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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jindal: Revenues to be Dedicated to Coastal Restoration.

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If the current crisis in Coastal Louisiana is allowed to continue the above could be a constant reality for Americans. I so wish I could take every Senator and Congressman through a tour of the Coast. They would be scared silly how things are hanging by a thread down there. Port Fouchon comes to mind as a major asset to this country's economic and national security that I believe 90 percent of our nations leaders are clueless on. Yes it's in danger too.
This issue is so important to Louisiana and the Nation. Rep Bobby Jindal(Our Future Governor and GOP rising Star) is doing great work. This Washington Times article talks about what happened in the House. Let me say, we need to have a come to Jesus meeting with the Senators and the folks in the Bush administration on this issue. I don't intend to go fully into this issue tonight but a few thoughts. If we don't want to see Coastal Louisiana falling into the sea and having the Gulf lapping on I-10 ,we better do something in a hurry. There is the fact that a whole culture, a whole people, an entire ecosystem unique in the World is in mortal danger. Furthermore, the nation's seafood and oil and gas industry is in danger too. Any congressman that think this is an unwarranted money grab is crazy. We are ,more than any other Gulf State ,what is called a "working coast". To have a working Coast like Louisiana, you have got to have people living on it. That means communities. The problem is the land is disappearing right under our feet. If we can spend billions on the Big Dig in Boston and Billions on the Everglades then we can do it here. It fact we have too, there is no choice. I will go more into why what Jindal is proposing is fair and right next week. Let me suggest you take some time and go over to Conservative Cajun that has a ton of links on this subject. Louisiana does not have to disappear!! He also has a much better analysis than Washington Times article does and is a very important read so please click here also.

Related to this issue is that for helping to supply a large amount of the Country's energy needs we often bear the Environmental consequences when things naturally go wrong. That can not be prevented when so much oil, gas, and commerce is moving through this State to the rest of the Country. For instance we had quite a oil spill on a important River and shipping Channel.
It turns out that one of my Louisiana bloggers yesterday, Mostly Cajun has the first hand knowledge that is useful in analyzing this foul up and gives some thoughts on it here. I disagree with him just a tad on the lawsuit issue. We shall see how that develops.

More Next Week

Update 1- Nothing should be taken from this article that Louisiana folks do not appreciate the help and prayers that the nation gave us during Katrina. However, it is often a big irony to many of us that all the media and the Govt is focused on New Orleans all the time. That areas right across the Parish line from there get no attention. Also this is not so much a issue that Louisiana has ever had the financial resources to take on itself. This issue goes from the Miss border all the way to the TeXas border. Also remember that there are Federal and other out of State Business interest that all are going in different directions relating to the coast. Thus complicating the ability to start combatting the problem


Blogger Nick said...

This is certainly a fight that every Louisiana citizen should get behind. However, many people are so damn partisan that they won't get behind this just because Jindal is a Republican. I sent a cut-down version of that post you referenced to The Daily Advertiser saying that the "compromise" the House made is nowhere close to a fair share and that every LA citizen should boycott FL as long as they continue to put tourism ahead of national & economic security and ahead of coastal preservation for other states.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

To Nick

Since you are involved in the oil industry what is your view of what Blanco is doing. I suppose she is doing this to try to force the Govts hand(the stopping of giving the ok to leases). However, I have heard that the oil and gas industry said this move might backfire.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Oh i agree too. This is insane. It seems that all the Coast should unite on this issue

10:29 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Blanco is taking a stand in not signing the federal oil leases, at least she is trying to. The problem is that no governor can technically stop the fed. gov't from granting leases in federal waters. Now, of course, the federal government has heeded to Florida's requests for decades. But then again, FL carries 27 electoral votes while we carry 7. I think that plays a roll in this whole situation as well.

I support Blanco. I don't deal with any federal leasing to know exactly how it could change the oil industry for Louisiana. Let's face it. As much as many people want to label the industry as evil, it supplies jobs and feeds hundreds of thousands of families along the Gulf coast. High school graduates who are not able to afford or get into college can still make good money to support a future family by working on rigs and barges.

However, Louisiana's coast needs to be protected. I supported Blanco in denying oil companies to use the open-loop LNG terminals when closed-loop were proven much safer for marine life (I am also a life-time member of CCA and avid fisherman). And I now support her in standing up to the federal government. However, I do think she ought to wait and see what can be done in the next month in the legislature before brining her lawsuit. But, looking at that fake "compromise" of 25%, I think we ought to go foward with the suit if we can't get a bigger share. Like I've stated, Port Fourchon alone brings in 25% of the nation's oil supply. I say we need to continue fighting for that 75%.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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