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Monday, July 31, 2006

Developments on Minutegate Over the Weekend

Several Interesting things happened as to MinuteGate over the Weekend.

Update on extreme wacko Laine Lawless.

First, let me give a big shotout to a great Entry that Subway Canaries did on Laine Lawless. Ms. Lawless if you do not remember is the lesbian pagan high priestess Nazi white power woman that was involved with Simcox early on as well as others. Of course now, many people are saying they were ignorant about all that. Yeah right. In my view people like that are not exactly shrinking violents about talking about their views like 24/7 and to anyone that is not in a coma. Anywho, Ms Lawless despite being a major dangerous wacko loves Xena. Subway has a link to that hilarious post. Anyway go here to see her great expose.. By the way I am working on something to post at Subway Canaries. Stay tuned here for the link when it occurs.

Connie Hair Minuteman Spokeswoman/Diener and William Greene Mouth Piece

There is an interesting forum called Liberty Post. Liberty Post is a forum largely inhabited by people too extreme for Free Republic. They seem to dream of neo con conspiracies in their sleep. Connie Hair , who by the way was spokesman for FR before she was banned, spoke out on that Forum yesterday in a very long post. Liberty Post is a good forum to moniter for many reasons. Many of the minutemen and the people that have intimate knowledge of the players in this drama post there. In fact, it has been a treasure trove of information. Well Connie Hair broke her silence in a long post that filled with veiled threats of lawsuits and putdowns. Basically she said nothing. She goes under the name of Cal on that forum. Her longwinded post is located at post 28. Needless to say you can see the diehards were not impressed. I thought this comment in response summed it up nicely.

"Goodnight, sfvgto
.....likewise.......I'll sleep much better now that you shared all those specific facts and details about the sitution.....hey, wait a minute, there were no facts or details. We're back to "everythings cool, trust me, it's all good".......rats
! "

Let me say that Connie Hair sucks at PR and damage control. Look in that thread also for some links to some very disturbing court transcripts about Chris Simcox. I will have a few thoughts on ehr thoughts at the end of the post.

American Caging and the Mysterious Maureen Otis Speaks from Houston.

Good grief, it was like Christmas for me yesterday. Yes the mysterious Maureen Otis from the mysterious American caging firm speaks out. Go here , for all the details. By the way this was a huge tactical mistake in my view. The people involved in this do not want attention drawn to that little firm. However some use came of it. The Founder of American Caging Michael Fred is mentioned in a accountant report she mentioned. This is important because not only did he found this company he is also Maureen's ex husband. It appears he still works there. That is significant because I have spent half a week trying to track him down.

Maureen if you are reading this blog to which I suspect you are. I am not accusing you or your company of skimming money in the accounting room. So lets not go down that red herring path. What we want to know is, how did you hook up with these people, and what are your true finanacial arangements with Greene/Zohidates/Sheldon/Keyes. In other words how much money in caging fees are really going back to their enterprises. Also Ms Otis who owns American Caging in reality? Anywho, I don't think it is going to be a good week for Maureen Otis and American Caging. I mentioned earlier in the week I had some major concerns about things I discovered that were happening in Houston. A source tells me that others had that concern too. It will soon be unleashed upon the internet in its full glory for all too see. Especially for reporters that are looking at this forum threads.

A few things that are occuring here. THere is a mad and ineffective effort to hold off till Novmember to issue any reports. This is stupid in many ways and no one is buying it. First this report would only have 2005 expenditures in it. In other words there would be no talk about the bulk of the donation and expenditures from late last year to the current date. I also have been monitering current expenditures that are going out from the Minuteman PAC in various races. Especially in races occuring in Colorodo and in Michigan. There has been much activity on that front as well as from their assorted allies in thge past week. Questions have been raised if some ,lets say illegal, shuffling of funds from the groups I have been exposing is finding its way into these PACs. Stay tuned.


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