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Saturday, July 01, 2006

For the 4th of July Reach Out to A Serviceman throught The Net

As you can tell since I am blogging at this hour, I do not have real happening Fourth of July four day holiday weekend plans. Thing sort of fell through at the last minute so here I am. However, I might as well do something useful. As I posted before, I love Milblogs. I hope someone is recording all this digital treasure for history before its all deleted. I am going to point out some Milblogs from around the World. Right don't you stop by a few of them and say hi and wish them a happy fourth.

I need to put this on my links is great. You can spend all day there. In fact you can look up blogs by most recently updated, by branch, by the country they are serving in(like Iraq and Afghanistan), By gender, by most recently updated etc, etc. Its a great site. There is like over 1600 blogs on their list and there are even more out there. So visit mine or go to millblogging and find a Military blogger your interested in and say hi. I think I will do a post like this the next three nights.

I like A Bountiful Life blog. He is a Infantryman blogging from Iraq and Also posts meditation pieces from AA . At times he does not talk about the day to day stuff like some guys do. But he had some cool post the last two weeks. His post on June 25 and 28th I really liked. Especially the one from the 25th.

Just Another Thunderhorse is a blog I am starting to like alot . Prob put it on my mil blog welcome post this week. I like him because he has a good sense of humor plus he keeps his blog updated. I always get nervous like when guys don't update their blogs for a week or so. Of course, its often because well they are busy to say the least. He is with the Arizona National Guard and is currently helping his Country out in Bagdad

We are going to leave our Service guys a second and talk about some cool German women that are helping out. I think they need a special shout out and I am going to highlight some of these folks this week. There a lot of stories out there that get no attention. Soldiers Angels in Germany is one of them. The media often just shows angry Europeans on the TV as to the USA. Well there are ton of folks Like this German young lady at the The German Princess Blog that adopts our troops go to the Hospital and sit with our guys. I am still waiting for the news to give these amazing women a shout out. This girl is also a volunteer DJ that spreads music for our troops over the internet. Makes me feel bad about what I am doing to to help. I am thinking of putting their site on my side bar and it can become this blog's charity as it were. You need also to meet this lady over at Soldiers Angels in Germany. She is all over this blog doing God's work for our guys. This is all volunteer by the way. This site had a great story on her. In fact one Oregon guy that was injured that was from the Oregon National Guard and she went out of her way to really show her support. She among some others I will highlight are doing a incredible job for us. So maybe send her a email and say have a good 4th. I think she and German Princess show alot of good ole fashion Patriotism.

By the way, I have not forgot about our guys in Afghanistan. I will hit some of there blogs tomorrow too. Say Hello to AfghaniDan. He ahs some wonderful pics and stories you are not seeing on the news . Again the pics are priceless and the commentary great.

Anywho I will highlight some more tomorrow or go to to the above link for milblogging. Its pretty easy. Just go to recently updated and they have the names and locations and all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

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