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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel/Gaza/Lebanon and a Update on Clown Posse

I have business today, that calls me out of town this afternoon. However I wanted to get two quick post off. First, the situation in the Middle East should be on my minds the most today. This is truly explosive. However, there might be some good that comes out of this affair. On the whole, I support what Israel is doing. I just hope they are smart about it. My memories of Beirut are recent. I am not old enough to remember when it was the "Paris of the Middle East". My first memories go back to the early 80's when I was a young Kid. My memories are of the PLO, Wonderful Hotels destroyed, violence, and of course a great loss of American life in the Marine barracks bombing. I support Israel in this fight, however they must be careful. The majority of Lebanon does not support this Iranian and Syrian backed factions. They have destroyed this country. As much as it could the areas that were not under Radical Islamic control were coming back. It was in in fact showing signs of maybe becoming what it one was. These people are largely victims. Overnight a 4.5 billion dollar Industry that employ perhaps 400,000 of a 4.5 million population very well might have gone poof over night. I will lose quickly lose patience with Israel if it does not act responsibly in this situation. It sucks on all sides. Plus remember from Lebanon are our oldest Christian roots. The ancient faith is still there. I will perhaps post on that tonight.

Clown Possee

Before I leave, I am going to give some limited background on the whole Clown Posse controversy. Since , I have some sleep I feel better about my judgment in what I write at this point. Blogger is a free site that countless people use. Until I can save this material,to which I can going to figure out how to do tonight, I am wary of being as aggresive in this as I would like. I am sure if this blog becomes very noticed, there is a chance that something similar to what happen to Clown Posse might very well happen to me.I am pretty sure that because of the numerous complaints on TOS that blogger gets they might believe the most simple action would be just to hit the delelte key if some legal person called up. I many ways, I doubt this would happen. But one minor character of this saga is aware of this blog. So stay tuned for a post of the background of the Clown Posse/Simcox/Minuteman/Keyes Controversy with in the hour.


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