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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Great Must Read on Called As Seen

I am still writing some on a few of these posts I hope to put up today. But please go see Called as Seen's thoughts for day. He is talking about a revolt in the GOP and it isn't against people like Bush. It us everyday Republicans. It is a good read and I agree with it. MY tipping point was how the Dubai port deal was handled. Thre are similarties to that debate and how and why it happened and the immigration debate. By the way this is not liberal versus Conservative fight within the Republican party Called as seen mentions people that some might view as Moderate or Liberal. But the "extreme" is doing the same thing to Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Brownback. Both like me very big social conservatives. They have gone after one of the most conservative Congressman in the House. That is Chris Cannon in Utah. How about their threats against Congressman Pence the latest casualty of their rage. Even though his wounds are light for now.

There is a revolt. This revolt will be from people that are tired of the Kookdum and the hate. This will come from people that think Jerome Corsi is pretty much insane and not a voice of mainstream conservative thought. It will come from those that oppose the radical population control theories ofTanton. It will come really form those that are tired of a few people manulipating the debate for financial gain.

I got quite a education last night. It is pretty apparent the Minuteman project under Declaration Alliance is pretty much a scam to funnel money into other organizations. I have no doubt of that now. That money will be used for "future Dubai Port Deal" debacles by the way. Anywho, look how I am just typing away. Go read Called as Seen


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