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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Clown Posse -Background to the Controversy

This shall be a very limited background to what has happened. I am very rushed for time and must be leaving to go out of town for the afternoon. I shall update this post this evening and provide some more needed linkage with in the post itself. Till then just use google darn it if I don't provide the link.

There are numerous conservative forums on the internet. They make all elements of the conservative movement. Many in fact develop quite a personality because of the type of poster that goes there, that is quite independent of politics. If I have to rate a possible big three, I would have to say the Granddaddy is Free Republic,, and I suppose Liberty Post. The history of these forums are pretty fascinating and at times quite amusing. Often one finds that these forums are made of ex members of other sites. There are numerous reasons for this. Often this is because certain people have been banned. The whole topic of banning and why certain people are banned is also the talk of endless spectualtion on these forums. I might go into that a tad bit more when I clean and update this post tonight

Background to Controversy
In the background and what must not be lost sight of is what started this mess. That is allegations against leading memebers of the minutemen and that being at this moment Mr Simcox who is perhaps next to Gilchrist its most leading light. People ask why this immigration debate is so over the top? Why that no rational discussion can take place? Simcox is but a one reasjn for that. That is the ultimate scandal behind all this. But I will leave that for later. Simcox basically under his minuteman group is building a fence that doesn't exist. In fact people are sending their lifesavings to this man to build something that is nothing than a scam. Now he is saying he needs to raise 55 million dollars for this Berlin Wall type Fence that will run across the Arizona border. Well, lets just say if some one sits down and thinks about this, one realizes that is balderdash. That will not happen.Why? Well what about Issues of private property, who pays the taxes for these improvement on private land, zoning issues, liability issues etc etc. This is right up there with the televangist scams. But it goes much much deeper. You see when one starts to look into this organizaton one notices something. That is it is much like what we call in Louisiana a typical Arkansas resident's family tree. It doesn't go up and down but is Hortizontal and in some cases circular. Ok just a little humor there. It has become apparent that this money for this fence is most likely going to actually consulting firms, caging companies, promotional companies etc. The problem is that everyone is involved in this either owns these companies, work for these outfits, receives a check for their servcies from each of thes outfits that its gets quite ridiculous. Its takes a week to figure it out. Much of this goes to the usual suspects. Including some major alt media owners in DC. The same folks that own firms that make money off conservative politics. At this point in the investigation it was quite apparent that certain Alan Keyes assciated organizations and outfits were in the thick of it. But it is so much more than Keyes. HEck he might be just the public face,There is so much more of course. However let me move on

Clown Posse
Clown Posse has a particular niche in the conservative forum area. It is very anti Free Republic. They are for the most part ex freepers. Now let me say , for the most part their commentary is pretty amusing to watch. There is quite an exchange between Clown Posse and Free Republic. Most of this is quite harmless and beyond the point in my view. Clown Posse has/had a section called Kook Kronicles. Here they examine Kookdum. Well, of course I liked that. Their looking glass was just not on the Free Republic by the way. Well, much of the time what was going on was harmless. They would comment on the posters on the fun threads of the day at FR, and the folks at Free Republic would pretend they were not going over their to see themselves talked about. All in All pretty harmless. But Clown Posse I noticed had a serious side. They had a few that could really investigate matters. In fact it was a place where the "investigators" it seemed to me could operate and not be banned for going into forbidden territory as it were. That brings us to this week

It Starts to break
This week a wonderful thing happened. Finally on Free Republic what many posters wanted to ask came out in the open. You see folks people are getting paid to spam conservative forums. For the past year one could not even have a Ice Dancing thread without someone trying to turn it into a illegal immigration thread. This is one small tactic that has been used among many in this debate. Many people had questions about Simcox , the minutemen and the people behind this debate. But everytime this was mentioned posters would descend out of nowhere and engage in a flame war. In fact the rethoric would become so over the top the thread would have to be pulled. This is in fact what they waned to happen. No nasty record of questions or dissent to be found by using a search engine . However on this Free Reublic Thread the posters that were getting tired of it said enough is enough. This thread could not be controlled. Questions were being asked and they were being asked to a guy that should have some knowledge of the answers. I ask you to look at it for your yourselves.
Well by Glorious Happystance the Clown Posse was look at this issue , But they were looking at it from the analysis of a liberal blogger that wrote quite a piece exposing the scam and how everyone was spilling the beans on Simcox and company. Then Clown Posse noticed the FR thread. Again I believe that was the chain of events. Well the CP went into full investigative mode. They discovered by their investigation of public documents that there was a ton of money being made by people. The links were appearing to be so incestrious that that the depth of this blew ones mind. Well FR was looking at this CP thread.W hile the FR members were interrogating the guy, CP was feeding them information on questions to ask him. Well this guy didnt like it and at times tried to pull the ususal antics to get the thread pulled. Well, it didn't Work. Well other people in the internet World on other forums were watching this and talking about. Also not only were people talking about the FR thread they were also talking about all this raw information that was being gathered at Clown Posse. Clown Posse was starting to pull together what different areas of Internet had been talking about but had never been able to connect the dots because often these forums didn't interact. Well things were becoming clearer by the post. Somewhere during this saga someone said "Houston, We have a Problem". In fact if you look at the legal connections and certain outfits associated with this that might might have been a literal statement.(Start looking at American Caging, Declaration Alliance , and their Legal Counsel and start going down the rabbit hole from there).

Well to make a long story short some mysterious complaint came in and Clown Posse goes offline. This also concides with some interesting activity in other online Forums. CP went off line as well as the info they were collecting. This was a mistake and people overplayed their hands. The timing of this is very suspect. Now pretty much we all know what happen. This was getting out of hand!!!. Again one can smell the fear on that FR thread. I leave it to you to examine that thread and decide for yourself.

Well this was a horribly rushed post and is not my best work but I must go. Later I will update add links etc. Again let me clear, it is still not proven to a certainty why Clown Posse went offline and because of "what complaint". However I wasnt born yesterday. Neither are hundreds others that are right now busy as little bees on computers and perhaps looking at Courthouse records. Who knows who is all involved in this. But this is developing, I t appears CP is pretty peeved. Watch out for the Fireworks and what comes f rom it Anywho later.

Update I see today that FREE REPUBLIC was Hacked briefly this morning . I do not know if this has anything to do with this situation


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

CP went offline because FReaks were stalking and threatening female CPers. CP management had legitimate concerns about the safety of its members. Yeah, I'm talking about you, txradioguy.

1:03 PM  

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