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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

KKK To Protest Iraq War At Gettysburg (kookdum Alert)

I thought I would talk about one more Koodum issue. Sad but true but the KKK is protesting the Iraq War on that hallowed ground. Sweetness and Light has the Story. Also scroll down his page and see who was hanging out with Cindy Sheehan last summer down in Crawford. So this not a real surprise.

Expect to see more of this by the way and not just the Klan When I was doing my research on the Council of Conservative Citizens and the kooky League of the South, One could tell that certain factions are making similar rumblings. In fact from the League of the South's kookdum Gift shop.
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If you wish to see the various other items that carry this so patriotic message go here.

This should not be surprising. The Buchanan like views on US foreign policy, trade, and Isolationism is found a good bit there. Throw in conspiracy theories of One World Government, jewish conspiracies,hatred of Israel, and all this other nonsense(Jerome Corsi) and it shall become even more popular if not a leading philosophy. The above T-Shirt is interesting. You can be sure what message the League is trying to promote here. You see in the end US foreign policy or the Unity of the country is not what is important. Victory is not important. In fact success hinders their vision of an eventual Southern Republic. Remember what I say is ther unoffical motto. By All Means Necessary. Yet these people are portrayed as conservative and Republicans in the press. They are in fact trying to portray themselves as the authentic southern conservative movement.

I believe that CSA General Pickett would be appalled at the Klan/Stormfront for there activities on hallowed ground , and at the League of the South for their similar views.

However, Justice has a funny way of appearing at the most unlikely times and places. One day some kook League of the South idiot will be wearing this T-Shirt in some Airport, and encounter perhaps a Charleston Marine returning From Iraq and his whole family that is there to welcome our returning hero.. Sometimes a good ole public ass whooping is not a bad thing.(not that I am condoning violence but you know sometimes well)

Update- Just didn't want to not also document The Council of (word hijack)Conservative Citizens own collusion in the above Sentiments. From a Neo Nazi from StormFront that attended The Council of Conservative Citizens convention. From his His notes on the Council of Conservative Citizens speakers-post 103
3. Don Wassell
- US economy depends on perpetual wars
- the real issues of today are taboo
- we wind up fighting wars for Israel
- We need to start getting involved in local activism, bring out the best in people
14. Joe McCutcheon
- Jews and neo-cons wanted to attack Iraq even before 9/11
- Alberto Gonzales and Michael Chertoff are dual citizens

I suspect if this future Brownshirt wasn't scoping the Council of Conservative's Citizens convention looking to get laid that night by the his own Eva Braum, he might have provided more details. I am sure much was said.

If you want to see how this thought is developing over there visit this guy. who is a fan of kookdum and all the paleo conservative movement


Blogger Harold C. Hutchison said...

You'd think the National Park Service would have the common sense to just simply say, "Request denied."

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

8:58 PM  

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