointing out the anti-Semitism and general racism growing within Right Wingdom. It's ugly and it is very very dangerous to our souls and our party. I've been trying unsuccessfully to nail those thoughts down. You did it, and you are correct. Also, great story about Christians protecting the sanctity of the poor dead Jewish man.

1:31 PM  

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