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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Idiots On Both Sides of Abortion Debate Convene In Jackson Mississippi

I am very Prolife. I have protested in front of abortion clinics. I have held a sign and prayed the Rosary as that evil was taking place not even feet away from inside that tiny building. So I am all for protesting abortion and to fight to make sure that people have the right to do so. That being said some things people do is idiotic.

In case you haven't noticed the nations abortion war has centered on Jackson Mississipi. Actually, with the war and other issues I have been focusing on I didn't realize that either. Well, Mississippi is this month's ground zero it appears. In fact, If I could bebop over to Jackson I would. It seems craizier than the circus. If it is still going on by Friday I just might. I want to make clear as it will be shown these are not local Pro-life people creating the problem. I know some Mississippi people involved for the fight for the unborn and they are great. It is this bizarre group called Operation Save America that has flown into town that is the problem.

This is just what happened on day 3. Now, what drew my attention to this was this wacky article from what appears to be WorldnetDaily Canada office. Now after reading that, I highly suspected that this story was a tad more complicated than this lady was reporting. Especially since Jackson is not known for having Anarchists. I suspect that the reporter might have gotten it from this source that seems to be down there in the midst of it. Well, I still had some reservations about what really happened so I went to the media in Jackson.

At least four anti-abortion demonstrators were cited by police Monday after they carried their protest against Mississippi's only operating abortion clinic to a sidewalk in front of nearby businesses. The protest, one of several activities being carried out in Jackson this week by the anti-abortion group Operation Save America, was held at the Jackson Women's Health Organization clinic shortly before a larger rally at the state Capitol in downtown Jackson. Dozens of people, including parents with small children, took part in the Capitol rally led by the Rev. Philip L. "Flip" Benham, director of the organization that was formerly known as Operation Rescue. Lawrence Reves, 53, traveled with his wife and three adopted children from Palm Bay, Fla. to attend the anti-aboriton rally. "I'd love for Mississippi to be the first state to get rid of abortion," Reves said. Rally participants chanted and exchanged shouts with a smaller group of more than 35 pro-abortion protesters. At one point, the pro-abortion group was moved from a sidewalk to the Capitol lawn. Anti-abortion leaders used a battery-powered sound system to get their message through the crowd noise. Streets near the south side of the Capitol were closed, and Capitol police and other law enforcement officers kept the opposing groups apart. Protesters on each side attempted to walk over to the opposing groups, only to be blocked by police. Melody Drnach, a vice president with the National Organization for Women, said she joined the pro-abortion gathering to provide a response to Operation Save America's push to close the clinic. Drnach said the clinic serves low-income women who cannot afford a private physician. Monday morning, about 50 people gathered in front of the clinic, several holding large signs showing aborted fetuses. At least four people were cited for violations of their city permit. Small groups of protesters also picketed the entrances to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. It was unclear why the teaching hospital was targeted. Operation Save America's activities began this past weekend and included a weekend protest at the abortion clinic and outside at least two churches. Five people were arrested during a gathering outside an Episcopalian church on Sunday. No injuries were reported in the demonstrations. The Clarion-Ledger newspaper said the five arrested outside a church faced charges of obstructing traffic, protesting in a residential neighborhood without a permit and disorderly conduct, police said. Mississippi Reproduction Freedom Coalition plans counter-demonstrations in the capital city during the week.

Oh Great ,now the loony abortion rights people are going to show up. The editor of the Jackson Paper on his blog said this in part
The group showed up in my neighborhood Sunday protesting, of all places, at St. James Episcopal Church. They greeted churchgoers with their bloody fetus signs and paraded a truck adorned with the 10 commandments and anti-gay slogans. Police arrested some for obstructing traffic, disorderly conduct and protesting without a permit. Police were prepared with a busload of riot-prepared personnel and city legal staff on hand to ensure everything was done properly.I spoke with one St. James member today who really couldn't understand what was going on. He is a conservative Republican who opposes abortion and wanted to know why they were at his church. Like most churches, there are diverse opinions on the issue, as there is at St. James and my own church. The idea of protesting at a church is offensive. I guess it shows they are interested only in their own ideas of religion or morality, which is where the abortion debate always ends up — personal belief. They ought to try reading those Bibles they are waving. I think they might have missed some important part.

