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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Council of Conservative Citizens SC Protest Update plus more Koodum(Kookdum)

iLat week you might recall, I posted a alert that the Council of Conservative Citizens in South Carolina were going to be protesting John McCain in South Carolina. McCain was raising money for the South Carolina GOP. Ther release from their web site said:
ACTION ALERT!!!! JUNE 29thProtest John McCain in ColumbiaJohn McCain will be speaking at a fundraiser for the SC GOP Thursday June 29 from 6:30 - 9:00 PM near the Governors mansion. CofCC members and others, including GOP officials, will be protesting in force! McCain is one of the top two open borders, pro-amnesty advocates in the Senate. More details to follow.

Well ,their web site has not posted any exciting pictures of these events, or given us a update, or told us what GOP officials were there if any. I have posted how this group is not conservative but pretty much a extreme racist group. I posted a expose on the Council of Conservative Citizens and their very disturbing National Convention here. Subway Canaries has done some great research work on this group here. Needless to say this kookdum is not conservative, and any association with it on any cause does the conservative movement and the Republican party a great disservice. If you wish to see my entertaining and informative back and forth with a person from the Council of Conservative Citizens in St Louis go here and here.

By the way, my friend in St Louis has mentioned both Subway and I a couple of times but nothing to get all worked over with. It was done in a playful way, even though somehow we are partly to blame for some guy getting arrested in the great Volunteer State.. He in fact has added us to his blogroll today. Thanks you St Louis Blogmeister. I perhaps will add him too once I can think of a correct category. Perhaps he and others can be under a paleo conservative category. I think that is a category name, we both can agree is correct. Of course I better figure out how to do categories before that happens. Anywho back to South Carolina.

As I have stated before, I am not the biggest fan of McCain on some issues but I am on others. Regardless, I thought this protest as you can read in the above link was very rude and I didn't want the Press to associate the rest of us decent folk with it. So I decided since the The South Carolina Kookdum site was silent on the big event ,I would look in the papers. Here is a pretty general overview that I found. So I can perserve it I will post the whole thing:
COLUMBIA, S.C. - Arizona Sen. John McCain came back to South Carolina to raise money for the Republican Party on Thursday night.
McCain, mulling a 2008 presidential bid, gathered with two of his closest South Carolina allies, Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. Lindsey Graham. South Carolina traditionally holds the first Republican presidential primary in the South.
Graham and Sanford led McCain's 2000 presidential primary election efforts in South Carolina. When McCain lost in this pro-Bush state, some pundits wrote off the political futures of Sanford and Graham, both at the time U.S. House members. Instead, both eventually vaulted to the state's top political jobs.
McCain joked he was glad to be with the senator and governor who "are responsible for my loss in South Carolina."
"I still haven't forgiven them," he said
McCain said he won't decide until early next year whether to run for president again in 2008.
"This is really an effort to raise money for our party and our candidates here in South Carolina. I have been everywhere in the country, literally," said McCain, whose political action committee has distributed more than $1 million to campaigns across the country.
At the fundraiser, McCain talked about Iraq, the 2000 campaign and getting people to vote Republican in this year's elections.
"We are going to work and stop this wasteful pork barrel spending that is mortgaging our children's future and hurting our prospects in November," McCain said. "We've got to stop this spending and get it under control or our base will not turn out next November."
About 100 people attended the event, raising more than $25,000.
McCain may have moved on, but his 2000 legacy in South Carolina remains.
Nearly 50 people joined the South Carolina chapter of the League of the South in picketing McCain's stop at the Lace House, on the grounds of the Gov.'s Mansion complex, reminding people of the Arizona senator's canging stance on the Confederate flag that was flying atop the South Carolina Statehouse dome in 2000, but has since been placed on a pole on the capitol grounds.
During the primary, both Bush and McCain said it was up to South Carolina to decide what happened to the flag. After he bowed out against Bush, McCain returned to the state and apologized, saying he should have taken a stronger stand that the flag should come down.
"He flip-flopped on the Confederate flag and we're going to remind of that," Lourie Salley, a league board member and the group's political director.
The protests didn't bother McCain, who said it was nice to live in a free country.
But Salley, a 51-year-old Lexington lawyer, said the group also doesn't like McCain's stance on illegal immigrants
"If our citizens didn't pay income tax, they'd go to jail," Salley said. "If an illegal immigrant does that, they get amnesty and citizenship."
"I am surprised Gov. Sanford would associate himself with John McCain," Salley said.
But others praised McCain and Graham trying to find a solution to the complex problems immigration creates. They "are not demagoguing the issue to get votes," said Ike McLeese, president of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce
McCain wasn't the only potential presidential hopeful making a splash in South Carolina Thursday., a group pushing voters to support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on the South Carolina ballot in November, said it picked up a $5,000 donation and sponsorship from Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's Commonwealth PAC.
"We cannot afford to shrink from the timeless, priceless principles of human experience," Romney said in a prepared statement. He said he applauds the South Carolina effort and those like it in other states.

Well, if you noticed there wasn't bunch of talk of the Council of Conservative(word hijack) Citizens or thank God any GOP officials particpating in this event. However we can be sure that the good folks of the Council were there. The 50 people that showed up to protest ,while good ole John was raising money, were associating with what's called the South Carolina chapter of the League of the South. As you can tell they were there to remind the good Senator they don't like his views of the battle flag and oh by the way immigration. What is this "league of the South"?

