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Friday, July 14, 2006

Is Governor Blanco Making Moves on LSU?---Possible Big benefits to ULL and LA Tech

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I have been talking about this for months but as usual the people in Baton Rouge and at the LSU campus are so arrogant they refuse to believe anything like this is possible.
From the Advocate:
Two former LSU Board of Supervisors members said Wednesday they lost their spots on the governing panel because they opposed Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s unpublicized agenda for the university system.
Ron Anderson of Ethel and Stewart Slack of Shreveport, who were notified of their dismissal Tuesday evening, said they opposed rumored plans to give some LSU campuses to the University of Louisiana system. Nor did they approve of an alleged plot to install UL System President Sally Clausen at the helm of the LSU system, they said.
Slack said a top governor’s aide told him the Blanco administration was in a hurry to get an LSU system president in place and wanted the new board members set before that happened.
“There are those who would like to diminish LSU’s strength,” Slack said. “I think there’s some urgency to get a new president in there. They probably thought I would not be controllable.”
Leonard Kleinpeter, who oversees boards and commissions for Blanco, did not return a phone call or message Wednesday.
LSU System President William Jenkins announced his resignation plans in February, though he will serve until a replacement is found.
Since Blanco’s election in 2003, LSU officials have been wary of her ties to the UL system, a separate string of colleges. Her husband, Raymond “Coach” Blanco, is an administrator at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
Anderson said Blanco’s decision not to reappoint him is a sign that the governor should be watched.
Blanco’s apparent favoritism toward the UL system “is a real concern that they should watch,” said Anderson, who added he was chastised for voicing his concerns to the media.
Both former board members say they’ll continue supporting LSU in other ways.
Taking their places will be telephone company President Alan Kimble of Baton Rouge and John George, a Shreveport doctor.
George is a Gov. Blanco supporter who helped in her 2003 campaign.
He’s not the first political supporter Gov. Blanco has rewarded with an LSU board membership. She gave an interim, two-year appointment to Lake Charles lawyer Benjamin Mount, husband of one of Gov. Blanco’s legislative lieutenants in the state Senate, Willie Mount, a Democrat.
The terms of two other board members — Charles Cusimano of Metairie and Marty Chabert of Chauvin — have also expired, which means they may or may not be reappointed by the governor.
Story originally published in The Advocate

The gound work is being laid for sometime for this. Let me say I have mixed feelings on this. I went to LSU for grad school and love LSU. But I am also an Alumni of Louisiana Tech. Louisiana Tech is a great school and should be funded better. What is ironic is that in typical fashion most people down there see this as a LSU versus University of Louisiana Lafayette thing. However they are ignoring that LSU's big campus in Shreveport might go under Lousiana Tech supervision if what is happening is allowed to continue. In fact there is real talk that the LSU Medical School might come under Louisiana Tech and the University of Louisiana system. There are some real important people talking about that up here. Once that becomes known -boy just watch out.
I have to admit I love LSU, but I like the thought of my alma mater having the MED school up here. Well, LSU still would have the other one in New Orleans . However, I imagine they would think that wouldn't be such a good deal.

update- the folks at tigerdroppings are not taking this well


Blogger Nick said...

The problem is most LSU people can't give a logical argument against helping ULL have a larger budget. Rather, they just put down the university by continuing to call it SLI or SW Louisiana. Nevermind the fact that LSU's official name is still something like LSU-Mechanical College. They put down UL, yet our engineering programs is one of the best in the nation despite the crappy budget. Same goes for our architecture and comp. sci. programs.

Also, many LSU people bitch about how Blanco is so loyal to her hometown and is going to cut LSU funds. However, reality is that Blanco, during her first months in office, did the opposite and cut funds to UL. Also, Blanco won both Baton Rouge Parishes. Jindal won Lafayette Parish. We knew better than to vote for her.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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