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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Could It Happen?

After spending a few hours on the Milblogs, one does get a sense that the guys and gals in Uniform do keep up with events here in the USA . From the tankerbrothers blog:

The Battle For North Korea!
Day 1: North Korea threatens to launch Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile at US West Coast unless economic sanctions are lifted. Satellite recon of the suspected launch site indicates the missile may be tipped with a low to medium yeild nuclear warhead.

Day 2: United States stands firm on sanctions. US President, with Executive Orders, pre-emptively deploys Air and Ground manuever units to ISB (Intermediate Staging Bases) in South Korea, within easy striking distance of the Demilitarized Zone. Two Aircraft Carrier Groups are dispatched to within 200 nautical miles of the North Korean Coast. China expresses outrage at what it calls "threatening manuevers against the North Koreans". Russia and the United States threaten economic sanctions and a naval blockade against China unless they stay out of the conflict. Faced at having their ecomomy choked off, China begrudgingly backs down.

Day 3: North Korea deploys more ground forces in predetermined defensive positions closer to the DMZ (75% of the North Korean Army is now within 100 miles of the DMZ). North Korea launches missile in the direction of West Coast. Multiple Anti-Missile Systems target the weapon, the missile is intercepted and destroyed within 20 miles of San Francisco, CA. Emergency Session of Congress is called, where the President indicates that the UNited States was attacked, and that North Korea is a "Clear and Present Danger" to the safety and security of the United States and its citizens. Congress overwhelmingly votes to assign power to the US President to attack North Korea for the purpose of neutralizing the threat posed by the North Korean Communist Regime. The vote passes in the Senate 98-2, and the House of Representatives 420-15. Only the most vehement Anti-War politicians vote against the measure. Immediately, North Korea is hit with the greatest show of air power the world has ever seen. All missile launch facilities, Anti-Air emplacements, Radar emplacements, and supply routes to the DMZ are pinpointed, targeted, and wiped out within the first hour of the attack. Complete Air Supremacy is achieved within three hours. Collateral damage is almost non-existent. 50% of Defensive positions along the DMZ are completely destroyed. Special Forces Teams, having infiltrated just prior to the attack, sieze the bridges leading into North Korea. In a massive joint offensive manuever, M1A1 and K1A1 tanks of the US and Korean Armies pour into North Korea, securing the bridgeheads.

Day 4: North Korean Army, attempting to recover and reorganize after the initial attack, launch a counter-attack to resecure the bridgeheads or destroy the bridges themselves. The situation quickly becomes a "meat grinder" for the North Koreans, with ground-attack aircraft, tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles destroying enemy manuever elements at long range.

Day 5: Reinforcements from the South, having raced along predetermined avenues of approach, pour into North Korea and organize into battle formations for the push into Pyongyang. The capital city falls by the end of the day.

Day 6: South Korean and US civil affairs teams are dispatched with food and water for the civilians. Food and supplies from the South start pouring in. The Communist government in North Korea crumbles. Kin Jong Il escapes to China.

Day 7: Work begins towards unifying the South with the North. US Soldiers are positioned within North Korea and along the North Korean-Chineese border to "keep everybody honest".

Fast Forward...Day 180: Faced with a growing Chineese insurgency, the US has suffered over 300 causalties since the beginning of the War. Democratic leaders in the House and Senate accuse the President of getting the US into a "War for Rice Paddys". Democrats and Liberals threaten impeachment over pre-war intelligence. Democrats and Liberals attempt to pressure the President to "redeploy" US troops back into South Korea.

Day 365: The Insurgency is in its last throes. The fledgeling Korean Free Market Economy begins trading worldwide. A new Korean President and Parliment is elected. Official Reunification becomes a reality. The standard of living in the former North Korea is orders of magnitude better than a year ago.

Day 366: The President is impeached by the Democratically-Controlled House of Representatives.Could it happen? You be the Judge.


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