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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hmmm A few Things I Wish to Record Before they Disappear(Minutegate)

Just having a time looking at certain aspects of MinuteGate. Perhaps I will do a fuller post on that today. However I was looking a last Night at the mysterious Americancaging as well as its owner and operator Attorney Maureen Otis. Well someone better have somebody send more money. This from a search at the Texas government site dated July 15, 2006:
This is in response to your inquiry about the status of
This corporation is not in good standing as it has not satisfied all state tax requirements
If you need any additional information or assistance, please contact the Texas State Comptroller's field office in your area or call 1-800-252-1381, toll free, nationwide. The Austin number is 512-463-4600. If you are calling from a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), the toll-free number is 1-800-248-4099, or in Austin, 512/463-4621.
Taxpayer number: 30114634063
File number: 0118826500

I would not read to much into this right now. I suspect this happens all the tme when people are late but I shall be following it as I am many things. But one other interesting tidbit on a related organization that is all involved up in Minute gate and making quite a bundle. That is Response Unlimited. We shall be getting into all the interesting connections and who sits on what boards and who is robbing to pay Peter to Pay Paul later. But boy mailing lists generate quite a bit of money it appears as you can see from this part of their web site. Now there is nothing wrong with this of course. But one can ask when all the same groups own and are paying each other perhaps out of donations for a "Fence" if all this is very proper. Looks like the minutemen list is paying quite a bit of dividends.
67,414* Active Donors..........$120/M
57,491 Direct Mail Donors......+$10/M
9,923 Internet Donors.........+$10/M25,763

85% Direct Mail15% Internet
$31 Direct Mail Donors $62 Internet Donors
StateSCF/ZipRun ChargeSplitsGenderMulti-DonorsDollarSource
Updated & CASS-Cert 6/28/06

Oh and don forget to go here to see who is buying this list. We shall see if the same people own some of this very groups. Wow, I went in the wrong field

Again we shall be getting into all the incest later.
Hmm, let me also give a preview of coming attractions, and show why I don't think this is all just honest people making a good honest buck. This example will be important later on:

