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Sunday, July 16, 2006

A look around my Blogroll

I feel I need to give a shoutout on my blogroll. There has been some good stuff happening out on it. I am giving some commentary on it.

Subway Canaries and Pink Flamingo has got some good post up as always. She can get a lot of material up that is pretty good. Subway has a good piece on the Pioneer fund here. This is erious stuff. It must be remembered that these people are not rue conservatives. However this philosophy is behind much what is now at play in this immigration debate in part. Remember this issue is not really about illegals in the end. If it were we would not be having these Carpet Bomb tactics on even on people like very conservative Mike Pence. Pink Flamingo had a supurb post last night. She hits the immigration issue hard. A side note, why do we talk about this so much. First one can disagree on this issue and still be good conservatives. However there are a few things that concern me. The rethoric has gone way over the top on this issue. It is frankly UnChristian. Yes, Un- Christian. How an entire segment of people have become dehumanized in this debate is pretty bad . It did not have to come to that. Subway hits on a piece on what the Christian view of immigration should be or at least how we should approach this topic. I might hit that again tonight. Second, this is quickly turning into long term suicide for the Republican party if we do not ratchet down the bile out there. Third, I am concerned about the true issue behind this. That is to stop immigration almost completely. I will be hitting that tonight. If that is enacted it will have dire consequences for us and perhaps put us at a great weakness.

Go by the Anchoress. She is the Queen on my blogroll for great information and analysis that is sane. Plus check out her post on July 15 about Clinton and his statement on Israel. I never knew he said that.

Oh on the War front please go and check out Michael Totten's latest entry. He had to shut down the blog comments to his blog because of the insulting comments toward the Lebanese people on there. What a loss. I have seen this attitude of Americans on other blogs and on forums that are giving their bits of wisdom. Usually it is just hate. I find it pretty stupid. A country that has been pretty much off their radar screen and they all come in and act like they are experts. Big lesson here, you can be pro Israel and not think that every Lebaonese is a radical carbombing muslim or everyone of them "deserve" it. I agree with his analysis to some extent on what Israel should be doing. That is treat Lebanon as two countries here. Bomb the heck out of Southern Lebanon and leave the rest alone besides enemy targets in Southern Beurut. I am getting the sense that Israel isn't sure of the end game here. Does that make me anti Israel? No. But I don't feel I have to be in the AMEN corner on every little thing they do here as to military targeting or stragety. Again as I have been saying the whole thing is tragic and complicated. People need to stop thinking everything is so black and white in this. By the way, this Lebonese bloggers post is asking the same questions I am asking? Does this make me anti Israel? I think not. In fact look at his post here. Because I am asking these same questions does this make me anti Israeli? I want Israel to succeed. I don't want them to piss off everyone there and make Hezbullah more powerful. Americans need to quit looking at this like it is a football game and our side can do more wrong on anything. Both sides have faults and the true enemy is Syria and Iran but they seem to be the only ones not getting hurt? Is there something wrong with this? By the way leave a comment in the blog if you disagree

More later


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