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Monday, July 24, 2006

A Look around my Blogroll

Before I post anything else , lets see what my Blogroll is saying.

American Papist has some good finds over the weekend. Including that Iran is running commercials saying that Pepsi actually means "'pay each penny to save Israel". Also he notes the compendium to the new Catechism is online and provide links. Great source.

Bandit36 my blogger from Iraq notes some stuff we need to pay attention too. First look at these polls about the Iraqi peoples views. Also he gives us a update on how we are achieving victory in Iraq. I thought this was interesting how he starts out that post: It's Monday and B36 News is back at it. I've been thinking lately how the recent focus on Israel in the MSM is affecting their coverage of the war here in Iraq and I've come to the conclusion that not covering the immense progress that we're making here is better than inflating the setbacks. You know I am getting tired of how many conservatives and liberals down all arabs, persians and muslims over there. If I hear one more time people ask when they are they going to start standing up to militant Islam, I think I am going to scream. Look at your TV. Yesterday 55 Iraqis died in one day. But yet somehow they keep drudging along toward that goal of freedom. Same with Lebanon. I keep hearing how the Lebanese needs to stand up to the terrorist. Amen to that. (Note I support Israel). But before people start trashing the Lebaese people take a look at whats been happening the last two years there. A lot of Lebanese have dies and took heroic stands standing up and trying to bring change. Perhaps, they can get a shout out in memoral. Well look at me rant. Anyway go to his post and see what really is happening.

Baseball Crank on the topic of Israel and the conflict speaks how refreshing the Presidents public views are on this subject.

Called As Seen has a set of good post as always. I suggest checking out his entire blog. This entry on the the new musings of William Buckley is particually good. I am sure the left will make a lot of hay out it by the way. But I really like his point on how Bush is a leader and not a sock puppet.

Let me give a big shout out ot one my Louisiana Bloggers Paw Paw's House. He has been keeping us updated on his trip through Texas. Texas is awesome for a vactation. It is amazing how diverse it is. Anywho Paw PAw is on the border down at Laredo and makes some good observations that are quite timely. He has several posts so go see. He had this post regarding his observations on the border that is interesting. Me thinks however that Mrs Paw Paw was ready to get her husband out of there. Especially after this observationThe women are beautiful, but not in the over-makeup, boob-job American sense. They are women as God intended them to be. I don't know who this young lass is and it doesn't matter. She showed up in a photo I was taking of the street. Young, soft curves, delicate features in the morning light. She was shopping and she is representative of the young women who cross the bridge every morning. The older ladies have a soft dignity born of life. There is nothing artificial about them. What you see is what they are. I thought we were all going to get all sort of Anne Rice Erotica like there for a sec , but Paw PAw kept it strictly G.

Last but not least Pink Flamingo has got some good post up as usual. She gets a ton of output out on her blog. Plus she has great grammer and spelling which you can tell I do not. This her Saturday post that is full of info. You can agree with her or not. But she puts info out there that demand to be considered. Tons of info there, especially on the immigration issue.

Anyway there is much more on the blogroll to see. I could go on and on. But Since this is my day off, I want to get some post up today and enough for tomorrow. So stay tuned including for my post on what is really happening in the political internet World.


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