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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Joe Biden the Gift that Keeps on Giving(Also watch the GOP Screw this UP)

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I love Joe Biden. I really do. He is such a goof and as a goof myself, I enjoy a kindred spirit. Joe Biden to me is a light version of what a Chris Matthews in the Senate would look like. Someone who really enjoys to hear themselves talk. Biden as some of might know has had a habit of saying the funniest things way before the past Alito Hearings. I can't wait for next month when Joe Biden spends 15 days in Iowa. Someone needs to follow him with a video camera
Now to Biden's latest goofiness

From Hotline we have this:
July 06, 2006
Biden Say What?
A Biden Moment, as it were.
In thanking a young Indian-American man for the support of his Indian-American group, Sen. Biden touts how Indians are the fastest growing immigrant group in Delaware
and says, "You CANNOT go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without an Indian accent."
Posted at 08:23 AM

Now I suspect everyone is asleep at the switch at the GOP headquarters and of course is missing an opportunity to have a good bit of fun with this as well as miss a good opportunity here for serious political points

Of course we should not act like the Dems and scream Racism all over the place but we could do the following
(1) Republican Congressman Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is biggest public face of the increasingly powerful and wealthy Indian- American community. He is also has a rock star like status in India . When Bobby ran for Governor I was shocked how many Indians that were here. They also have bucks. This bloc could be ours for the taking. Not all Indians vote alike of course but in these early stages of them actively going out in the political realm they are taking notice who supports their concerns

(2) Bobby Jindal is also running for Governor and could get some free publicity out of this plus talk about his efforts on Louisiana Coastal erosion while he is on the talking head shows

Now I know Bobby, and he downplays his background a lot. But, if he was asked to do this in a good nature way that was playful I bet he would consent to be voice of this community that is just not down at the 7-11.

WIn Win- But I suspect we will let it pass(sigh)


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