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Monday, July 31, 2006

A look around my Blogroll

Called as Seen has a good post on a possible compromise on the immigration issue. I agree with his thought about how the Cannon plan is the best plan to follow. I made a comment on that entry of one problem I see with the Pence plan. He references a artitcle by one of my favorite Journalist. That is Ruben Navarrette. Be sure to read what he says. I agree with his thoughts also. Navarrette says in part:But here's the part that is helpful. After all the nativist pollution in this debate, the Hutchison-Pence plan clears the air. It forces the anti-amnesty crowd to finally come clean about what really bothers them. If it is merely the fact that people are coming here illegally, then they should have no problem with the Hutchison-Pence plan. After all, those who participate in the guest worker program have to do so with a legally issued visa. But for those whose concerns have less to do with words like "legal'' or "illegal'' than with what they see as the erosion of the Anglo-Saxon culture and the English language, then this plan won't offer much comfort.

Exactly. Your call Tancredo

The NYT takes a hard look at Monaghan and Ave Maria Florida is a lead story by American Papist. If you recall there was talks of a "Catholic" town being planned in Florida by the founders of Domino's Pizza. This is a pretty hard look at the whole thing. Also American Papaist is upfront about knowing many of the people interviewed. Also the comment section looks lively. I would check this out.
I missed this somehow on the news. American Papist brings us news also of our Secretary of State's concert activity this psst weekend. Condi Rice is no amatuer. I recall that Condi got too hook up and play with some renown Pianist at the White House one time. He made a great comment. The pianist said she was no amateur at this piano thing. Also it was important for people like Rice to show their collegues that this isn't just a hobby. For a link and to hear her play go here.

Conservative Cajun has a post from a couple of days ago that I wish to highlight. One issue he really hits is some idiotic Editorial out of Wisconsin complaning we Louisiana folks are going to get to much money out of oil revenue sharing plan. Cajun hits it right on. He also hits on the Israel topic. I find his post interesting because that view is advocates is the view many people I know have. I am in a tough spot because I agree in part and sort of disagree with certain aspects. I might use his blog entry as an aid to explain my views on the subject later. In the meantime LOUISIANA FOLKS write that paper he is talking about in Wisconsin. We have to fight for our state.

Krusty Konservative from Iowa has a good entry on Romney's latest trip to Iowa. Also , Romney use as a word during a speech that I bet he won't use again. IF it was a slow news day that fauz pas would have gooten more news. Check out the rest of his recent entries. It is always a good read.

Michael Totten has some grim news about the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. I am not going to go fully into it now but I agree with his sentiments. I have consistently said if that if the elements of the Lebanese Government that are friendly are not standing at the end of this this will be a defeat. Sorry, if people disagree let me know and I will incorporate those thoughts in my upcoming post. I am praying for Israel's success by the way. I encourage people to read the comments. I guess its clear, I am going to talk about this tonight in a post lol. PLus Sally V,one of my readers is sending me good stuff to use.

For more on the War and just good general wisdom just go the Anchoress blog. She has a lot of stuff I agree with on too as to this conflict and other things.

Do me one more favor. If you got the time do the following. Say thanks for people for serving. Just leave a comment and say hi. I will take my own words of advice and do this by tomorrow. Go to Cajun Rant and say have a safe travel back to Iraq. He is a Civilian contractor heading back over. Go over to Birth of a Solider and say hight to a new military mom from Lafayette. I am sure she is watching these events in Lebanon with a different view and mindset than than us. Also visit Bandit36 and Midnight in Iraq and say hello. Better yet go to and find a one of almost 2000 milbloggers that are serving this Country and browse for a while. I hope to add a new milblooger tomorrow.

There is much more on my blogroll but it is dinner time. On Mondays I give myself a treat. That is Fried Chicken from KFC. Now there is one topic I have not discussed that is being talked about. That is all this commotion over Mel Gibson. That is being talked about on my blogroll. I have some thoughts on this and I think a few clarifications. Till then see you later tonight.


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