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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Jew hater Bush?!??

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Jew hater Bush?!??

I was catching up on some of my folks on my blog roll ans saw that Done As Seen had highlighted this blog and post from July 2. It seems that Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle who wrote a little gem of a piece is a complete idiot. Please read it as well as the blogger's response to the charge that the President is just attacking the New York Times because it is code for Jew bashing. In a way, I hope it is just that Carroll is a idiot, and not doing this with malice. I never get this attitude that Republicans or conservatives hate jews. Every time I see this or encounter this in liberal forums and blogs my reaction is always -wtf? I guess this caught my eye because I ran across this insanity in this blogger's comment section just yesterday. Here are the highlights:
"Isn't it strange how supportive the GOP is of israel when most of it's base probably detests Jews..."

"Keep in mind most of its base also "supports Israel", even though the same base also tends to be anti-semitic.This is not as contradictory as it at first might sound: don't forget that most of these people appear to believe in some sort of crazed apocalyptic theology derived from very specific (and very shaky) interpretations of the Book of Revalations. Part of this theology includes a "script" which they consider, basically, a formal magical spell to invoke armageddon. And it's one they're working toward actively.The relevant parts of this script dictate that "Israel" must be a nation, and that the borders must be the same as they were in Biblical times--goodbye, Palistine!--but also, all of the Jews must be converted to Christianity or dead.So their support of Israel and their hatred toward Jews themselves both finds support in their apocalyptic theology.

Good Grief, I wonder if these folks have ever met any Republicans. There of course is still anti Jewish feeling but it is on the extremes. In fact that is why I try to expose groups that have that these views that are trying to inflitrate the Republican party and the conservative movement. Republicans and conservatives are appalled by that. Note- these groups hate Republicans as much as they hate you Mr Carroll and others.

That being said the fact that people think the average Republican hate Jews is pretty stupid. I think most people where I live have the attitude as me. How can you be anti Jewish when Jesus and the Virgin Mary are Jews. It never made sense to me. Plus I have to admit I never detected any anti Jewish sentiment among my older relatives. In fact, it seems at times people like my Grandmother miss the jews we had as neighbors quite a bit. You see the Deep South in the cites and especially the river towns had quite a bit of Jews in the ole days. From the small towns like Lake Providence Louisiana, to Port Gibson Mississippi, to bigger places like Natchez, Vicksburg, and Shreveport. They were not only the political leaders but often were some its most important businesspeople. I still hear tales of how the Jewish merchants would open their stores on Christmas day for food and drink for the Christian customers to come by and celebrate. How in places like Natchez that great dances with cars lined down the street would occur at the area where temple was held. Of course that is gone. Magnificant southern Jewery is about dead now. My grandmother when mentioning a Jewish Friends son or cousin would often say "They are have gone to Atlanta. It seemed to me like every deep south Jew had gone to Atlanta.

But there was one place where southern Jewery was hanging on and it was magnificant. It was in my beloved New Orleans. I enjoyed going to Saturday night mass uptown on St Charles Ave and Carrolington. It was like a traffic jam when you went getting out of there and then going out to dinner. Catholics and Jews all going at the same time to worship and offer praise. I liked that. It reminded me of my own roots in a way. But that now I fear has been lost forever. Katrina very well might have destroyed that in a space of a few hours. Oh, Jewish New Orleans residents returned just like everyone else, but still in far less numbers just like everyone else. Is it enough to survive and thrive for the future? I hope so but I see realities. That was one victim of Katrina among many that doesn't get much attention. Just like perhaps that special Deep Southern big city Catholicism might very well be.

So in many of these southern towns there are but a few Jews left. Soon it will be just the graveyards. To which I say to Mr Carroll of the San Franscisco Chronicle, even us republicans will make sure are cared for and maintained just as the Christian ones. I am against hate crime laws on principle. It makes me nervous making a crime of thought and ides. Even when those ideas are abhorent. However if the day comes those are enacted on a large scale, I hope in fairness it is a crime to hate a Republican or conservative. It is only fair isn't it. But this myth continues in some quarters that the base hates the Jews. It is a shame that a person would use a great faith for such cheap political gain.

Update-Let me plug a delightful little book related to this topic. It is called Confederates in the Attic. This is a great book. the author is a Jewish man that comes to the South and looks at all things confederate and Civil war and so much more. However there is a chapter dealing with him happening upon the last few Jews Of Vicksburg ,Mississippi. I happen to have met the people he is talking about that own that still activeDrugstore/ Medical and Cannonball artifact center. It is still going by the way and is just a part of the charm of ole Vicksburg. Anyway, I recommend the whole book, but if you are in bookstore read the chapter regarding Vicksburg.


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