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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Critical Update on Kookdum involving the Council of Conservative Citizens, the League of the South and their Horrible Shennigans Coming UP

Yesterday in this post I mention two organizations that Conservatives need to avoid like the plague. At that time I stated that I was not sure how dangerous this League of the South was and if it was just harmless kookiness and tinfoil. I have learned some stuff that horrifies me and in fact as a Southerner makes me fighting mad. If you have a interest in keeping the kooks at bay in the Republican and Social Conservative movement I suggest you check in this evening when I hope to have completed this post. If you are affiliated with the Sons of Confederate Veterans please check back in. What people are trying to do to that honorable organization is frightening and quite frankly has got me quite mad. If you a lover of the South , and don't want some of our causes associated with this kookdum that will destroy us check back in.

In the mean time check in with Subway Canaries that has touched on this.


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