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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Libertarians Have Their National Convention(Oh the CLAMITTY !!!)

Did you realize that the Libertarian Party just had a National Convention in Portland Oregon. No? Well I didn't either. If you are wondering , this convention went exactly like you think it would when you get a much of Libertarians in one room. It appears that there was a concerted effort to moderate the platform. I guess it is occuring to folks the message is not selling. Well from what I can gather most of the platform was removed , however no one could agree what to replace it with. Then they had to adjourn. Ah the saga continues. Well, this delegate gives a pretty fun account of all the goings on. A pretty good and funny read.

It appears though that some folks did not find the what happen in Portland as funny as me. In fact it appears a Libertatian faction wants to form a new party because of the "debacle". Well it appears this new movement got started pretty quick. Like the day after the convention. Libertarians it appears act while the emotion is hot. A Thomas Knapp, a big activist in the movement is all ready to go. There new party is Called the Boston Tea party. They also have a new well thought out slogan that I guess was thought out over drinks on the plane ride home. The rally Cry-

Time to party like it's 1773
Reading his entries you get a sense of the turmoil. Thank God I am not a Libertarian. I think I would live in a continous world of frustration.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE07/05/06P.O.C. Thomas L. Knappinfo@bostontea.us314-705-3042
"Cyberia" (PRWEB) July 5, 2006 - Citing the Libertarian Party's "abdication of its political responsibilities to the American people," activists have founded the Boston Tea Party ( as an alternative, Internet-based vehicle for libertarian political action.
"For various reasons, the ball got dropped in Portland," says Boston Tea Party founder Thomas L. Knapp, referring to the Libertarian national convention, held over the July 4th weekend in Oregon. "Factional disputes led to a wholesale gutting of the party's platform -- a muddle in which the party was left without a mechanism for expressing its positions on several of the foremost public policy issues facing America's voters."
Rather than setting up the new party as a splinter group, Knapp says that he thinks of it as a "hopefully a pinch hitter, going to bat for America while the LP nurses its wounds and prepares to get back in the game. Until and unless that happens, the Boston Tea Party will fill in. Americans deserve -- and desperately need -- a pro-freedom party which forcefully advocates libertarian solutions to the issues of the day."
Those solutions will be set forth in a program to be put together by the new party's organizational convention, to be held online, Knapp says, in the next 30 to 60 days

Ah Libertatians in turmoil. It does seem the next day though after this press release he was advocating a return to an entire seperate party as you can see on the above link. We shall try to follow this saga as it unfolds.

Tip of the hat to the thenextprez blog.


Blogger Nick said...

I actually agree with quite a bit of the Libertarian platform. However, the party itself is pretty much split in half. While they all support good points (IMHO) such as legalization of drugs and complete free market economy with little, if any, government help and welfare, they are divided on other important issues. Half of them support shutting down illegal immigration and locking down the borders. But half of the party supports complete freedom to cross borders undocumented. Many of them support the War on Terror, many of them don't. Most of them are anti-NAFTA and anti-CAFTA, which is good.

I wish there would develop a party with true conservative Republicans and Libertarians who have the sense that the borders need control and we need to win the War on Terror.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Yeah some things I do agee with them on. On the drug issue ,I am not for the legalization of drugs , but I have to admit I have never been a big fan of the Criminalizaton of Marijuania.

Of course, as you can tell I am pretty Pro Nafta as well. I am surprised a libertarians would be anti Nafta. That woould seem to go against a there free business philosophy. I was not aware of that.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

8:58 PM  

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