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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The First Republican Convention(Happy Birthday)

Well as I noted yesterday, my extreme paleo friend in St Louis had a little post regarding this historic date. Many people do not realize this but Lincoln was not our first Party's Public face. Today the Republican Convention met for the first time in 1856. Now our first nominee to say the least had a colorful past , a past that I am a tad surpised that is not highlighted by the kooky people in the League of the South movement. In the spirit of the people who represent Rational thought and our relations with our kooky friends ,I shall provide a link to the our Party's first nominee. I present Civil War hero, Gop Presidential nominee for President ,and controversal figure John Fremont.

I have to run, but I have not forgot my friends on my blogroll. Please visit them and also I will attempt to do a run down of what they are saying tonight.

Also, I almost had a heart attack watching the final votes tallied in Mexico last night. For a few hours it looked like there was a true disaster in the making. Again we dodged a bullet. Go to Markinmexico blog for the latest.


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