Commentary - Schiavo Foundation Doesn’t Endorse Terri’s List PAC
William Greene, president of, is shamelessly circulating email solicitations using the name of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, claiming that he’s raising money for a political action committee known as Terri’s List even though the Schindler family has asked him to stop doing so.He’s exploiting her name.Greene said he founded the new PAC using Terri’s name in an effort to match the fundraising efforts of the PAC created by Michael Schiavo, and infers that it’s being done with the support of Terri’s family.Such is not the case.The formation of Terri’s List was done by Greene without the family’s knowledge or consent and has prompted the Schindler family to place a disclaimer on the website of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation at"Any sources soliciting contributions on behalf of Terri other than the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation are not affiliated with or endorsed by Terri's Foundation or the Schindler family. If you are receiving any contribution requests of this nature, please bring this immediately to our attention as they could be mail or internet fund-raising schemes"."People like this who fail who obtain permission to use Terri’s name exploit her name", her father said."Don't Let Terri Schaivo's Name Be Exploited" shouts a headline from Greene's website above a picture of the disabled woman who died last March in Florida, killed by judicial order at the behest of her estranged husband. Supposedly the headline appears on an ad that Greene has placed nationwide. But when you click on the ad or the verbiage underneath that says "view our nationwide ad to support statesmen who tried to save Terri Schiavo", you’ll get a "this page cannot be found message".So where’s the ad appearing, or is this a case of false advertising?"Please make your best donation", Greene’s propaganda implores. "We need to raise money".According to Greene’s website, the purpose of the PAC is to raise and distribute funds for, to and independently on behalf of conservative candidates in targeted primary and general federal elections across America.However, according to the quarterly and year-end reports for 2005 filed for PAC by Greene, PAC treasurer, although contributions totaled $49,200, the total contributions to federal candidates was only $3,100 which included $1,000 to Bob McEwen for Congress Committee in Batavia, Ohio and $2,000 for the Lewis for Senate Inc. campaign in Morgantown, West Virginia. The year-end report shows a $100 contribution to the House Conservatives Fund in Washington on Oct. 25.Individual contributions for 2005 according to the reports filed with the FEC totaled $5,150 from 10 individual contributors. Unitemized receipts for 2005 totaled $44,050.The total disbursements for the 2005 reported to FEC were $44,058.RightMarch paid SICM a total of $15,861 for rental fees, or in other words, going from one pocket of Greene’s to the other. In addition to being the president of RightMarch, Green heads the Buford, Georgia-based Strategic Internet Campaign Management (SICM) an organization who says its mission is "helping non-profit organizations, corporations and political candidates to achieve a better bottom line by using the Internet for fundraising and grassroots activism".Greene’s modus operandi is to flood conservatives with Christian Response "E-Alerts".SICM says it "specializes in online fundraising for political candidates and organizations".Greene’s "patriot" at RightMarch and his media director is Phil Sheldon, son of Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition. The email contact address for the PAC is that of Sheldon’s at Diener Consultants of which he is CEO and president. Sheldon also heads Response Enterprises, both entities which profited handsomely from RightMarch.In 2005, according to FEC filings, of the $44,058 disbursed by the PAC, Response and Sheldon pocketed $12,752 while Diener took in $12,916 for a total of $25,669 for Sheldon. While the reports indicate that the bulk of the money was paid to Sheldon for advertising, Sheldon was also paid rental fees for email lists.OF the total $44,058 in disbursements, over $41,500 went to Greene and Sheldon organizations.Other disbursements in 2005 went to William Constantine who’s listed as the PAC’s CPA at $5,182; the $3,100 to federal candidates, $2,000 to Special Guests of Naperville, IL for advertising and several small amounts for rental fees for mailing lists.www.fec.govLast April, Bill Berkowitz penned an article for Media Transparency entitled “Deathbed Dollars” about the radical right wing Christian groups who were raising money from the Schiavo case, in particular Greene’s Unlimited of Waynesboro, VA, which is also the home of Sheldon’s Response Enterprises, was renting a list of Schiavo supporters for $150 per month for 6,000 names and $500 a month for $4,000 email address of people who had responded to an email plea in the Schiavo case. After being publicized, the list was quickly removed from the Response catalogue. Zodhiates operates Response Unlimited and is an associate of Sheldon’s in another Internet organization called Conservative They bill themselves as being "involved in political and Christian activism for decades", and realized the "need for someone to harness the technology of the Internet to make our voices heard in mass".At the Response Unlimited website, in a FAQ section, in answer to a question if “my email or postal address will be sold or loaned”, Sheldon and Zodhiates responded that they don’t "sell addresses or information to anyone. We do occasionally send out emails on behalf of others or allow someone to use the postal list only when we feel the product or service will be beneficial to you or have a significant impact on the kingdom of God or our nation. You may opt out if you wish, and we will honor that request. Each message contains an opt out opportunity. The opt out message is at the bottom of each email. It is also on the page when you sign any petition". Greene’s media director at RightMarch and his partner Zodhiates "ask for $3,000 from organizations that do a petition with us. They get a great deal in return, including contact information on all who sign", they proclaim."Through its "Christian Response e-Alert," has become one of many right wing groups that concoct campaigns to "convince people that there is a 'them' out there -- liberals in this case -- who are out to destroy America's moral fiber and are thus responsible for working-class misery," Berkowitz says.While Greene attacks Michael Schiavo’s PAC, his PAC is under the FEC microscope and has twice in 2005 received requests for more information from FEC. Most recently, on Jan. 20, the FEC questioned Greene’s quarterly filing for October of PAC, requesting "information essential to the full public disclosure of your federal election campaign finances" FEC asked Greene to clarify expenditures he has reported for advertising. Although Greene was given a deadline of Feb. 21 to file a response with the FEC, to date he has not done so according to the FEC website where reports are required by law to be filed within 48 hours of receipt.Greene says, "Don’t Let Terri Schiavo’s Name Be Exploited".That’s right, don’t let William Greene exploit Terri Schiavo’s name. The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation is the only one authorized to solicit funds in Terri’s name and according to highly reliable sources, Greene has been asked by the Schindler family to stop using Terri’s name in his fund-raising efforts."> link June Maxam 2-19-06
© 2005 North Country Gazette


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent research.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous SallyVee said...

When I clicked on Greene's link I chortled out loud. Scrolling down the list of "issues"on the right side was like reading a list of all the hot button right wing scare issues of the past year or so... and the very reason I recently cancelled all my e-list subcriptions to orgs like NewsMax, HumanEvents, and others.

The incessent emails *SCARING* me to death, then offering to *TAKE* my money to prevent *ARMAGEDDON* were becoming tiresome and completely unbelievable. I KNEW something like what you've uncovered was going on.

Scrolling down the RightMarch list, I got to "Christmas Is Under Attack!!!" and then I remembered that was the issue last Christmas season that really ticked me off and I began to notice the tight coordination between players like Sean Hannity, O'Reilly, various & sundry email *ALERTS* plus I think some direct mail. And of course Talk Radio. All of a sudden I had my fill and began to tune out and turn off. And get very suspicious.

Wow. You are hot on the trail of something really bogus that is long overdue in being exposed.

I cannot believe this Greene is using Terri Schiavo's dead body, despite the wishes of her family, to put money in his own pocket. Scum of the earth.

3:14 AM  
Blogger SallyVee said...

Forgot to say the most important thing. If Response Unlimited and all these groups are tied in with the MinuteMen, it would explain a lot about the rampant *HYSTERIA* and the *SCARY* Alien invader stories which have totally gripped Talk Radio (even Rush), major websites, emails circulating, etc. ... since there's $$ to be made, it's in everyone's interest to create more and more controversy, rage, hatred, frustration. Then lure the enraged, frightened people into the donation trap... Mrs. Smith, all you have to do is send Chris Simcox your hard earned money and everything will be okay. Hey Chris! How's that wall coming along mister?

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

8:57 PM  

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