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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Lastest From Our Governor(Plus Background)

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State Treasurer Kennedy(Left) Senator Katrina Mary Landrieu(middle) Gov Blanco (right)

Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Thursday that she is undecided on whether to veto any of $31 million-plus in legislators’ pet projects from the state budget.
However, Blanco said state Treasurer John Kennedy shares the burden for scrutinizing some of the projects since he “signs the checks.”
Kennedy said that is news to him.
He said his responsibility amounts to clerical work — getting the correct mailing address for the projects, ensuring they are registered with the state and getting their financial information.
Kennedy accused Blanco of throwing up a smokescreen to obscure the fact that she cannot make the politically tough decision to cut the pork from the $26.7 billion state budget.
“The governor either has the courage to veto some of this junk out of the budget … or she does not,” Kennedy said. “If she wants to pass the buck to me … I will be delighted.”........

Background to Governor Blanco
Ahh Mrs. Blanco. First let me say a few things about Governor Blanco. Governor Blanco was our former LT Governor and before that was a elected member of the Public Service Commission. A few years ago she won a close race against Bobby Jindal who is now a Congressman. He will be running again against her next year and I expect he will beat her.

Blanco beat Jindal for various reasons. It was a very heated campaign at the end and in my mind Bobby should have responded to an all out lie on his record that was used to scare all the old and poor folks. However she also also won because of a good bit of support From North Louisiana. Now there is an annoying theory that keeps going around that all those North Louisiana people voted for her because they were racist and did not want a Indian- American Governor. Well besides being stupid that theory is pretty insulting. It generally comes from the same people that downgrade North Louisiana and say we are not really Louisiana folks but really Texans. Trust me I have seen the business, the industry, the roads, the schools etc etc in Texas. There is no doubt we are in Louisiana. Anyway, before Governor Blanco we had a true RINO Governor by the name of Mike Foster. Well, besides destroying the Republican party, he went out of his way never to visit us good folks. IN his entire 8 years in office he visited the largest city up here a total of 4 times.
Blanco . then Lt Gov, was here constantly. I swear she must have had a second home up here. You couldn't pick up the paper without seeing some event she was at. Well, people actually like the fact that politicians consider them important , and plus Blanco was up here so much and shook so many hands that people remembered that. That is the reason she is in office today. North Louisiana voted her in because she was about the only State Wide office holder that thought we were important too. Also you can say alot about Blanco but she is honest and not corrupt. Trust me after years of Edwin Edwards that still means something.

We have one other problem in Louisiana, and that is almost all the newspapers are owned by Gannett. The result, I have observed, is that many resources that the paper used to cover things from local sports to politics start ot dry up. This is important because North Louisiana folks were pretty clueless about how the people in Blanco's home town and Parish down south viewed her. It seems that the good people of Lafayette and and the Parish of Lafayette, where Blano is from, had certain misgivings about Blanco. Especially since on election night she could not carry her own Parish or city. The reason for those concerns , or there were concerns at all, were not conveyed through the media to voters up here that thought in blissful ignorance that Blanco was great.

Then there was Katrina. But we were seeing warning signs before them that perhaps Blanco was going to have problems

The current saga.

What you are seeing is that Governor Blanco is trying her best not to annoy anyone. As Secretary Kennedy(D) said she is trying to pass the political buck a tad and not really wanting to take the heat for using her Line Item veto. Kennedy and the Governor do not get along by the way. In fairness it should be said that this "pork" if it truly is all pork is at lower levels than the past. What you are about too see in my view is a Governor that will be cutting or keeping programs on the basis of the future 07 race. That of couse is to be expected and truthly I am not really offended by it. It is how the game is played. But if she wants to play it she needs to do so and not trying to put it on some elses shoulders.

Metzgar got it right on her blog she said:

An article in the Advocate raises some interesting questions about who’s making decisions (or not) in Louisiana, who’s responsible for ensuring state monies are well spent (or not), and most incredibly, about who’s actually in charge (or not).
Who knew it was the state treasurer’s job to exercise the line item veto? Last time I checked the state
constitution that was the governor’s bailiwick.
If the governor has no intention of exercising the veto to cut pork from the $26.7 billion budget then she should just say so. Trying to convince voters it’s not her job isn’t going to work –especially with voters paying a bit
more attention than they have in the past.

Cajun Conservative hit on a related issue of spening and what we and our elected officials should really be worried about here.

Also Bobby is not repeating his past mistake. I am happy to report he was far from his district last week and speaking to a very large and Enthusastic Neighborhood association last week in Shreveport. North Louisiana should be his next time.


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