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Monday, July 24, 2006

Governor Mike Huckabee Gets It.

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Mike Huckabee for President Blog has a outstanding post on his guy. I am going to post it in full and add my commentary at the end. But go to his blog and check out his other articles he includes in this post.
It was one year ago that Federal immigration officials raided a poultry processing plant in Arkandelphia, Arkansas, rounded up and deported over 100 undocumented immigrants.The problem was that they left all the immigrants' children stranded in the United States without their parents.We knew from sources on the ground that the majority of the local community of Arkadelphia, a tiny town in Southwest Arkansas, was very upset by the raid because the people who were rounded up and deported were not a problem in the community, but rather an important part of it. They were friends at church, their kids were friends at school, they played baseball, football and soccer together, and the immigrants filled important jobs in the community and paid taxes, rented housing from local landlords and shopped in locally-owned businesses.

Now a year later the Los Angeles Times has done us the favor of publishing a great follow-up article that really gets to the heart of the immigratation problem in America. We at the blog see it this way... it is very much like the old line about Congress. Ask anyone what they think of Congress and they'll say its is a mess. But ask them what they think about their own Congressman, and they'll say "Oh, he's great."We think that is what is happening with the immigration debate. People make 'they sky is falling' predictions about the proglem illegal immigrants represent for America, but when it comes to actually rounding up and deporting the immigrants in their own communities, it's a different story.Governor Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist minister, a conservative, and a strong Christian leader, is able to look past all the rhetoric to see that we cannot simply round up and summarily deport more than 12 million illegal immigrants. Not only would that be logistically impossible, but it would also rip the heart out of thousands of communities all over the country -- and U.S. citizens won't stand for it.Bear in mind that Gov. Huckabee is against illegal immigration and wants our borders secured. What he insists upon, however, is that once the immigrants have made it here we must treat them like human beings -- with dignity and consideration for their children and for their communities. It is a complicated problem that requires leadership -- not just blind, heartless enforcement.Realizing that hard-liners will never be won over on this subject, it is up to the rest of us to make sure America does not do something here that we one day regret.We highly recommend that you read our original posts on this subect (click HERE) and then hop on over to the Los Angeles Times' follow-up story (click HERE).

Ok time for my rant. Attention all Catholics that are reading my Blog. The mass going Catholic vote is very important as we saw in the last election. This man deserves your serious attention. I know if you are like me we are also seeing what Senator Brownback is going to do. To have a Catholic in high political office that is not an embarrasement to the faith is tempting. I am not writing him off. But to be honest, I am starting to need some clues he is going to make a serious run at this job. Anything. I mean I know its early but does Brownback even have a PAC in Iowa like everyone else? Perhaps, I missed it but I don't think so. Also, it appears a lot of important people are being hired away up there. If Senator Brownback thinks he is just going to get peoples votes because he is from a neighboring state, I think he is mistaken. Also I am not writing off the other folks like Allen, Romney , McCain, etc at this point.

However, I don't know if my fellow Catholics have noticed but the Church has taken quite a beating among many so called "conservatives" in the extreme anti immigration camp. Yeah , I know I don't like Cardinal Mahoney much either. But it has been much more than that. I frankly am getting pretty damn sick of it. Some of the stuff posted out there on the Catholic Church and immigration is garbage. I find it interesting that the border bots are going after Huckabee. That grabs my attention.

Folks ,Catholic or otherwise, I think Huckabee is a man of conviction and a man that is quite similar to George Bush. He is similar because he does what his gut tells him to do and doesn't listen to every other focus group like Clinton did when deciding policy. Huckabee has this weird idea that this immigration issue is going to affect a lot of people. Real people. People that are made in the image of God. We can call them invaders, criminals, etc ,etc, all we want but when we do so we just commit sin in my view if that is only how we view these people. Does this make Huckabee a member of the Open Border Lobby or some other silly name. Of course not. However, he is talking about the problem honestly and taking a political risk here. Unlike others I have seen (cough Cough Gov Romney) that seem to be going to the red meat crowd. I saw a post the other day on a forum. It said build the Wall and deport them all big and small. You know, I just don't get that. How can we talk with integrity on some important issue like stem cell research and the dignity of life, when we allow those statements to be said and be acceptable. There are of course many that need to be deported. But it is beyond me how deporting someone that has been here since the age of two is a good thing. Can we even consider that some consideration should be made of the those families that would be broken up. Isn't that pro-life? Isn't that pro-family? Isn't that Biblical? Are we not commanded to do that?

Well Huckabee seems to think that should be considered. That attitude will help conservatives a lot more in the long run than this Tancredo viewpoint. It is a viewpoint and a way of thinking that goes much beyond this immigration issue. It is a thought process that is friendly to the Culture of Life and opposed to the Culture of Death. Again he is much like George Bush. I think Catholics especially need to start looking at him. I think Catholic bloggers need to interview him. I would like to see him get a invite up to the Franscican University up in Steubenville Ohio to talk to the students. I would like to seem him talked about in Catholic circles.

Plus he can win. I have no doubt of that. It appears that his unofficial campaign has been pretty good so far. Plus can you imagine if Hillary got the nomination. We could be the ones saying "I still believe in a Place called Hope". What great irony. I am still open to the other people in the race. But Huckabee has gotten my attention.

I can't leave this topic without mentioning this post that is also referenced on the blog. This screams what Catholic Conservative and Catholic Republican political thought should be in my view. What should Catholic political thought be. You disagree? Well if I may ask you to go your New Catechism. Also go to the new online Compendium that is now online(link at todays welcome to my blogroll post). Go to the section that talks about Government, Dignity of the human Person and Family. Go to the the part that talks about what a Governments duties are. By the way that is not under some section called "Catechism suggestions". That is the Teaching of Holy Mother Church. Here are some excerpts from this great article he posted.

My faith means I can’t ignore the poorest kid in the community. Sometimes maybe that confuses Republicans who are only concerned about how we preserve wealth, but I’ve also got to be concerned about preserving people at the bottom end of this country.“Faith makes me think about the young mother who is getting battered. You can’t ignore her. Faith makes me think about that elderly couple that’s deciding how they’re going to cut their medicine in half to make it last all month, or the young couple struggling with debt for things they can’t afford.”Huckabee adds: “I earn the right to push for a strong pro-life agenda only by making sure I’m concerned about poverty, hunger and homelessness. If I don’t care about those issues, then my faith is incomplete.”

Do you care about a kid who is hungry? Do you care about a family that lives in a shack without running water and a sewer that runs out the back of their house? If I don’t care about that, I don’t have the right to care about abortion. I’ve not earned the right to talk about the structure of the family

“I want to push those in the Christian community who are involved in politics to realize their faith has to embrace a great deal more than one or two issues. It really has to cover a much broader spectrum. If it doesn’t, then I understand the resentment of the left” toward religious conservatives

Good Grief, he is speaking for us Catholics that largely voted for Bush. It is called compassionate conservatism. I still don't think that is dirty word by the way as some do now. To get all relgious on you again, I almost consider it a Biblical mandate in some ways. This is a vote getter folks. This nastiness that we are experiencing if carried over into 2008 will kill us among the voters. People vote for hope not despair and negativity.

Note- Senator Brownback please give me a clue that you are running or I am about to start a Catholic for Huckabee group. This man speaks for many us of Mass going Catholics and is a winner in my view. Other Hopefuls- Allen, Romney etc take note also.


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