First let me get something straight right off the bat. The League of the South often comes up in the news because of their advocacy of protecting Southern Civil war Monuments, confederate flag issues, etc. But they are so much more than that. I for the record support efforts to make sure Civil War battlefields are maintained, that Southern Civil war monuments are maintained, and that the confederate battle flag is not for all practical purposes banned. Heavens, I went to a school that had a Rebel mascot.(No not Ole Myth). I even have this that I like to put out at tailgates at times.
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However there are a ton of groups that are legitimate that do that sort of advocacy. The Rebel flag issue is a biggie to some, to me it is down the list of important topics. Especially when it comes to Federal elections. Anywho, I don't want to get hate mail on this topic. Back to the League of the South. I have friends that are into all things Ole South and avoid this organization like the plague. Why because its koodum. Much like the Council of Conservative Citizens. I suspect there membership list is pretty much the same. More on that later. At one time , I found this organization rather harmless. If I recall, they did such goofy and harmless things as having an Embassy in Washington DC and issuing passports to us Southern Folk that had to leave the confines of the old Confederate States. Also my Yankee friends beware this movement is not confined to the South.

This organization is a full fledged political group. Lets go to some of their media organs including their webs sites and blogs. What are the goals of the League of the South. Well from the mouth of kookdum:
Most organizations founder because they lack self-definition and a definite goal. The League of the South is a Southern Nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern republic. To reach this goal, we intend to create the climate for a free South among our people by 1) de-legitimating the American Empire at every opportunity; 2) by proving our willingness to be servant-leaders to the Southern people; and 3) by making The League of the South a strong, viable organization that will lead us to Southern independence.


By joining The League of the South you have placed yourself among a group of men and women who are not content to sit by and allow their land, liberty, and culture be destroyed by an alien regime and ideology. You have joined an active organization that knows where it wants to go and how to go about getting there.
The League is no place for the lazy or the faint-hearted.

Good Grief. De- Legitimating the American Empire at every opportunity(this sounds like a Jefferson Davis KOS) and a independent Southern Republic. Before my Yankee readers gets all concerned, I do not anticpate that George Bush is going to have a Modern day Fort Sumter on his hands and have to secure Barksdale Airforce Base in Louisiana from a takeover by Governor Blanco anytime soon. This is kookdum of course. But it shows the mentality of the folks at the Council of Conservative Citizens , that they associate with these folks. Is this dangerous? We shall see. Do we need to keep a eyes on it. Hell yes. For instance this is a internet radio station they seem to like to promote. I think I shall listen and learn more. The South Carolina Chapter that was involved in this protest is quite illuminating. We found that in its spare time besides protesting Republican 08 hopefuls that at this event it sponsors some great civic activities From their web site:
The Burning of Columbia Commemoration
18 February 2006
Finally, after one hundred forty-one years, with the aid of the South Carolina League of the South, justice for the citizens of the Republic of South Carolina has been served. In Columbia, on the steps of our State House, the tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, and the war-criminal, William T. Sherman, were both hung by the neck until dead
. Link here for the full entertaining story

This page shows there take on the McCain event and they also have a picture of Senator Graham who they call a "Scalawag" and McCain a "carpetbagger". Good Grief, I surprised that they don't have a Gone With the Wind popup to appear that has the Plessy character saying "Mrs Scarlett the Neo Cons are coming the Neo Cons are coming and I don't know nuthin about birthin no babies" I also notice they seem to to support someone on a NEO Confererate Presidental hopeful in 08. Someone I think I sold computer supplies to when I worked at the Radio Shack in Ruston Louisiana while I was in College lol.

There is much to say on this group and their connection to the Council of Conservative Citizens. This group is perhaps even more dangerous to mainstream political conservative and Republican thought. Again, the key here is that this organization because of its charter can do things that the Council of Conservative Citizens cannot. I have also learned what I suspected. That is that some people of this group were part of a take over of a a honorable group that is now fighting for its soul. That is the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. I shall try to do a full post on this group once I can get digest the info.

The point is this. As shall post later tonight these group along with the Council of not Conservative Citizens is fully involved in the immigration debate as well as promoting the wild theories of Jerome Corsi on their blog. It is important when you hear about protest on immigration, trade, etc and it is masked as mainstream conservative to be aware of it.. For all that is holy look at who is putting it on before you go down there and get involved in it.

More on this Kookdum later after I can examine it more closely and filter out the liberal bias from their more liberal adversaries.

Update IAlso my horrible grammer and spelling will be corrected when iIget back. I have to run to mass


Anonymous themarkman said...

As I said on my first comments (to your Elvis and Kozuimi (sp?) post) I would check your others, I had no idea about these guys.
As a lifelong Southerner (only recently, to me, ok four years) relegated to the backwater known as the North, I am still bothered that there is even a chance that people think there's a way to secede. Come on, I grew up there (the south), and noone really thinks that way.
I must be going to the wrong churches.
However, after having spent the last couple of years here (in the Northeast, specifically NEPA) I can see why one would want to. These people up here are insane.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

I agree with you. This folks are really fringe. However, I am starting to notice some connection between several of these far out groups. The Leauge of the South is something I sort of laughed at in the past. Now I am not so sure I should be laughing. In reality there is no chance there dreams of a Southern Republic are going to happen. However, I do worry that members of this organizations could be portrayed as every day conservatives in the media. Plus, they might in their own small way try to manupulate events for their own weird political ambitions. I am going to do some more research on this group.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

8:58 PM  

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