Attention Operation Save America. WTF?Please go home. You are making the rest of us look like idiots. When you show up in God Blessed Mississippi of all places and start protesting on Sunday Mornings and try to disrupt Church Services that is not a good thing. People now think your just a bunch of kooks and that gives us all a bad name. I mean what's next? Perhaps anti immigration fanatics protesting outside my Catholic Church because they believe we are hiding illegal aliens? This was stupid and I am surprised that some Mississippi Episcopalian didn't go to his truck, get his shot gun and fill you full of buckshot.

Now from the left. I am sure the Pro abortion protestors that have arrived are making the situation even more chaotic. However this brain trust from the Jackson chapter of the National Organization of Women is kinda of a homegrown creation. Here is her interview in full. However let me focus on this wonderful statement:
So what needs to happen to dramatically change this direction society is going in? Do you indeed think we need to drive out the Bush Regime?Oh yeah. I think this bus tour you guys are doing is great. You all have been going to communities that have been left off that map, left for "red states." We need to get back to stuff like you all are doing, get back to the grassroots. When I found out some of the places you were going?[Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana] People in those places need to see this kind of hope. In these red states, most progressive people feel, they really feel like they are the "only ones" [opposed to the way society is being reformed]. And they're not. And yes, we need to get them out, and this is the first step for us?The pro-choice movement in Jackson really came out of the closet on this one.What kind of role do you think the Christian Fundamentalists are playing in creating this new direction for society?Oh, they're totally tied up in the attack. And the attack on all of us, the ones they call the unholy alliance, the deviants. The want us rounded up, by the government, all the ones they consider the most vulgar parts of society. These fundamentalist Christians are to Christianity what the Muslim terrorists are to Islam.

Good Grief where to start. First Mrs National Organization of Womyn, I hope your comments are carried in the local Jackson paper so some members of the Mississippi National guard, many of them Fundamentalist Christians, can arrange to talk to you face to face about what Muslim terrorist are really like. I suspect they know a great deal since most of them spent a year over there. But judging from your earlier comments you would probaly call them baby killers. Please move out of Jackson. Fundamentalist have no agenda in locking up anybody.

Update if there are problems linking to the NOW story try here. It is still front page and the site is quite comic.


Blogger spread your smile said...

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1:05 AM  
Blogger Ken Prescott said...

I've always said that if Randall Terry and Operation Rescue didn't exist, Planned Parenthood and NARAL would've had to invent them.

Which leads to wonder if that's exactly what they did.

It would explain a lot of Grade-A stupidity that always "just happens" to benefit the pro-aborts.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:57 PM  
Anonymous Lawrence Reves said...

I read your column on Operation Save America being in Jackson, Ms. I thought you might want a couple of points of clarification.

1) OSA was invited in by the local pro-life community, probably some of the same pro-lifers that you said you know.

2) The churches that were picketed were a pro-abortion church and one that was hosting the radicals that were in for the pro-abortion side. 2 of those groups were BACOR, the Bay Area Coalition to Stop Operation Rescue, and ARA, a radical anarchist group. BACOR has been around since the late 1980s and is largely comprised of homosexuals (mostly lesbians) who want to "defend" abortion and will resort to all kinds of tactics, including violence, to do it. The ARA is also a mostly homsexual group.

3) At the picket of the Unitarian church, a pro-life vehicle and its occupants were assaulted and threatened by ARA personnel. The windshield was smashed, the hood dented, and the car keyed. The mob threatened to kill those insaide of the vehicle. I truly don't see how you can blame OSA for these actions.

Just for everyone to know, Operation Rescue/Operation Save America has been around since 1988. Since that time there have been more people arrested in this civil rights movement than in all of the struggle for blacks to be treated as equals. Of those arrested, none of them have been convicted of any violent act, whatsoever.

3:27 AM  

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